She invites me to play with her and a cyber friend.

I peeked at her naked body. After 4 years I still like looking at her. She put her pink cotton robe on and went downstairs to let Dora out. I lay in bed thinking about last night. I could not believe my wife made out with my college roommate. As I was lying there thinking about the whole situation I became aware of conversation from down stairs. Joel must have heard the dog as well and went downstairs.

Thoughts of them together raced through my head. I got out of bed and tip toed over to the stairs. They could not see me and I could not see them, I could just barely make out what they were saying. They were talking about last night. True to form he was trying to convince her how much she liked it. She was doing a bad job denying it. You would expect if she were truly regretful she would tell him off, turn around and come back up. I heard Dora scratching at the back door. I heard the door slide open and I expected Amy to head upstairs. Instead she talked with Joel again. I had a hard time hearing what they were saying. Soon I heard her say I have to go up stairs. I ran into bed and waited for her to come in. I noticed her robe was opened slightly in the front revealing a good view of her cleavage. I asked her what happened?

"Oh." She said, looking somewhat guilty "I ran into Joel. He is still a jerk. He asked if I was going to tell you. I told him I already did. Then he asked me if I enjoyed it. Can you believe the nerve? He doesn't even care if you're mad or not."

I realized that I would be facing him soon. I should be punching him out. What would I say? All I knew was I had a raging hard on. Amy got back in bed. She had her back to me. I started rubbing her shoulders, her back, and her buttocks. She spread her legs slightly. I reached between and felt her wetness. I pulled her close to me and entered her from behind. I realized she was wet from Joel, which made me quickly explode deep inside her.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Amy.

"I don't know. I guess I will talk with him about it. Do you want me to end our friendship?

"No." she said. "Just make sure he knows that it was a one-time thing and won't ever happen again."

Breakfast was uneventful; in fact, everyone seemed to be on his or her best behavior. I planned on talking with Joel on our ride to the game but just couldn't bring it up. On our way home after having a couple beers in me I felt a little more at ease.

"So I think we need to talk about last night." I said.

"Yea that was wild, you sure got a hot little lady." Joel said, without a touch of guilt.

I heard myself get defensive. "Hey this was not her fault." I said.

"Dude she's the married one. Hell I thought you were awake. I thought you guys were playing a game. Some married couples get into that you know."

I couldn't believe this guy. Then he went further.

"You know you should really take care of her needs more. She was really on fire."

I felt an urgent need to defend myself. I heard myself say, " Our sex life is great. In fact we've done it twice since you've been here." I saw his face change, and realized the mistake I made.

"I think this whole thing really got you guys going. The thought of me and your wife turns you on?" He asked.

I tried to avoid the question. "She told me to tell you what happened last night was a mistake and will never happen again." I said.

He ignored my answer and said " Guess what? She liked it too. I could tell last night, and then this morning sealed the deal."

"Nothing happened this morning." I said, "I heard everything."

"Heard everything?" Asked Joel.

"Yes I was listening on the stairs."

"So you couldn't see us? Did you know I was just in my boxers? You should have seen her eyes. They were all over me, almost into me. I nearly had her right there. Said Joel.

Her eyes. Crap. I knew he was right but I had to defend her. "Your out of your mind." I said.

He then told me how when she went to let the dog in he saw her pull the belt of her robe slightly so it loosened. As she walked back towards him he caught glimpses of her breasts.

"She st