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He then took my still kicking left leg and secured with a leather strap I couldn't budge. Once he did the same with my right I found I could struggle no more. With that, he unbuttoned the sheer top and pulled it off me, leaving me once again stark naked. He pushed his body up and pulled down his trousers, then gave his cock a few strokes until it was fully erect. It was decently sized but not too massive. He brought it down around my pussy and gently rubbed it up and down my dripping slit. Without any conscious effort my hips rose to meet him, and he thrust down into me. As he began slowly fucking me, his hand reached down and began gently rubbing the nub at the top of my sex. The sensation gradually became more and more intense, until I couldn't suppress a moan. Soon I was grinding my hips into him, but his hand continued to gently stroke me, his own pelvis kept me steadied against his body. My knees began to shake uncontrollably. At long last I came, my body quivering. The grey man soon followed, letting his seed fill my pussy.

"Audra, you may clean her." I felt a warm tongue on my still tender sex, making me spasm as the princess licked me into cleanliness. When she was done, I found myself disappointed that she wouldn't continue.

"Now my pretty pet, do you really expect us to believe that you would forsake this pleasure for a life as a lonely sorceress? Tell me you don't want Audra to continue pleasuring you and I'll let you go."

"I... Please..."

"Tell me what you want, more than anything in the world."

"I want, I need, please just let me come again."

"Is that how you address your Master?"

"Please, master."

"Give her what she needs, my princess." Audra redoubled her efforts licking and sucking my clit. I felt an immense wave of pleasure building deep between my hips. My body thrashed against the bed, my arms and legs straining against my bonds. Finally the wave broke and my body buckled with pleasure. I was grateful for the chains that kept me fastened to the bed. My new master leaned down atop me and took my lips in his. I posted my mouth and let his tongue gently caress me. As he did this, he wrapped his arms around my bound body and held me as I continued to shake.

Deep in my haze of pleasure I couldn't hear the knock on the door, but my master did. He gently slid off me and rose to answer. From my position on the bed, I could see only one of the two men who came to the door. He seemed to address the other.

"I assure you it was nothing but an honest mistake and certainly no harm done. This house takes excellent care of its property."

"She was never meant to be anyone's property but her own."

"Ah, but the room's bill you signed last night, it specified that she was to be held as collateral against you shirking your debt to the house."

"And as you can see, I've returned with what you are owed. Now I demand she be set free."

"Hmmm, but the contract specifies a limit on the time alloted for your return, you are already well over. She belongs to the house. However, we may be able to make an arrangement for her sale..."

"I want her set free, not just handed over like a slave."

"I think you'll find a slave in this house is always a slave, ask her yourself, she is permitted to speak."

I felt the words spill out from me, "Please Alex, I want to be yours. I don't care anymore. Just do what they say."

"Thirty silver coins, and no higher, or I'll have your contract looked over by the magistrate."

"Indeed, indeed, well then, if your money is good she is yours. Bring her to her feet then." The old man rose from atop me and quickly unfastened the chains on my wrists and ankles. He reattached the leather cuffs I still wore to each other and to my collar. I was pushed off the bed and into Alex's arms.

Alex held me by the waist and lead me through the doorway, down the hall, and into the stairwell.

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