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Lillith plays an evening game.

His cock sprang free and stood up. Kari goggled a little, seeing it up close. Yeah, it was nice.

Kari climbed to her feet, and hooked her fingers in the waist of her shorts, pushing them down, exposing the tiny black panties she was wearing. She stepped out of her shorts, and reached down, taking Jeff's hands and pulling them up to her. He slowly tugged her panties down, exposing his sister's sweet trimmed muff. The panties balled up at her feet, and she stepped out of one side, then lifted her foot up, reaching down, and pulled them off. She pressed them to his face.

Jeff inhaled deeply with a groan. His cock throbbed and leaked out a drop of precum.

"Oh, you like that Jeff, you like the way my panties smell?"

"Uh huh...they smell great Kari."

"You think I would taste good Jeff?" She cooed at him.

"I think you would taste great."

Kari pushed him back on the bed. He was laying now, his hard cock sticking straight up, his shorts around his ankles. He got his feet out of them, as she climbed over him. She moved up over his face, turning as she climbed onto him, lowering herself to him. "Taste me Jeff. Taste my cunt!"

Jeff moaned as Kari's trimmed muff pushed down onto his face. Had she said cunt? He didn't think he had ever heard a girl say that. His tongue speared up into her, making her moan. He felt his cock being gripped, as she reached down and began to stroke him.

Kari rocked back and forth slowly. Oh my, she thought, he is a good licker, like mom! His cock burned hotly in her hand. She watched it, watching the drops of juice leaking out of the head. Kari wasn't all that experienced at cock sucking, but she did like doing it. In her life, she had had five different guys fuck her, had given head to three of them. She leaned over slowly and licked the head of Jeff's cock, getting his taste. He tasted good. She took the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around it, and she worked up and down, his cock filling her mouth. Jeff was moaning into her pussy now, his hips moving up, trying to get more of him into her mouth. Kari gagged a little as his cock hit the back of her throat, and she pulled a bit back. Her hand wrapped around his shaft, keeping him from going so far into her mouth, and she sucked and bobbed on his dick. His tongue was dancing on her clit now, and she rocked back on him. Jeff got her clit into his lips and sucked.

Kari moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth, as she got swept away in climax. Her body shook and trembled as her pussy spasmed and clenched. She pushed down hard, mashing Jeff's face under her. Bright lights flashed in her head as a fire swept thru her middle. She came up off his cock, gasping and moaning. "Fuck yes! Yes! Make it cum! Make it cum!" she wailed.

Jeff sucked and licked faster and harder. Is sister was cumming in his mouth! His cock throbbed and he ached now, ached to have her, to fuck her. Kari's mouth was back on him, moaning and humming around his cock. She drooled on it, coating it in her spit as she coated his face in her cum. She finally rolled off him, turning and getting on her back, and pulling him on top of her.

"Fuck it...big hard cock!" She had him in her hand and was guiding him to the mouth of her sex. She rubbed his throbbing cock up and down her slit, wiggling and squirming. She pulled him in, slowly. Jeff pushed forward, finding his sister to be incredibly tight wrapped around him. He sunk into her wet slippery hole, bit by bit, as she pushed up to him. "OOO...God! Fuck! So BIG!" Kari cried under him. He went slowly, not sure if he was hurting her. When his cock was buried in her all the way, with her legs up round him, she kissed him, long and hard. Her hips moved slowly under him as she moaned.

She whispered to him "God...That's the biggest cock I've ever had. It feels so good in me it...yes...oh god. Yes...fuck me! Fuck my cunt!"

Jeff pumped in and out of her, slowly. Her cunt was so tight round his cock he almost couldn't move. But she was slippery, and his cock was hard and strong.

They fucked.