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She aches to screw her older brother.

I would notice finally and look at you as if to ask 'what do you want me to do?'"

You tighten an arm around my waist, your hand brushing the underside of my breast slyly. You like the story so far, but you say now it's your turn. You start to whisper in my ear, warm wet breath like a serpent's kiss. You say to me: "As the man approaches you'd get off your knees turn around and lift your skirt up, press your ass into my dick. You'd moan as your rub your soaking wet slit up and down my fat cock head. I'd slap your ass and ask you 'Do you want it in your cunt bitch?' And you would moan 'Yes please!'"

I laugh a little at how this story is turning out with your participation, how harsh and suddenly violent it has become; an embarrassed laugh that covers up a moan of secret pleasure. I think to myself for a split second how wonderful it would be if we came upon just such a darkened alleyway right now. Would I actually do what I described? Would you? The possibility makes me throb. You laugh too, a low and gravelly sound that makes me want you more, but also makes me afraid of you, that evil part of you I want so much but want to protect myself against as well. You lick my neck as we walk, my knees get weak and you support me in your arm. You continue your part of the story.

You continue: "If you want it into your cunt you have to blow this man. You moan like a whore and beckon him forward as you unzip his fly I slip into your soaking cunt right to the balls..." You snatch my mouth with yours, a long probing kiss. I feel you getting hard against my thigh, and your mouth moves down my chin, my neck. I breathe heavily into your ear more of the story...

"You slide your cock deep and hard into me, and I bend over to pull the stranger's cock out of his pants. He's huge and so very hard. I gasp in astonishment and you hear me, make note of my reaction, planning to punish me for it later." I can feel you smile against my neck at that detail, and it makes me shiver.

"I struggle to get his enormous cock in my mouth and keep my balance as you pound into my cunt, my knees are shaking. With every thrust you push my body forward and I get more of the stranger's cock pushed into my mouth and throat until I almost gag. I hear you grunting and moaning and I know you are about to cum. I push back against you, taking all of you in, I want to feel you explode deep inside, shooting all of your cum into my cunt." The crowd has thinned a bit, and in the darkness you slide a hand along my inner thigh. I search our surroundings for a dark corner, an abandoned doorway, anything, anywhere we could go to be alone, anonymous, hidden.

Between soft moans I try to finish the story. "You grab a handful of my hair and pull towards you sharply, I grunt in pain and the stranger shoots cum down my open throat. It's so much I can't keep up, I try to swallow put it comes dribbling out of my mouth and down my chin." You lick my mouth when I say this, as if what I described was really there. I hear you groan against my cheek. "Your cock is pumping out into me," I continue "and you slap my ass cheek again and pant against my back 'my juicy little whore'. I cum and you feel by tight cunt pulse around your cock. I let go of the stranger's cock, wipe a bit of cum off my cheek and chin. He pushes it back into his pants, nods to you and smiles at me, zipping up. He tasted so good. He walks back out onto the street leaving us alone in the alley."

You laugh again against my neck, your breath sending an electric shock through me. I like that, you whisper, I'm going to call you that from now on, my juicy little whore. I rake my fingers through your hair. I can see your car just up ahead and quicken my step, pulling you along. Finish the story baby, you say, and in a breathless rush I do.

"You are still a bit angry over my being impressed with the stranger's size though.