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Grandma turns it on.

I told her I couldn't because I already had made plans but thanked her for the offer. And that was almost that.

Except that my plans has gotten cancelled. Having nothing better to do, I decided to make the trek down to Carowinds and enjoy the evening. Once I had gotten inside the park, I texted Shanna to find out where she was. She quickly responded back and we just happened to "run into each other" near what used to be the Borg Assimilator.

I was introduced to the group and I don't think I was ok with the fiance, named Austin, from the get-go but he did ask me if I wanted to hang out with us. I initially said no and that I didn't want to intrude but Shanna thought it would be a great idea.

On the ride I sat next to Austin and it gave us a chance to "talk"; basically about how Shanna and I knew each other and all that. It wasn't a dick measuring contest by any means, just a chance for us to break the ice since I had only been mentioned in passing over the past 3 years since they had been together.

We circled around to where the 3d ride was and only Shanna wanted to go on it. As a huge fan of Elvira, Mistress of the Night, I was game. The rest of the gang went on a bit forward to what used to be the Thunder Road, allowing us some time to talk.

Well, flirting, is the more appropriate word. Shanna made a remark that while she was engaged to a man she loved, she found it difficult to not be a little touchy and flirty with me. I asked why she needed to fight it. I meant it as a joke, but she leaned in and kissed me on the lips, telling me that she had been dying to do that since I had arrived.

We finally sat down to enjoy the ride and we behaved like a completely sensible pair of adults. However when we were exiting, I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to me in one of the dark corners.

I kissed her, parting her lips with my tongue and she returned the gesture in kind. She still tasted of exquisite sin and moaned as the kiss continued. Her arms wrapped around my neck to pull me down closer and I wrapped one arm to her spine and other to her thigh, which I lifted and pulled to me.

Sometimes you just find yourself with someone you have electricity with and you just go with the moment. This was one of those moments.

Until a park employee coughed in our direction. And asked us to break it up. We did, regretfully, but there was a moment of clear hand holding until we entered the arcade then we went back to being responsible adults.

As far as anything remotely sexual, that was all on this night. However, the fun would continue the next day as it was a weekend and she found herself alone as he had gone to the race with his friends.

I got the text and then called her. She drove up 85 and we met near my place for lunch. If our kiss the previous night had left any lingering sexual tension between us, it didn't show.

I drove her to the animal ranch up the road and before we went for a walk in the park. Shanna noted how we never did anything like this before. I pointed out to her that the only time we ever saw each other outside of my store was when we were fucking. She laughed and said "true".

Then she stopped and reached for my hand and held it in hers, causing me to stop and regard her with mild curiosity. "How about now?"

I asked her what about now?

"Fucking me now," she shrugged so matter-of-factly I wasn't sure if she was ribbing me. One look into those soft blue eyes told me this was on the level.

I certainly was game but where I asked.

"Here." she smirked, "Now."

Shanna didn't give me a chance to answer. Instead she took me to a set of benches and sat me down. She hiked up her sweater dress and straddled me. I felt her unzip my pants, reach into my jeans and pull my cock out. The cool afternoon air was minimized by her hand covering and she guided me to her arching hips. Sliding her panties over, She slid me into her slowly, sucking in a deep breath, as she looked at me in the eyes as if she had just captured a prize.

She sat on my lap facing

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