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Megan gets an invite.

"Do you mind if I invite him over?" she asked again with a twinkle in her eye. I was more than a little aroused myself and with a good few hours before the taxi was due I knew I did not want to peak too early.

"Sure, I will go up the bar and get some drinks whilst you call him over. He might be more willing to come if I'm not here." I tidied myself back up and strolled over to the other side of the bar. As I waited to be served I could see Gemma smiling towards where the young man must have been stood. My view was blocked by the crowd of people hanging around the bar and I was unable to see him directly but, I could imagine his reaction. Presumably he had initially refused her first advance as she was now yelling something towards him whilst all the time managing to look playful, yet innocent and with a killer smile. Eventually his resistance caved as he appeared from behind the group of people who were restricting my view and he sat down besides Gemma.

As they he sat down it was Gemma who seemed to be doing most of the talking. She was being very flirty. I saw the signs with her hands slightly touching his, letting them slip against his leg and obviously enjoying herself. It was apparent that he was more than a little unsure of what he should do but he was beginning to relax and was at least talking to her.

"I think he is next," I heard a female voice say to the side of me. I was so intent upon watching Gemma I never realised someone was stood waiting to serve me. I made my order and turned to thank the woman who had politely allowed me to go first. When I did I saw an Asian woman, maybe Indian, stood there with the most amazing body. Without realising I looked her up and down. She was about five foot five wearing a tight fitting, blue, mini dress. Her legs were shapely and defined by the silver heels she wore. She was staring back equally intently and then I realised she was assessing me as well. I wondered if her fa__ade might fall as she became disappointed but she just stood there and if anything, her smile lengthened.

"Thank you," was all I managed to say.

"No problems," she replied. Her brown eyes sparkled and her perfume was strong when she stood this close. The crowd around us had forced us closer and I could feel her pressed gently to my side. "I know what it's like trying to get served here sometimes."

"I doubt you have any problems," I laughed.

"What do you mean?" she said in mock astonishment.

"Well look at you!" I knew she was fishing for compliments. "You are hot. I'm sure the barman serves you first every time."

To her credit she actually blushed even though she got the answer I'm sure she was looking for.

"Who are you here with?"

"My friend's hen party," she replied. "How about you?" I was not going to admit to being here with my girlfriend who was currently being chatted up by another man.

"Some friends."

"Well I'm there," she said pointing towards a table of girls at the other end of the bar, luckily out of direct view of my own table. The hen was sat in the middle with the usual veil and L-plates. The other girls were all looking over, laughing aloud and pointing towards us. "If you want too later on, bring your mates over for a chat."

"I will do," I said. "By the way I'm Mark." I held my hand out which she shook.

"I'm Natasha," her hand was small against mine but her tanned skin was silky soft. She had long delicate fingers with perfect nails painted with a soft pink polish.

"It's good to meet you." There was an awkward pause as I stood there looking at her still holding her hand. "You really are beautiful." Those last words seemed to slip out, maybe due to the drink or because it was the simple truth. She looked embarrassed but held my stare. Finally we released each others hand and I realised that my last comment may have ruined anything between us. The barman had returned with my drinks and I handed over the cash. Natasha was still besides me and had returned to staring intently at me.

"I hope I see you later f

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