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An unexpected midnight encounter.

Her interior design was tranquility to my eyes.

Her legs upon the desk and feet crossed wearing black leather loafers caught my attention. I walked in as if I didn't notice. She had a pleasant personality and was friendly to everyone. That's how she has loyal customers and accumulated enough wealth over the years. But my eyes couldn't ignore how the bulge in her shoes were straining as if to burst from the seams.

Her arches were half circled into my thoughts and the ridges of wrinkles chiseled into her arches pushed it's way into my mind. I sat at the side of her desk just relishing the picture before me. She was dangling her foot and it was irresistible. It was all I could pay attention to.

"Dave, are you hearing me?" She said snapping her fingers at me.

"Ohhh, yes boss." I said.

She was wearing t shirt, with low cut in front. Her boobs shaped like mom's. Her boobs sweated furiously. Shirt was pressing hard against her boobs showing how her chest strained difficultly against it. She wore a long polka dot skirt. I don't think she wore panties or boy shorts. I could see rht nylons and her feet were sweating profusely against the edge of her shoes. She was dipping in and out of them and I couldn't concentrate. Sweat bubbling at the seams. It dropped onto the desk. Her arches bulged hard against the seams of her loafers.

Her arches penetrated into the desires of my heart. I was drooling.

I said, "I'm sorry." "I'm sorry that my feet stink. They smell like burnt popcorn and something vinegary!" She said.

"Oh it's no bother to me. I don't mind the smell." I said.

She wasn't an hourglass (Thick) but she was plus size. A big woman leaning to what many say big boned. It's like her arches didn't change shape when she dipped in and out of her shoes. it was fixed. I noticed it when I first got hired. She stood and her arches bulges through the seams when she shook my hand. I looked down and breathed in a waft of strong vinegar. It's potent smell caught me off guard and assaulted my sinuses like spicy food.

And I was stiff and hoped she didn't notice my tent forming as we shook hands. But her wrinkled arches were second to none. She was sweating all over.

"Wow, you're the first man to not mind my stinky feet. Usually men quit this job and leave because of it." She blushed.

"Oh the stink is rather erotic if you ask me. You seem really tense. Let me massage you to help you relax. It'll help you more efficient at work." I said.

I got up. The tent was noticeable but I was lusting so hard it cause me to care. I stood next to her. She pulled down my pants and my cock sprang up in front of her hungry face. I moaned. "Oooooh"

I stood behind her and started to knead her neck and back. I massage gently and slowly. "Ohhhh my, David, you have smooth hands. And they feel wonderful!"

I blushed but continued. She started to breath heavily and I felt get back and neck get looser. I started to press harder and she didn't protest.

I started to leak precum and it dripped to the floor. it even squirt on her hair. I accidentally brushed my cock against her neck. I felt the sweat all over backside. It mixed with my pre cum and I started to moan. I started to move and stood in front of her. She leaned forward and suck my dick. I sat upon the desk and let her have her way with me. She held my dick with one hand and fingered her huge labia pussy lips with the other.

Our lust overpowered us and we began to have oral sex. We needed to release the tension. I needed to release my water from its hose. It didn't take long until the flood gates open and she started to gulp down all the milk I had. She was sucking me dry. Out it came and down her throat it went. She moaned with passion and lust motivated her. Loud her moans were and the basement office was away from anyone on the main floor too here. I came in gallons and shot load after load.

She then let go and I kneeled to suck on those huge clams.