FreeA haunting encounter from the past. XXX Images

The plans of a secret Order.

The instructions were simple, but I was very careful. I knew that bondage was one of Anita's great fantasies - perhaps the biggest of all - and I didn't want to spoil this by impatience, carelessness or foolishness. Also, Anita's rope was very long - probably ten meters - while, for this example they suggested three to five meter long rope. So, at every move I made, I asked her if she was ok; if the rope was not too tight; if it wasn't uncomfortable...

First, Anita was just laughing at my insecurity, but after a while, she grew annoyed. "Just get on with it - trust me, I will tell you when things are not ok."

It didn't take long until I had the first knot around her wrist. I was excited, and so was Anita. It was nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, but we both identified it as a portal to more. I had tied her up before, on our first night together, but this was different, as this was rope for the sake of rope. I carefully pulled the rope, testing if it didn't move, and then I dragged Anita around the room; both grinning excited.

I carefully untied the rope, and made the same tie again. And again.

Then I moved on to the next example - a tie for both wrists together. Again, the instructions where clear and the procedure simple; it didn't take long until Anita's wrists where tied more or less similar to the pictures in the book. And once more, this was celebrated by a parade through the living room. It was obvious; we both immensely enjoyed this activity.

Although, ... 'it didn't take long'... When I looked at the clock, I was amazed how much time had gone since we had started - no wonder I was getting thirsty. I asked Anita what she wanted to have, and we took a short break, sipping our cokes, Anita with both hands tied together... Both of us were eager to continue.

First, I once more tested the single wrist tie, without consulting the instructions, and then the two-wrist tie. The latter one took a bit more time, also because there was a variation in which both hands were separated from each other by a wrapped-up piece of rope.

I knew what example came next, and probably Anita knew it too, but I told her to have a look at it - a Chest Harness.

The first picture was straight to the point; it was the woman - the beauty that Anita had drawn so perfectly - this time posing with ropes tied around her bare chest.

"Would you like to go on with this?" I asked, looking hopeful to Anita, "or should we continue another time?"

Anita was excited too, and told me to go on.

I quickly untied her wrists - too quickly. While pulling the ropes, I didn't pay enough attention and the rope ran too fast and too rough over her skin, making Anita suck in some air; rope burn. I was shocked, and profoundly apologized, while Anita tried to ensure me it was nothing.

More careful now, I unwounded the rest of the rope, until finally, Anita was released. A small, red stripe marked her wrist; I licked it, trying to lessen the pain with a bit of spittle. It didn't seem too serious, but still, I felt very bad about it - I hadn't been serious enough about what I was doing, and so I caused harm... I once more apologized, making Anita reply "Honestly, it is nothing. I've had worse! Let's get on with it. We both enjoy this, so don't spoil it now!" I once more looked at her wrist, kissed it apologetically, but Anita told me bluntly to move on.

Hesitantly, I looked from the picture to Anita and back. "If you want, you can keep your shirt on..." I mumbled, remembering some other pictures in the book, where women were tied while still wearing clothes; but to be honest...

Luckily, Anita felt the same, and without hesitation, without spending a word, she took off both her T-shirt and her bra.

As ever, I was in awe, looking at her beautiful body; Anita seemed totally at ease; looking sassily back at me.

"Do I need to be aware of breast implants, sensitive nipples or piercings?" I aske