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She dared him by telling him she was leaving her window open.

"Are you still there John?" Alisha laughed.

"Uh...yes, I am. This isn't a joke, is it?"

"Hardly, John; do you think that Louise would give me that phrase as a joke since she always makes a point of keeping track of you when you're around me?"

"I guess not," John jovially replied while adjusting his hard cock so that it didn't impinge on his zipper.

"How would you like to come over to my house at ten o'clock tomorrow morning for our first session?" Alisha asked.

While truly anxious to have intercourse with the sexiest woman in his experience, John wanted another day to prepare, so he quickly responded "Would it be all right if I came over Friday morning at ten instead so that I can adjust work assignments at the Post Office?"

"Certainly - I'll see you then. Don't be late, and eat your Wheaties," Alisha chuckled and then terminated the call.

John was so excited that he considered locking his door and masturbating; but decided that he needed to save up for Alisha. This was his only chance for sex outside marriage (without cheating, which he was loathe to do even though he was not a "true believer" in SBS like Louise was) and he wanted to get the most possible out of it.

After daydreaming for ten or fifteen minutes about sucking on Alisha's pronounced mammaries and laying pipe in her vagina, he snapped out of his fantasy world and went back to the project that he was working on when she called. He also then remembered the call on the second line. He checked voicemail.

"Uh, John dear; a real tragedy has occurred. Alisha Franks purchased the winner's right in The Lottery, and she said that she wants to choose you. We need to decide how to respond...Please call me as soon as you can," came Louise's frantic voice.

John grimly mumbled to himself "You're not going to welch on this deal Louise, even if what occurred seventeen years ago had never happened."

John picked up the phone and dialed Louise's cellphone.

"Oh John, I'm so happy that you called me back about this disaster," Louise immediately blurted out into the phone once she recognized the caller ID.

"It's not a disaster, Louise," John forcefully replied. "This is all of your making. I told you when you first related your 'vision' to me that it was a bad idea, but you insisted that God had ordained it. I'm NOT going to be a hypocrite and welcher and back out because this affects you personally. The only thing that I will do is provide you with the courtesy of not telling you when I'm meeting Alisha."

"But John, I don't know if I could take it if you had sex with another woman; it would..."

He cut her off and responded with a snarl: "Stop now; I don't want to hear any of your crap. You don't want to revisit events of seventeen years ago do you?"

There was silence, then "No..."

"Then turn lemons into lemonade. You have my permission to tell the congregation that I was selected so that you can demonstrate to them that you're not a hypocrite; just don't tell them who the winner is," John replied, now with a more conciliatory tone.

With a sob and a "Maybe I can make lemonade, John," Louise said and then terminated the call.

At lunchtime John went to work out rather than eat; only physical exertion could get him to stop fantasying about fucking the hottest piece of ass in his experience.


At 9:57 a. m. on Friday, John rang Alisha's doorbell, freshly showered and ready for action. Alisha answered dressed in a skimpy robe and with a wide smile.

"Hi John; I'm glad to see that you're prompt," she chuckled.

As John stepped through the threshold he suddenly was overcome with lust imagining the naked voluptuous body he expected underneath the skimpy robe. As sweat started to bead on his forehead the promise that he made to himself to take things slowly was quickly forgotten. "Alisha - I have a favor to ask. Can we dispense with any pleasantries and just start fucking? We only have two hours."

John had no idea where this was coming from, and since he