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As she leaned into the kiss she sent a silent apology to those ladies.

Suddenly she was acutely aware of her skin pressing against his. Strange tingles were spreading from her lips and his warmth was rushing straight to her loins. Her hands, still acting without conscious control, slid down his sweat-slicked sides to his rope belt. Her hands slid forward to untie the knot when her eyes flew open. She pushed him to arms length as she looked down. The last, furious, series of attacks had been designed to shred her remaining clothing. In her rage she failed to feel as each meticulous slice weakened her pants until they finally fell apart. She stood before him wearing only the cloth she wrapped around her most sensitive areas.

She stood in shock, only vaguely aware of him moving behind her. Her nerves cried out in pleasure as his arms slid around her waist. A jolt raced through her body as he leaned forward to kiss her neck She spun, fists pounding against his bare chest. He leaned back and caught her hands in one of his, the other remaining around her waist. She was impressed with his strength, her body's desire for him warring with her frustration over his liberties. As he leaned in to kiss her, her body won. Her arms went limp and she pressed against him drinking in his warmth.

Her arms fell as he released them, brining his hand to the back of her head. Her hands once again returned to his belt, deftly untying it, letting his pants fall to the floor. Now they once again stood on equal footing as their bodies pressed together, skin to skin. Instantly his hands found her wrists. Proving his greater strength he slowly forced her arms into the small of her back. The rules were now clear, contest was their passion. Even a demonstration of their feelings would involve a struggle for dominance.

His head darted forward, taking her nipple into his teeth through the fabric. He bit, hard enough to cause a slight amount of pain. She gasped as pleasure and pain mixed within her chest. His jaw loosened and he began to suck and lick, her tender flesh protected only slightly by the cloth wrap. The slight pain that still remained merged with the agonizing sensation he created as his tongue darted out, flicking against her engorged nipple.

Her head flew back as a moan escaped her lips. She had to stop his ministrations, to regain control. The thin fabric wrapped around her lust grew moist as he tormented her. Knowing she couldn't overcome his strength she lifted a leg straight up, parallel to their bodies. Her inner knee caught on his shoulder and she used the leverage to force away his head. She felt his grip lessen in surprise and she used his moment of distraction to reverse the grip, now taking his wrists in opposite hands. She couldn't overpower him but her training had included grappling against much larger opponents.

A quick twist of her wrists and his arms were away from their bodies. She kicked off with the leg still on the ground and used the position of her other leg to adjust her body against his. For a moment she was in the air, still in contact with him, but completely off guard. Had he anticipated the maneuver the struggle would have been over, as it was she ended her maneuver pressed against him, knees locked around his neck, hands holding his arms out wide and head within inches of his groin. No conventional doctrine taught this position but this was a most unconventional fight.

Her head shifted forward slowly, tormenting him with the reversal of fortune.