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Couple get invited for a weekend in the country.

" She twisted even harder. I grimaced from the pain.

"Remember, I get to do anything to you that I want. You might not get off on pain, but I think that maybe I might get off on inflicting it on you."

She let go of my nipple. "There that should have helped you get control of your urges. Now maybe we can inspect your little clittie without having to worry about it spitting your useless cum all over my fingers."

My wife lifted my dick up and inspected it on the top and the bottom. "Yes, it is a pathetic excuse for a cock, but it makes a really nice clitoris." She looked up at me. "Quick spurt, I think you make a much better girl than a man. I think that we are going to have to work on developing your feminine side."

I have never admitted this to anyone, but I have fantasized about cross dressing for most of my life. I don't know how Brenda was able to sense this, but she had just opened another avenue of excitement for me.

Brenda reached over and picked up a short pink lace nightgown, with matching pink lace panties and pink elastic top nylon stockings.

"These were a gift from a guy I used to date during my last marriage. I think that they should fit you. Put them on quick spurt."

While I was dressing, Brenda put on a black lace nightgown that also had matching panties and nylons. As she was pulling on the nylons, she said, "I think that in my case, the panties will only get in the way tonight. but, you should wear yours. I doubt that your little clit will be getting very much attention when we start playing."

I kind of struggled getting the nylons on and Brenda had to show me how to roll them up my legs.

When I was done dressing she said, "Step back, lets have a look at you." She surveyed me. "Oh yes. You really make a cute girl. I always thought that you might with your feminine features and slight build. Walk over and look at yourself in the mirror."

I stood in front of the mirror. I guess I felt kind of silly at first, but after a moment I started getting used to the way I looked and started to feel sexy.

"You really don't have very much body hair, but we will have to get rid of the little you have. I expect you to start shaving your legs. You can do that in the morning before you go to work. Tonight as part of our playtime were going to shave each others pussies."

I looked at Brenda. I was obviously questioning her choice of words.

She laughed. "Oh yes baby. You have a clittie. Your not a man anymore. Your cute little crotch is now a pussy." Then she sneered at me. "But dickless remember something, you might have a pussy, but I'm the only one in the house with a cunt."

Brenda stared at me for several seconds. The look of superiority in her face was almost frightening to me. At that moment she was a dominant bitch.

Her expression softened almost immediately. For several seconds she was quiet as she obviously thought about all of this.

"Tomorrow night after work we will go shopping together. We need to buy you a more feminine wardrobe."

I looked at Brenda in horror.

She smiled at me. "Oh don't worry, I am not going to make you wear dresses." She winked, "At least not outside of the house, but I think that we can find some men's clothes that have a more feminine feel to them. Also your going to throw away all of your men's underwear. Its exclusively panties and panty hose for you now girlie." She laughed, "you're going to feel really hot at work."

I was feeling kind of nervous about all of this, but I had to admit to myself that I was also really excited about it. There was a very enticing combination of humiliation and sexiness in Brenda's demand.

"Enough of this, I want to start playing. Sissy boy, On the top shelf of my closet there is a pink and white shoe box. Inside you will find a pair of black patent leather spike heels. Fetch them for me."

Brenda's choice of verb excited me as I retrieved her shoes. I had never seen these before and didn't have any idea that she owned them.

Brenda saw my puzzled look.