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Getting to know one another.

Men look down upon such a show of affection, finding it juvenile, but most are nervous about being in such a state in front of a woman." She laughed, "Oh, sure they're used to feeling hands on their cocks- their own, but what about a woman that really knows how to handle them? They'd never forget you." She smiled almost wickedly at the group about her. "Show him you can handle his cock better than he can and it changes your relationship completely. It opens up an intense pleasure too few men ever experience."

Sitting comfortably between his legs she eyed his throbbing shaft as it pulsed in her grip. This was always such a tender moment for them. He became so compliant, so open to her. It made her heart race.

"Some women are born to this but for most it will take some practice." She looked around at the dozen women eagerly listening. "You will learn as you go. Eventually your man may even prefer your hands to anything else and will refuse your mouth in favor of being masturbated. Right now Ivan loves everything I do to him, isn't that right, honey?" She bent over and placed a small kiss on the tip of his cock. He sighed wantonly.

"You'll learn some techniques that will become invaluable. You control when and how he climaxes and how much comes out of him." Her hands stopped and she gripped the base of his shaft. She waved his cock between her fingers, causing him to twist. "If you like, you can even force his come out before he's ready." She demonstrated by pressing the flat of her thumb right above his balls and driving it upwards along his urethra. When she got to the tip, a glob of pearly semen appeared on his slit.

"He's enjoying that, mind you. Anything that gets his goo from his body feels good, but it would feel much better if you eased it out of him slowly and allowed his orgasm to expel it." She whispered to the women, "This is purely a mind-fuck. It drives a man crazy. Their body doesn't know what's happening and he isn't sure how to react. It's good to practice every once in a while to keep him guessing."

It looked like the wind had been knocked out of Ivan and the motions of his body were replaced with an alarming stillness. His eyes were tightly closed and the grimace on his face belied the struggle taking place within him. Surely he could sit up, take himself in his hand and give in to the temptation rolling though his body. That he didn't was very telling. Elena merely sat between his spread thighs and watched the bubble of come thicken on the end of his cock. He turned his head to each side to hide his state from the onlooking women but only faced more curiosity. The crowd watched with a mixture of sympathy and intense arousal as he grimaced in front of them. Most were well accustomed to the sexual behaviors of men but none had ever seen a man in such a state before. The ecstasy turned quickly to torment was evident on his face as his wife spread the thick come over the hypersensitive tip of his prick, seemingly oblivious to his condition.

She looked up at the eager faces around her and addressed the crowd. "Some call it cruel, some call it a show of affection. It can be all of those things; male adoration, cock teasing, cock torture, cock appreciation. I considered all those terms for this workshop but I think male massage is best. Though," she looked down at Ivan's prick as it jerked in her hand once again. "It is all up to you. Remember what I taught you and use it when he's had a hard day at work or you want a unique way to wake him up in the morning." She caught the eye of a tall, shapely black woman that seemed ready to pounce on the desperate man below her. "It's also the most reliable lie detector known to man...and women. When you have your man in this state he's unable to lie, his brain can't handle the pressure at both ends." She chuckled, "Sometimes when you get him going, he won't be able to stop and the flattery flies out of his mouth. It's wonderful if you need an ego boost."

Ivan moaned then, start