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Dan is no more. Bella has been born. Her journey begins.

He held these in front of Kristy's eyes.

"As you heard earlier, your inability to obey a simple order has dictated that I take steps to ensure this never happens again" he said, his voice as cold as ice. "Never before has a slave of mine behaved in such a disgraceful manner. Therefore, you will be locked closed at all times other than those where I decide to use your pussy or offer it's services to one of my friends."

With that he moved around to her pussy and one by one attached each of the padlocks through a corresponding pair of rings, drawing her labia lips tightly closed. Kristy bit her lip, desperate not to cry out and anger him further. When he had finished he unhooked the cord from his desk and unbound her hands.

"Turn over and spread your ass cheeks," he commanded.

Kristy obediently turned so that she was now face down over his desk and reached her hands back to spread her ass cheeks. David dropped his pants and jerked the plug out of her ass. Without giving her time to catch her breath he rammed his cock inside her as hard and as far as he could. He fucked her hard and fast, each thrust ramming into her, crushing her pubic mound against his desk and abrading her breasts against its surface. Kristy was acutely aware that his actions were not for his gratification but intended as punishment. What she hadn't realised was that he was wearing a cock ring and he continued to pump into her long after she had expected him to cum. Finally he withdrew and shoved the plug back inside her before taking off the ring.

"Position 1" he ordered.

Kristy sank to her knees in front of him. She opened her mouth to receive him and was startled when his hand jerked her head up.

"Look at me slave," he growled and with one hand still cruelly pulling her head back he proceeded work his cock with the other. It wasn't long before he groaned and shot his seed all over her face. She could see it coming but had no option but to kneel and accept the humiliation.

Taking a tissue from a box on his desk, he cleaned himself off and drew his pants back on. He moved back around the desk and threw the box of tissues at Kristy.

"Clean yourself up and get out of my sight!" he demanded.

Ashamed and humiliated Kristy wiped his cum off her face and put her clothes back on. She quietly walked to the door and let herself out.

She made her way to the bathroom, grateful for the fact that it was the lunch period and the office was reasonably empty. Every step she took was echoed in a slight pull against the now linked and locked rings in her labia, reinforcing the fact that her master now completely owned her body. She stood in front of the mirror and washed her face before repairing her make-up. Her hands were shaking so much she had to take several deep breaths to regain control. When she felt she was finally ready to face the world again, Kristy made her way to her office and sat down behind her desk. Immediately she felt the padlocks push against her pussy and squirmed in discomfort, but no matter what she did, she couldn't get away from their constant pressure. Finally she sighed and tried to immerse herself in her work.

Susan popped her head around the door when she returned from lunch to find her boss hard at work. Files and books were scattered over her desk and she was busy typing on her laptop. She cleared her throat to gain Kristy's attention and when she looked up, asked her if there was anything she needed.

The first thing that ran through Kristy's mind was "yes, help me get these bloody things out of me!" but she knew she would never let anyone see her private humiliation. Instead she smiled at her secretary and asked for a cup of tea with honey. She needed the sweetness after the shocks earlier.

The afternoon seemed to drag on but finally Susan tapped on the door and asked if there was anything else Kristy needed before she left for the day.