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I must be getting soft, he thought wryly. He couldn't remember the last time he let himself care for anybody. Three thousand years was a long time to live without going mad from grief if he allowed himself to care about people who would die long before he did. It was just another small sacrifice that had been demanded of him.

But we're coming to the end. I don't have to hold out for much longer. Maybe the God will see fit to grant me the peace I have longed for. He doubted it. He forced the thought from his head and focused on where he was. He had long ago abandon his hope for peace.

He walked along the main avenue for another mile before the merchant warehouses gave way to lavish homes and large storefronts. He hung back from the flow of the crowd as he made his way to a nearby alley.

A few people were lounging in the alley but gave way when Jon came shuffling up. One of the men spat at his feet and growled, "Filthy beggars shouldn't be allowed here."

Jon's hand twitched but he wisely reined his temper in. The man was well dressed and had probably never tasted desperation in his life. Jon let his anger fade and made his way further into the alley. He glanced back and made sure the men were still turned the other way. When he was sure nobody was watching, he manipulated his magic and jumped straight up.

His feet kicked off the wall ten feet in the air and propelled him across the alley to the other wall. He kicked off that wall and landed on the roof opposite. He crouched low and sprinted across the roof. He knelt at the edge and looked out over the city. He could see the Courtyard of the Twelve about half a mile away.

There were few buildings near the Courtyard close enough for a conventional assassination. But Jon Laurent was anything but conventional. He spotted what looked to be a tavern close to the last row of benches in the Courtyard. He jumped over to a nearby roof and made his way to the building that would give him the view he wanted.


"This is where we part," Jon told them, as they stood in the shadow of a deserted alley in the Market Quarter.

Sophina nodded eagerly. She gripped her sword tight and tried her best to suppress her excitement. She itched to test her new skills against anyone that stood in their way. She silently wished Jon luck as he slipped out of the alley. It was a shame he had to dress like a beggar. A handsome man like that deserved better.

Ashford looked at her nervously so she gave him her best reassuring smile. "Do you think it's going to work?" he asked her.

Evelyn sighed. Sophina suppressed her own irritation and apologized on behalf of Evelyn. "Yeah, it's going to be fine. Just try to have some faith in the plan."

Ashford looked doubtful but Sophina had done the best she could for him. It was time to focus on her part of the plan. Jon had told Sophina to guard Evelyn with her life. She meant to keep that promise.

"It's time," Evelyn said suddenly. It was the first time she had spoken since they left Jon's house.

Sophina pushed that worry aside for a later time. She gave Ashford one last reassuring nod before stepping out of the alley with Evelyn. The thin stream of people immediately gave way to Evelyn when they took in her expensive clothing and the bodyguard by her side.

Sophina saw quite a few people stare after Evelyn with searching eyes. Thieves, Sophina growled to herself. Her hand on her sword and the cold look on her face deterred the would-be thieves. They slunk away quickly whenever her gaze swept over them.

"Thank you," Evelyn said quietly.

Sophina started. "I guess you aren't as out of it as I thought."

Evelyn glanced sideways at her as they continue to walk down the main avenue. "I'm...sorry for how I have been behaving. I've been having a hard time concentrating. I had no idea how debilitating my grief would be..."

Sophina reached her hand out and then thought better of it.

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