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The final chapter with a soaking finale.

Arnold looked over at Anna then looked back at the snarling boy and decided that it simply wasn't worth it. He threw the doll back at Anna and sped off on his bike.

"Thanks," sniffed Anna.

"You're welcome. Is your knee okay?" the tall boy asked whilst kneeling down to inspect her knee.

"I'll be fine. I'm Anna by the way," she said.

"My name's Ramone. We've just moved into the neighbourhood."

"Ramone? Are you Spanish?"

"No, well yes. My mother's family is from Spain and my father's family is Italian so I guess that makes me a bit of both," he stated proudly.

"Oh, I'm just from here. Well mum is from Ireland but she moved here when she was 15 and has been here ever since and as for my dad, he's just English," she laughed.

They both got up and started walking back to the street where they lived and discovered they lived opposite each other.

"Thanks for helping me today," Anna said.

"No problem, just look after yourself, okay?" He replied.

That summer, Anna and Ramone were inseparable. They spent every waking moment with each other and became the best of friends. Anna learned that Ramone was of similar age, and he'd had an early growth spurt. September soon came and they went to school. Anna's birthday came in November and Ramone trudged along to the party feeling elated. The party was in full swing by the time he'd arrived.

Anna was dancing with Jamie, one of the boys in her class. She looked beautiful in her flowery dress and Ramone felt the first pangs of jealousy. He didn't really get along with Jamie, but shrugged off his feelings, figuring it was because he wasn't used to seeing Anna having fun with another boy.

He glanced down at his pocket and smiled. She'd love what he'd made her. He'd been sneaking off to his uncle's workshop when she wasn't around to make it. When the time came for Anna to open her presents, Jamie walked over to Ramone and said hello. Ramone mumbled a hello back and turned to look at Anna.

"She's really beautiful you know," Jamie said.

"What do you mean?" Ramone asked.

Jamie laughed and started to walk away.

"Oh and one more thing Ramone, don't think that she's going to be your girlfriend anytime soon because you might be her best friend but she knows better than to mix with the likes of you," Jamie snarled.

Ramone was dumbfounded. It was the first time he'd experienced prejudice and didn't know how to react. 'What did he mean about her being my girlfriend?' he thought.

Anna sat excitedly as each present was brought to her. She unwrapped them happily, squealing with delight at the contents of each package. The next box handed to her was from Jamie. She glanced his way with a shy smile before turning her attention back to the package. She was a bit more careful to open his package, although she didn't know why.

Slowly, she pulled back the flaps of the box and removed the delicate tissue paper. Inside, there was a musical jewellery box. She gasped and said it was the best present she'd ever received. Ramone couldn't help but notice that she'd never smiled at him like that before. 'Maybe she won't like what I made her', he thought. He turned and decided to go home. When Anna glanced up to where Ramone had been standing, she discovered he was gone.


Anna packed her bag and decided enough was enough. She was going to leave home and go to a place where no one would find her. She couldn't let him get away with this anymore. She sat on her bed and started to cry. She curled up into a foetal position and thought back to two years ago when it had all began.

"Anna get in here!" her father yelled.

She quickly ran up the stairs to her room and found him standing next to her bed looking furious. "Yes Dad?" she answered whilst looking around her room for any sign that would explain why he was looking so angry at her. She found none.

Anna looked up at him and saw an emotion she'd never seen before.

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