You blush and stutter slightly but agree it could be what you really need since words are hard to come by in your feelings.

"Please, stand up for me." As you do, I slowly unbutton your shirt removing it and placing it over a chair. I undo your pants next starting with the belt, the button, the zipper, and slide them down along with your boxers. I motion you to sit and I remove your shoes, socks, and finish removing the pants and boxers. You're now completely exposed to me.

I kneel in front of you taking off my shirt and skirt; I've already removed my shoes. I do leave on the under cloths for now. You're blushing by this point not sure how to respond knowing your manhood is now very visible and erect.

I stand you up and we are now face to face. "Please let me put this blind fold on you and in your mind let yourself feel what you feel as I do things to you or have you do things to yourself. Make mental notes as you go since after I want you to write them down explaining the feelings. This will be of better help for you it seems than to voice it and is what I know will help you open to the feelings you desire."

I take your arms and have them placed straight out from your body on the sides. The blind fold on. I use a feather and slowly move it from your left finger tips along your arms, over the shoulders to the back of your neck, and down to the right arm and fingers. From there I move the feather under the arm and along the side of your body, down your legs but only the outsides of them and back up to the side and across your chest softly going around your nipples. I zig zag it around your chest and stomach moving ever so close to your cock. I kneel moving the feather just but the side of your balls and up and down the inside of your legs and finally along the sides of your very hard cock. Circling the cock with feather and around its head you seem to tingle in excitement. I move around to your back and doing the zig zag from your neck down to your butt. I then carefully brush the feather between the butt cheeks and it seems to really excite you more.

I move back in front of you but you're not aware I've removed my inner clothing. I stand in front of you using my finger tips and repeating the motions I did with the feather. As my fingertips go down your chest and stomach, I move them out to the sides of your hips and down as far as they go on to your thighs and back up reaching behind you and moving them around your butt. As I move closer to do this, your body senses mine is now naked, my nipples are hard next to your body, I feel your arms want to give in to holding me but I stop you and have you keep your arms out.

I remove the blind fold and let you know to watch me. I again move my fingers down your chest and stomach but this time one moves slightly to the side and under your balls just between your legs and massage the area while the other one takes your cock and slowly strokes it and at times taking the hand palm in towards the cock pushing it again my stomach and stroking it, then stepping back a bit with it still stroking but coming up from the bottom of the cock in a twisting motion and massaging your balls now too.

I step back and take your hands and place them on your cock and you seem to know to do the same motions. I keep helping to show you ways to move your hand around your cock as we both stroke together without missing a beat. You seem to get weak in the knees so I have you kneel down and lean forward resting your head in your palms and spreading your legs.

I move behind you and massaging your butt and gently moving my finger tip over your anal hole then down between your leg and slightly touching around your balls and with my other hand stroking your cock more.