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The love charade.


"I see," the Chief responded. "And do you have any weapons or contraband concealed on your person?"

"No. I don't. They took all my clothing, and gave me this jumpsuit. That's it," she countered, with a small amount of anger at such a question.

There was a heavy set iron ring in the wall at about waist height near them both. The Chief took out another pair of handcuffs, snapped one cuff on Anna's right wrist, and the other onto the wall ring.

"What... what are you doing?" Anna asked, indignantly.

"You see, little lady, you just showed me you can't be trusted. You lied to me. So that means I can't believe anything you're telling me, and I'll have to check for myself," he said, sternly. He took hold of the zipper on her jumpsuit and dragged it all the way down to her crotch, exposing the front of her body.

While Anna was sputtering in shock, the Chief efficiently removed the handcuffs that bound her wrists together, and yanked the jumpsuit down from her left shoulder and off her left arm. Anna's shock was increased, since her left tit was now hanging free. Before she could react, though, the Chief used the cuffs now in his hand to cuff her left wrist to the wall ring.

It was clear that the Chief was proficient in the use of handcuffs from years of practice. Swiftly he uncuffed Anna's right wrist, yanked down that part of her jumpsuit, and again cuffed her right wrist back to the ring. Now a wide-eyed, incredulous Anna found herself naked from the waist up, with each of her wrists cuffed to the iron ring.

Feeling very vulnerable like this, she tried to gather her wits, asking, "Why did you say I lied to you?" She stepped toward the wall, bending her elbows, so she could press her arms against her breasts, protectively.

"I asked you why you were brought in, and you told me it was for shoplifting. That's a lie. You were arrested for prostitution, and you know it," he stated.

Anna blushed and hung her head in shame, caught in the lie.

"You'd be amazed at how ingenious women can be, smuggling things into their cells," the Chief pontificated. "Some even conceal things in fake breasts, covering their own real ones. But we got wise to this." Saying this, he hooked his arm around Anna's waist and dragged her back away from the wall until the handcuffs stretched her arms forward. Her torso was now bent forward, with her tits dangling underneath.

The Chief began pawing her breasts, supposedly checking to see if they were real. His hands sank in and kneaded her flesh. Anna tried to jerk out of his grip on her waist, but, slender as he was, he was strong. After virtually mauling the tissues of both breasts, he turned his attention to her areolae and nipples. As he was pinching and rolling those most sensitive areas, one camera zoomed in on the action of his fingers, showing Anna's nipples swelling in reaction to his actions. The other camera focused on her face, showing her embarrassed wincing.

When the Chief finally let go of her tits, Anna spat, "Satisfied, Kojak? They're real tits, OK?"

"Don't take that attitude with me, little lady. I'm just doing my job. And we've only just started. Next comes the body cavity search," he said with a grin.

Anna was starting to gasp out, "The wha...?" when the Chief grabbed the bunched up jumpsuit material at her waist, and pulled it down past her knees. Anna shrieked as her ass was uncovered, and shuffled awkwardly forward toward the wall - awkwardly, because her motion dropped the jumpsuit material to tangle at her ankles.

The Chief patted Anna's naked butt, saying, "Now don't you go nowhere, little lady. I need to get a couple of things." He was gone but a moment, returning with a latex glove and lubricant. As he snapped on the glove, he said, "Now this is going to get done, whether you cooperate or not. If you decide not to cooperate, I'll call a couple of my men in here, and they'll hold you while I do this. So, what's it gonna be?"

Anna swallowed nervously several times, considering.