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Sophie has to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

The receptionist asked if we had an appointment. Suvarna told her that she did not but she was sure they would want to talk to her about the funding for their clinical trial and gave them Bernie's name and said he recommended she come here. She asked us to wait.

In about five minutes a man came through the door and introduced himself as Dr. Frank Chesney and asked what he could do for us. Suvarna looked at him and said, "My name is Anne Cordet. I have an inoperable brain tumor and I got a call from my oncologist in New York who suggested you might be able to help me."

"I have heard of your doctor. He is a very good neuro-oncologist. Right now my therapy is experimental and we have only treated two patients. It has not been approved by any agency for general use. We are trying to find funding for a more extensive clinical trial but that could take two to three years before it's completed."

"If you were to take a look at my records and if after seeing them you thought you might be able to do something for me then I would be inclined to do something for you."

"What would you be able to do for me?"

"Fund your clinical trial."

"Do you realize how much that costs?"

"Would ten million euros be enough to get you started?"

"Yes, that would do quite nicely."

We spent the next two hours in Dr. Chesney's office going over Anne's records and test results, which were sent to him electronically. He told her that she had the same type of cancer as the first two test subjects and that he wanted to do an MRI to see what the state of the tumor was now before making a decision. When he examined the results he said Anne would be an ideal test subject. Then he asked her what she had been doing since the last MRI.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because this type of tumor always progresses quickly and yours has actually gotten a little smaller. That's very unusual, almost unheard of."

"I've made some changes in the past two months. First I fell in love. I've changed to a macrobiotic diet, I meditate every day, I do a visualization every night and ask the tumor not to grow and I have lots of sex every day. Have you ever heard of a tumor being fucked to death?"

"I've not seen scientific evidence to support that but please, don't let that deter you. I'll have to recommend that therapy to my other patients. It probably wouldn't hurt for me to adopt that regimen."

He told her she would have to sign consent forms for voluntarily subjecting herself to this procedure. In addition she would have to pay two hundred and fifty thousand euros to have it done. The good news is that the actual operation was almost without risk.

He then told us what the therapy was. He and his colleague had worked with other doctors in Geneva that were doing genetic modification experiments to develop new pesticides and herbicides for crops. Part of this research involved modifying the genes of viruses. They got the idea of modifying the virus that caused the common cold in humans.

It took two years but they succeeded in developing a variation of this virus that could identify and attack cancer cells. They first did a biopsy of the tumor to remove cells that would then be treated and used to load their genetic material into the new virus so it would know exactly which cells to attack. Then the new virus is injected into the tumor through the same tiny fiber optic cable that was used to do the biopsy.

Anne said she thought the tumor couldn't be accessed without killing the brain tissue that surrounded it. He told her that to do a conventional operation would do exactly that but they weren't going to cut the tumor out they were going to kill it right where it was from the inside. The virus that's injected is programmed to think the tumor is its food. It will keep replicating as long as it has something to eat then it will die and your immune system will get rid of it like it does with the other dead cells in your body.

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