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He moved to the other side and did the same with the other foot. Then he stepped back and just looked at her. His eyes were full of delight at the picture she presented. Her breasts were lifted from her arms being pulled so taunt above her head, her stomach quivered and her pussy glinted with wetness.

He moved back and studied her intently. A slow grin spread across his face as he turned and went to the closet. She watched him closely. When he turned around her eyes widened. He held a video camera in his hands. He walked back to her side and sat down on the bed. He reached out and touched her hair softly. "Baby, don't be afraid, I won't do anything you don't want me to do and I'll stop any time you say so, you know that." With that said he reached under the bed and pulled out a scarf. Slowly so that at any time she could say no, he tied it around her head and gagged her with it. "Okay, say something." She looked up at him and grinned through the gag. "I love you." It was muffled but he could understand it. He nodded. "Good." With that he moved away from the bed and proceeded to set up the camera. When he had it just where he wanted it he came back to the bed and proceeded to crawl up her body, licking his way from her ankle up to her hip.

She didn't move, closing her eyes she simply enjoyed the feel of his tongue on her skin. When he reached her hip, he kissed his way across the bottom of her stomach, going lower and lower with each pass until his lips hovered over her pussy. With gentle fingers he spread her lips and simply looked at her. Her clit was pushed out, pulsating slightly as if begging him to taste it, she arched her hips and he soothed her down, still looking his fill. He glanced up at her and met her hooded gaze. "You are so beautiful." He crooned. "I am going to lick and suck on you, I'm going to taste your pussy, and suck up every drop of come you have until you can't move."

At his words she groaned, her eyes darkening with desire. "And while I'm doing it I'm going to play with myself, do you hear me? I'm going to stroke my cock until I almost come, I'm going to hold back though... want to know why?" She nodded. "Because when I do come, I'm going to climb up there and come all over your tits, I'm going to beat off until my come splatters all over those big titties of yours. Do you like that?" She moaned and nodded. "Good."

He then dropped his head to her waiting pussy and began to slowly run his tongue up both sides of it and over it, avoiding the clit that all but begged for his touch.