Valentine's Day snowstorm brings us all together.

The cold was making Sean's feet cramp up, and he just resigned himself to being late and walked the last two blocks. When he got to the bus stop he saw his travelling companion still sitting on the bench. All that exertion for nothing, the bus was late.

Normally Sean would just lean up against the brick retaining wall behind the bench but it was cold, and he was freezing, and without underwear, there was very little to keep his ass from getting frozen. So he plopped down on the opposite side of the concrete bench. He thought maybe the other guys body heat might have warmed it slightly compared to the retaining wall. No such luck, his ass was almost instantly frozen numb.

Sean could feel the other guy staring at him, and his peripheral vision confirmed it. "What the hell?," he thought, the guy wasn't just glancing or giving him a quick up down, it was a serious, way too long, uncomfortable stare, meant to get his attention. Finally, he turned towards him and actually looked at the guy up close for the first time. He looked like his mother dressed him. He was wearing a thick green jacket, a white button down collared shirt, dark blue dress pants and dress shoes. Maybe he went straight to work after his classes, who cared, all Sean knew was that he was freezing. Where the hell was that bus anyway, and what the hell was this guy staring at?

"Hi, I'm Eric" the said. He was a little shorter than Sean, with short dirty blond hair and hazel eyes but about the same build. He had a nerdy look to him, probably because of the thick framed glasses he wore and the outcropping of pimples on his forehead.

"Sean, what's up?" he said by way of a response, not the temperature that was for sure. It was a second before he noticed Eric had extended his hand. Sean took hold of Erics hand gave it a quick shake and let go sooner than he would have liked. That hand was warm!

"I guess everyone is running late this morning," Eric said with a slight chuckle and a nod to the empty space that should have been occupied by a bus.

"No shit huh," Sean replied, and shivered. He wanted to keep the conversation going but couldn't think of anything to say. It was too damn cold, although talking seemed to make him feel slightly less frozen.

"So, are you a fan?" Eric asked with a nod towards Sean's klingon t-shirt.

"Yeah, well, of the original series, next generation doesn't really do it for me," Sean replied as another shiver ran through his body. Star Trek was normally a favorite topic of his, he knew more about that made-up universe than he did about anything in the real world. Unfortunately his ass becoming numb was sucking all the enjoyment out of the conversation. Who makes a concrete bench anyway, seriously? It was like sitting on ice.

"I know what you mean, all they seem to do is talk and make friends, it's so boring," Eric said with obvious enthusiasm. As another shiver ran through Sean's nearly frozen body, Eric took notice. "Aren't you cold?" he asked.

"I'm fucking freezing dude," Sean replied, allowing a little irritation to creep into his voice. If this guy was going to ask dumb questions he would have to bring the conversation to a quick close. Sean watched as Eric removed his jacket, and placed it over himself like a blanket, holding one side up and offering it to him. Now, normally he would have considered this an extreme breach of practically stranger etiquette, and refused the offer. But it was freezing out, if his painfully frozen ass was any indication, this was clearly a matter of survival. He slid over and sat, thigh touching thigh, with Eric. What his body gained in warmth from Eric's jacket, his ass lost as it took up a new position on the icy concrete bench.

"Thanks dude," Sean said, and he truly was grateful.

"Don't you have a jacket?" Eric asked sounding concerned, the way old people sound when they ask a small child where their parents are.

"Yeah, I just spent too much time jerking off in the shower," Sean replied honestly, and immediately regreted it.