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Mother in Law teases the wrong man.

Brian, Andy and Angie, there are some people your age in the pool, why don't you guys head right out the kitchen door and go have some fun and I'll introduce you to the old people later."

Mary said, "Shelly, if you'll take Sue and Jack with you, I'll take the kids and we'll go right out to the pool and I'll introduce them to the others."

Shelly agreed and Mary said, "Come on guys, let's go have some fun."

Mary took off with all three nude teenagers on her heels while Shelly and the other adults waited for Sue to finish douching and drying off. When everyone was ready they walked out of the bedroom and down the hall and down the stairs. When Shelly got to the kitchen she found out everyone was outside so they walked out on the deck. The music was blasting from the DJ and snack food had been put out on one of the tables so everyone could eat something. Shelly turned to everyone following her and said, "I'll introduce you to everyone later. Let's go dance and eat something. The pool and the hot tub are over there if any of you want to use them."

There was a lot of noise from children playing, coming from the pool area, so Shelly, Ken, Amy, Sue and Jack decided to go snack and get a drink. Shelly said to Ken and Amy I'll pour you some wine it's great. Dan had some wine from the Naked Mountain Winery shipped to him a couple of week ago, I think you'll love this 2008 Chardonnay. It's great tasting wine.

The portable dance floor the tent company had set up was filled with dancing people of all ages. There were many dancers, dancing on the grass surrounding the dance floor when I saw Jenna, soaking wet from the pool, leading a pack of younger people as they invaded the dance area and started dancing with everyone else. All of them were laughing and having fun and that's what this party was all about.

Jake and I spent most of the time together walking around and talking to the guests. Suddenly Kathy came up to us and said, "Dan, I'm stealing my husband for some dancing. We don't get to do much of that anymore because the farm demands our attention."

I smiled and said, "Then that's all the more reason to enjoy yourself while you are here."


Terri came over to me and said, "Dad, you may want to come with me. I just opened the gate for your other secretary Kelly and her brother."

I smiled and said to Terri, "This should be interesting. Neither of them have experienced social nudism and most of all, Kelly's brother has been trying to see her naked. Well, I guess today is the day he'll get his wish."

Terri smiled and said, "Oh, I love those kinds of stories."

Terri opened the door then stepped back and I stood beside her with my arm around her waist. Kelly and her brother walked up the steps and onto the front porch. They could see us through the screen door so I said, "Welcome to my home. Please come right in."

Kelly opened the screen door and stopped just inside the door and her eyes immediately moved down and looked at my cock. Under her visual scrutiny, my cock twitched a couple of times then started to swell. I waited for Kelly to look up at my face before I said, "As I said, welcome to our home."

Kelly's face flushed then she came up with a weak smile before saying, "Dan, I had to look, I just had to."

I smiled and said with a laugh, "Now you know for sure I'm a big prick, so don't fuck up."

Kelly giggled and said, "I'll do my best to remember that, but in case I forget, do you think an appropriate punishment would be for you to spank me on my bare bottom?"

I said with the same half laugh in my voice, "We'll negotiate your punishment if and when you create a problem. Right now, who is that young man behind you?"

Kelly said with a huge grin, "I was getting around to that.