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An intense DP session.

I uploaded it with the advert and after asking Ben one last time if he was sure I clicked on 'publish'.

Once the advert was up, I had to wait about a day for it to be approved; I decided that nothing would stop me. I would pick a guy, set a time and then I would perform a sexy strip for him while Ben watched in the other room. When I had asked Ben if he was sure about me posting the ad it was his last chance to back out. I still felt strange about it, but I knew that I was going to go though with it.

That said I was a little frustrated by the response to my advert. I had a lot of people clicking 'favourite' but few actually sending me a message. Those that did were not really what I was hoping for. Now Ben had basically said that we put the ad up and I would pick someone from any of the responses. He didn't explicitly say I couldn't search the site and elicit a response.

So that is what I did, I put in what I thought would bring up a nice selection in to the search options and then used the site to send three men whose profiles I liked the look of an 'I'm interested' not an actual message, but the best I could do with a free account and I hoped it would be enough to get them to look at my ad.

The next day I checked and although all three had viewed my ad only one had replied. I'll call him Mark; he was 22 and had a very nice topless photo of himself on his profile. He was quite slim but looked like he worked out and had a bit of a six-pack. On the profile he listed his hobbies as climbing and skiing and he looked like an outdoor kind of guy. His message was brief and too the point, saying that he really enjoyed watching women undress and having seen my photo that he would really like to see me strip for him.

Before I replied I showed Ben his profile and said that if it all worked out this was the guy. I'm not sure Ben was too happy that I had picked someone so much younger, and someone in better shape, although he did say that I should do the arrangements and set it up.

Now that I had decided that whatever happened I would proceed I didn't waste much time. Mark responded on the Thursday and I arranged my little show for the Saturday evening. I did have to take into account a time zone difference, as I said before I didn't want someone who might turn up at my door, but that was easy enough and it all went smoothly apart from my building apprehension, a part of me wasn't sure what I would actually do when we started the video call. I knew it would go one of two ways, I'd either get into it and flirt like mad or I'd freeze.

Well maybe three ways Ben might decide to literally pull the plug halfway through.

The first thing I had to do was learn how to use the camera. We set up a small video camera, as that was better than the webcam. It was placed above the TV so I could look at it and see the screen. It had an auto focus so as long as that was switched on it would be in focus. Although I wanted to be standing I also decided that I needed to be able to move the camera so that if I wanted I could lay seductively on the bed. As for the rest, I just decided I'd go with the flow. I didn't spend any time looking at stripper videos trying to learn some moves. Honest.

When Saturday arrived I did start to feel very nervous. I was suddenly aware that I was putting myself in a position of vulnerability. Admittedly everything was going to happen at a distance via technology, but at the same time I was going to be exposing my body seductively, intimately, to a stranger. As I have said before I was no chased maiden before I married Ben but I didn't just jump into bed with just anyone at the drop of a hat ether. Plus after ten years of only being sexual with Ben this was going to be different.

As the time drew closer I could see that Ben was preoccupied as well.