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Cleanup after the storm; they find the wreck.

"I want your cum inside me, master!"

And then I am cumming, as I never could with a mortal girl, my orgasm seeming to stretch out forever as I fill her ass with cum and she screams along with me for long moments, writhing in my arms until she is finally still, her asshole filled with my cum.

I led her to the bed, laying her down to curl drowsily into the sheets. I took one last look out over the trees, the land that was now my kingdom, and settled into bed beside her.

The dawn came at last, and I rode to meet destiny at the head of an army, flanked by Ela and Lilith, ordering the troops into formation. We arrived at the castle as the sun began to set and found the king's army waiting to meet us.

As the sun fell below the horizon, parties of soldiers emerged from the darkness, their arms raised in surrender, many of them pleading to join us and fight by the side of Ela, their old captain. They brought with them stories of the defending army's fear and discontent. As the darkness fell, I ordered the charge and led my men into battle at last.

The battle is a blur. Many soldiers fell by my hand that night, and stories speak of slain soldiers rising from the dead to fight by my side, and of Lilith standing taller than the castle walls, fire spilling from her hands. The battle raged throughout the night and only fell silent as the sun rose.

The field was strewn with the dead. Despite everything, the defenders had fought with all the strength they had left. The king had fallen to Ela's sword, and I took the crown from her bloodstained hands. She looked serene, as though she had finally laid her troubles to rest.

There was but one loose end. The princess, Rose.

They brought her to me as I sat on her father's throne, the princess who had made an outcast of me. Her blue eyes were wet with tears as she knelt before me. Lilith sat in the queen's throne, looking on with amusement.

"And now our places are reversed at last. I am the king and you are the lesser."

Her long golden hair fell over her shoulders as she bowed her head, "I had no choice, Alok. A princess caught with a lesser noble...I had to say you forced me. I never dreamed it would lead to this."

"You know that is not true. You could have vouched for me. The truth is you were ashamed to admit that you would submit to me, that you wanted what I did with you."

Her clear blue eyes met mine, "I have wronged you, I know, but I never forgot you. I will be your queen if you wish it. I will be yours forever."

"Yes, you will be mine forever, but not as a queen. You will be a slave at my feet for all to see what becomes of those who wrong me."

She bowed her head again, and almost whispered, "As you wish, my lord."

"And now I think it is time you were reminded of your place." I said, and motioned Lilith that she could have her fun.

Lilith lifted Rose to her feet. She struggled a little, but did not protest as Lilith ran her hands over her, caressing her small but firm breasts, finding her tender places, and eliciting her to moan softly despite herself, unable to resist the touch of the succubus.

"Oh what fun you will be, darling." Lilith cooed, "Tell me who your master is."

But the princess Rose remained silent.

"No? Well, let me show you." said Lilith, "Let's get those clothes out of the way..." and Rose's clothes seemed to dissolve under Lilith's touch as she stroked her, uncovering every inch of flesh. Rose blushed deeply as she realised she was completely naked before me.

Lilith ran her hand between the princess's legs and smiled to me, "She's ready for you, master. Why don't you show her how to serve her master?"

"Come here, slave." I command Rose. She does not reply, but slowly she obeys and comes before me, her eyes downcast and her cheeks still flushed.

I stand and raise her chin to look at me.

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