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He tells about his exhibitionist experiences.

"I'm glad to see you got yourself ready."

He took off his shirt as she slid her finger out of her pussy and spread her legs wide, holding her arms up inviting his body against her.

He moved to the end of the bed and began crawling up it, stopping when his face was just above hers.

"Happy birthday baby." He said before lowering himself slowly down and kissing her. His lips felt rough against hers and she felt his tongue flick gently against hers, a small hint as to what he wanted. She opened her mouth and let her tongue meet with his as it probed into her mouth.

He broke away from the kiss and started kissing and nibbling on her neck as he reached down and undid his pants. "Do you wanna see your present?" he asked between kisses.

"Oh yes baby." She grinned back at him. "I've been looking forward to this one all day."

He knelt up and pulled his pants down, letting them fall around his knees, revealing his fully erect cock to her. She looked at it as if transfixed and he smiled down at her.

"I'm going to do some nasty things to you baby." He said as he leaned back down holding himself above her as he kicked off his pants. She pushed herself up to kiss him and he rolled over onto his back, pushing himself into a sitting position against the bed head. He put his hands on either side of her head and guided her to a kneeling position in front of him, her arse in the air and her head in front of his cock.

She stopped with her head two inches from his throbbing dick and took a good look at it. She loved his dick, it was dead straight, pointing directly at her face, the smooth head bulging at her, inviting her to suck it. She ran her finger from the base of his cock up the length watching it pulse at her touch, and then traced around the scar where he had been circumcised running just below the head. That was the only thing she would change about his cock, simply because she new he didn't like it.

She flicked her tongue out and licked around the head of his cock, savoring the smooth feel of it. She loved the taste of his dick and just wanted to make him cum as soon as she could, but she also wanted to tease him, and make sure he enjoyed it. He closed his eyes and threw his head back against the wall with a smile of satisfaction on his face as she slid her lips down his tool.

Catherine moved her head back up and slid her mouth off his cock, sliding her tongue up and down around his cock, running her tongue all over it before taking the head of his member in her mouth again. She could feel the veins running up his cock and could feel it swell and relax as she sucked on it.

She thought she heard a clicking sound and started moving her head up to look, but Ben's hands held her mouth fast to the end of his cock. He pushed her head slowly down and she took his dick further and further into her mouth again. She started sliding her mouth up and down on his cock and felt his body respond, showing how much he was enjoying it.

"I've got a surprise for you baby." He said softly as he watched his dick disappear and reappear in her mouth.

"Mmmhmmm?" she mumbled softly around his cock. She felt his grip tighten on her head and his cock swell in her mouth as two hands reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide. As she tried to pull her head back Ben held her still and she felt a cock slide into her from behind. Ben watched her face as it went in and saw panic flick across her face, and then pleasure as she felt the cock parting her soft pussy wide and settling into it's new home. She struggled to look behind her but held her head firmly on his dick and started pumping his hips, fucking her mouth slowly. She felt the cock in her pussy start to slide in and out of her.

She started to panic at the feeling of two cocks pumping her and Ben could see her distress written plainly on her face. "Just relax and enjoy it kitten." He whispered softly, "This is what you wanted remember."

He released her head enough for her to turn slightly and see Matt behind her, his hands ho