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Curiosity killed the cat.

I was feeling good.

The only part that he absolutely needed to be there for was the video we were doing for the presentation. I had his role minimized, and I would only need him at my house for about an hour. I told him the time, and he said he would try to be there if he could.

My plan was to do a fake museum about the ancient Arabic culture which was the subject of our presentation. I had a bunch of fake artifacts I had bought at the dollar store, and all Jon would need to do was play the role of the museum goer as I explained to him what each artifact was. The items were all cheap knickknacks for which I had invented some relevant historical facts.

I chose the specific time to coincide with the boy's volleyball game, an event my mom would be at as her position as team mom. This way, Jon could be in and out as soon as possible.

I waited at the dining room table for Jon. He was an hour and a half late. When he finally showed up, he smelled of pot and beer, and it took me a while to get him to just sit down. I brought him a glass of cold water, which he drank, and that seemed to cool him down a bit.

I explained to him about the history project, and he asked to see the work. I hadn't planned on showing it to him, and he took a while to read, so I sat with him, bored. I plugged in my headphones and watched him read.

I was caught off guard when the door opened and my mom walked in.

"What is all this stuff?" she asked, carrying the box of my museum artifacts. Jon looked up from the history work and his eyes widened. My mom had been wearing bikini bottoms for the volleyball game and a tight blue tube top that read "team mom". Her nipples were hard, because she was sopping wet. Her shirt was nearly see-through. Perhaps it had rained, or maybe they had dunked her in the pool as part of their horny wholesome fun.

She set down the box on the table, exposing more of her open tan body.

"Hi there," she said to Jon, "I haven't met you. I'm Chad's mom."

Jon extended a hand to her.

"This is your mom?" he said to me.

"Um, yes," I told him. He smiled widely. My mom shook her hair and smiled at him, her tits pointing straight out at Jon and her hips pivoted. He ran his eyes down her body, and she giggled.

She waltzed out towards the kitchen.

"I am going to fuck your mom senseless," he told me blankly. I had never had anyone be so blunt.

"I don't care about you or what she wants. I haven't gotten my dick sucked in days, and I am going to fucking go into that kitchen right down and shove your mom's slutty little body down onto my cock and I am going to fill her up with as much as I can give her."

"Stop it," I told him, growing bolder.

"Nah, I'm just kidding!" he said to me, smiling manically, "You take things so seriously." This kid was so fucked up. I didn't know what to say, so I laughed.

He rifled through the box of artifacts. It was as if he had never said those things; we were going to work on the history project it seemed.

I arranged the items on the table, and explained his lines to him. We spent about a half hour discussing it, and then I suggested we do a trial run through the presentation before we filmed it.

Jon was being very cooperative. He spoke his lines well, and only once did he stumble, when my mom began singing softly in the other room. He quickly snapped back to the project however, which was more considerate than most other boys were to me.

It was on the fifth item that something incredible happened. I had purchased the lamp as a sign of the ancient mysticism, and I (in character) explained to Jon's character that it might contain a magic genie. He rubbed it jokingly and then set it down. And yet, as we were about to move onto the next item, the lamp began to shake. We both went silent; the only sound was my mother's soft singing in the other room.

Out of the stem of the lamps came a cloud of purple smoke that rose into a massive cloud at the ceiling and then condensed into a darker smog at the floor.