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Mari and Henry's first meeting.

" He cupped her face softly to emphasize his point. His eyes never left hers until she decided to look away.

"Oh, I see. Maybe i should just go home before I get my hopes up." She said looking out at the water. A hearty sigh left her lips. Her eyes just gleaming with what would be tears.

"Mary, I have told you that I will live my life to the fullest. I think you should do the same. I am sure you have your reasons for the reservations you have but the past can only hurt us if we let it." Jordan spoke softly not trying to be persuasive or aggressive just a friend.

"It's not that easy." she said wrapping her arms around herself.

"It seems that way but it is that simple," Jordan said taking his shirt off and pecking her cheek. "Now then would you join me for a swim?" he asked now changing topic to try and cheer her up.

Mary stood up and took her shirt off revealing the light blue bikini top underneath. The shorts followed and showed off a great pair of legs as well as a blue bottom. She ran past him and jumped into the freezing water. Jordan stood there laughing, before jumping in after her. The icy water was refreshing from the scorching sun. Mary had her nipples rigid in seconds and Jordan shook with frigid excitement. Mary splashed at him once he surfaced, hitting him square in the face.

"Hey now." he said splashing her right back. They swam around for a little bit before Mary leapt from the water.

"Shit I need to put on sunscreen before I fry." she cried, drying herself with the towel on the ground. Jordan joined her and sifted through the basket pulling out a bottle of spf 70, he tossed the bottle to her and let her rub it in. She handed it to him. "Care to get my back?" she asked, smiling with a hint of mischief.

"Sure thing." he responded waiting for her to lay on her belly. Jordan slowly rubbed the lotion into her back. After he was done he began massaging her back and shoulders. Mary shuddered under his touch, feeling herself relax.

"That feels so nice." Mary whispered feeling her body relax even further with the acknowledgement of how she felt. Her body was melting at his touch like the night before.

"Mary, I hate to be pushy but would you mind removing your top?" he asked figuring she would say no but her hand came up and undid the top. He got to work rubbing his fingers into her soft skin. The pulsing and rubbing of his hands only made her think of last night. Her womanhood began to moisten itself with the memories. His hands were so warm and his touch was unreal. Her body just responded to it.

"Jordan, can i ask you for a kiss?" she was not begging but there was a pleading need in her voice. Her body turned over to face him, showing off her firm soft breasts. Mary looked into his eyes and reached up for him. He met her halfway and pushed her back to the blanket. The kiss was fire to her lips. This kiss was more aggressive than the previous ones. It held a fire in it that was melting all resistance. Mary knew they were outside but that did not matter. They were in public but that did not matter either. She needed him and that was clear he needed her.

"Tell me. Do you want to finish what we started or have lunch then dessert?" he asked knowing the answer. His fingers crept over her bottoms rubbing between her thighs. Her response was to spread her legs further apart, giving better access.

"I want you Jordan" Mary begged remembering his thing about hearing what she wanted to do, just to be clear.