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Greta's roommate suspects.

Her voice became cold and very strict when Amisi ordered : "Bind him!"

The man just nodded at her command and obediently began to unchain the Prince's hands and feet from the wall - just to tightly encircle them again with different sets of steel cuffs one moment later. A ratcheting click told the Prince that the cuffs had been locked again. But he still didn't dare to struggle as the muscles of hand-man seemed strong enough to easily crumble the Prince's bones to dust.

Amisi critically observed every little step of her stoic servant. But then Prince Ilirabih noticed a permanent anxiety in the movement of Amisi's servant. Could it be, that such a strong man like him was afraid of such a gracile woman like the Priestess?

Following his anxious gazes towards his mistress the Prince discovered how a black whip revealed under the blue cape of Priestess Amisi. A cold shudder run down the Prince's spine when he thought about the possibility that this whip in the delicate hands of the Priestess might have broken this strong man into submission.

The Priestess caught the worried look of the Princes and answered his silent assumptions with a knowing smile.

"I'm finished, Priestess Amisi!" interrupted the man.

She just raised her dark eye-browns and snapped in a superior tone: "Then open the door and let's go, stupid!"

The Princes had never even seen such a commanding bitch in his homeland Canaan. Her arrogant behavior was shocking, but in as the same time the Prince felt somehow attracted to her. Or better: he felt bewitched by her. All this unknown emotions made him feel very uneasy when he was escorted up some stairs and out of the dungeon rooms.

[way to the divine quarters]

Then they reached a long hallway. Priestess Amisi walked ahead, leading the way. The Prince followed obediently behind her as her nearby servant was always ready to break any resistance for his mistress.

The Prince was amazed by the opulent luxury of the Colonnades where golden flambeaus cast a soft glow off the highly-polished marble floors. Not even the Royal Throne room of his father's places contained so much pure pomp.

The Priestess glanced at the deeply awed Prince with a playful smile on her perfectly formed red lips. She wasn't flirting with him, was she? For the first time in his young life Ilirabih felt shy in front of a woman.

Priestess Amisi just kept smiling mercilessly at his red face and silently enjoyed the obvious discomfort she caused inside the Prince's poor mind. She liked how his brown eyes glowed beneath his chestnut curls and she also liked the well-defined lines of his face. He soon would become a very pleasant toy to play with.

But all too soon Amisi's sweet thoughts were interrupted by the Prince's stutters : "What...I mean where are you... are you taking me?"

"I'll prepare you for an audience with Goddess Aishia."

"Prepare me?"

"Of course, sweety. Her audience is a great privilege that is granted to only a few selected souls. But you will disgrace her divine nose as long as you still wear the smell of your lousy desert-country Canaan. Therefore I will take care that you get rid of your clothes and take a bath first!"

Has this Priestess just called him "sweety"???

He was aware of his own beauty and the effect it had on women - but at home in Canaan he would immediately have let Amisi been executed for her shown disrespect. Unfortunately he found himself in situation of very limited power now. So the Prince just bit on his tongue, trying to accept his new state of helplessness.

Soon they entered a small atrium. It had the shape of a rectangle and was surrounded by four strong walls. A bathing pool with clean, blue water was embedded in the middle of the court.

Some male and female servants were chatting beside the bathing pool, but as soon as they noticed the presence of the Priestess they bowed their head and bashfully walked away. Only the birds kept singing in the bright sunshine of a wonderful day.