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She shows him he's Presidential material.

Really nasty. Really fucking hot....."

"I've had blow-jobs Tanya. But never like that. I've had.....size issues

Tanya wasn't sure what he meant by that but let it pass "And have you ever been with a T-girl? Or is it just a fantasy?"

"No.....I wouldn't know where to meet one..... where to start....."

"Why not start right here honey?" she murmured, sliding her tongue in his ear as she ground her crotch against him, before she slowly began kissing her way down his neck.

"'re my're James girlfriend....."

"That doesn't matter right now Mike. What matters is that I'm here with you. I'm here for you....." she grinned like a Cheshire cat before she moved excruciatingly slowly down his body. Her lips fluttered softly against his neck, before she trailed light kisses down Mike's muscular chest. She was sure to pay special attention to each nipple, and sucked each one into her mouth. This caused a stream of throaty moans from above her, and confirmed her suspicions that his was the same as his brother; she'd never met men before with such sensitive nipples, and it really turned her on to tease them!

She continued her travels down her body, and was delighted to feel Mike's hands stroke her long blonde hair softly. It spurred her on, and soon her kisses were trailing down the contours of his six-pack. She smiled up at him as she put the laptop to one side, and then trailed her tongue down from his bellybutton, sliding the sheets off him as she went. She finally reached the trimmed fuzz of his pubes, and secretly delighted how close the scent was to that of his brothers. What she was doing was making her feel so nasty, and ran her nose through them before pulling the sheet down to finally expose what she'd been longing for.

"Fuck baby" she moaned softly, "When you said you had size issues, I didn't know you meant this." Mike was already hard as a rock, and she lowered her head below his dick to gaze up at it as she wrapped her long fingers around it. His cock was nearly eight inches long, and so fat; her fingers barely reached around it. The mushroom of his bell-end was even wider, and was a beautiful angry purple colour. He'd obviously been jerking it for a while before she came in, and the head was smeared with pre-cum. Big cocks obviously ran in the family; he was nearly as long as his brother, and even fatter.

"It's so beautiful" Tanya breathed softly "Raise your knees for me so I can get a good look at your balls too"

"It''s not too big?" Mike whispered nervously

Tanya ran her tongue up the inside of his thigh before grinning at him naughtily. "Whoever told you that didn't know what she.....or he was missing. Now raise your knees for me"

He did what he was told, and Tanya licked her lips as his smooth balls came into view, hanging heavily below his fat shaft. She began stroking him softly with one hand as her other ran lightly over his swollen sac. Mike moaned immediately, long and loud, and kept stroking her hair.

"How long have you been jacking off for?"

"About half an hour. I like.....I like to make it last."

"Hmmmm you naughty boy. And do you like me teasing you?"

"Goooodddd yes" he groaned, his eyes closed as he arched his back slightly.

Tanya smiled and repositioned herself between his legs. She was now kneeling with her head just over his dick, and her arse was up in the air. She knew her skirt had hiked up her hips, and the line of her lacy black thong was on display to Mike as she slowly caressed him.

"Do you like the view Mike?" she breathed, softly wanking his cock as she looked up at him

As he opened his eyes, she stared up at him, running her pink tongue over her lips again.

"Yeah. God yeah Tanya"

"Is this how you imagined your first time with a tranny?" she smiled expectantly.

"It's even better," he groaned.

"And why's that?"

"Because.....because it's you"

"Aww you're so sweet honey. Have you had a crush on me Mike?"

"'re gorgeous Tanya. You're so beautiful."

"And did you know.

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