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Another photo shoot and a drunken party gangbang.

I love the way they lose it-all that ego squirting out of their cocks. They completely lose control. They're so helpless.

That had me up on my toes pumping to the finish when I stumbled over the shovel leaning against the wall behind me. I lost my balance and crashed down knocking over the line of garden tools I still hadn't put away for the winter. The rake handle snapped down and cracked me on the head.

"Arrrg!" I heard my own muffled voice and the crescendo of tools toppling over, coming right back at me through the monitor. And before I had a chance to recover I heard the comments and the thunder of footsteps across the kitchen floor and the door to the basement being pulled open.

"Is someone down there!" the fear in Darlene's voice was evident. "If you are down there I want you to know we will call the police and ..."

"...And we have a gun, scumsucker and we know how to use it!" I knew that had to be Nikki the trashiest of the lot. And with that they all clomped down the steps to find me still on my ass in the pile of tools, my ankles tangled in my rumpled pants and stars spinning around my head.

First silence, then a few cleared throats and finally Darlene broke the frozen moment.

"Charles, you asshole! What the fuck are you doing? How long have you been down here? Are you hurt? A note of sympathy in her voice. Then spotting the monitor, "You fucking pervert! You've been down here listening to us all this time?"

"Why Ahhhh doooo believe the little boy was trying to help out by measuring himself for us. That's all, Darlene."

The laughs and teared eyes would have been contagious to me in any other circumstance but now I was so humiliated I almost cried.

"Charles, you pervert! Girls, I am so embarrassed."

"What's there to be embarrassed about? He's the one sitting there in a pile of shovels and rakes with his dick still red and oozing pre-cum. Hell! you didn't do anything..." Nikki said.

"Except present us with the surprise of the night, Darlene! The opportunity to begin our measuring and picture record for our club. Come on Darlene? What do you think? ladies?"

Next thing I knew, my pants and underwear were stripped the rest of the way off and I was ushered up stairs to the kitchen I stood surrounded by my wife and her friends. Arms folded they all smirked at me standing there exposed and humiliated in front of them.

Then the chiding started up. Nikki said, " Darlene, you might not be a winner in our new contest judging by the size of that little shriveling thingy of his."

"Really," Rebecca said only to be echoed by jabs at my ego from the others.

Darlene looked at Nikki with daggers. She was furious and humiliated.

Then her expression cracked and she burst out laughing. "Jesus! Charlie, look at you! That thing looks like a little mushroom in a basket. Couldn't you at least have stayed hard for my girlfriends?

The effects of the alcohol crept back and in a matter of seconds the girls were all laughing and having trouble catching their breath. Then Darlene recomposed herself and spoke in a voice that only I knew held many emotions.

" Well, I guess this is just too convenient not to take advantage of. What do you know Charlie you are our lucky first hubby to get measured. . Let's take this off. At least you can give the ladies the full show." With that she grabbed the tail of my Pullover and whipped it up over my arms and head, leaving me totally naked in front of her friends. She took me by my ear and led me into the living room with all the girls following.

"That a boy Charlie, right there in the middle of the room for us all to see you. Better yet, Nikki, Monica, can you drag that big coffee table over here for Charlie"?

"Darlene, you can't make me do this. Please. I am sorry. I'll do anything but ... but this is too much."

Darlene was unrelenting, "Charlie, Why I would think a pervy guy like you would love to expose himself to all my girlfriends.

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