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Sometimes it is hard to say thank you.

....Mr. McCormick released them to the field, called his wife down at the house to tell her to have the vet come up, then he turned to his wide eyed daughter.

"Young lady," he started but she was ready for him.

"Daddy, you need to fire those low lifes," she said. "They almost burned down the barn! Good thing I came up here when I did, Daddy, or no telling what would've...." it was then that the cigarettes fell out of her waistband, down through her shorts. Again her eyes got wide and her father's face turned a shade of red Thad had never seen before. And she knew. Oh yes, she knew, you could see it in her eyes and she ran.

Mr. McCormick was right behind her, letting her know exactly what she was in for and how this was probably the worst thing she ever did, and that she had done a lot of bad things. He finally caught her but she fought him and she fought him hard. Mr. McCormick was a strong man....he was a farmer after all. He wrestled his daughter over to the table where he kept his razor strap. This was where the boys always got their spankings. Bent over the table, with the strap. She realized what was about to happen and with what implement and she fought harder, though she was no match for her dad. Her ponytail had come out in the struggle. There were a couple times where she managed to wriggle loose but he always grabbed her again. Finally in desperation, Thad saw him grab some rope. How he managed to hold down his feisty daughter and tie her, Thad will never know, but Mr. McCormick managed to do it. He had her bent over that table, arms over her head and tied to the opposite end, then he took her feet one at a time and tied her ankles firmly to the legs on the other side. Jessie was still struggling. Then her father did what he rarely ever did....he reached around, unbuttoned his daughter's shorts and pulled them down. She had a thong on and he considered that a moment, then pulled them down too. Thad could not believe his eyes! That perfectly round little ivory ass exposed. His manness leapt in anticipation and he grasped the riding crop firmly in his hand. How he wished he could touch that perfect ass, rub it then spank it red, until the viper longer a child...the viper woman, screamed and begged for him to stop. For Thad, this was a long overdue ass thrashing.

Mr. McCormick reached over and took the razor strap from it's nail, wrapped the end around his hand and stepped back. Jessie tried desperately to look back and see but her mounds of thick curls were in the way. He raised it over his shoulder and WHACK! the swish through the air and the strap meeting that blemish free skin was least to Thad. Jessie screamed and an angry red welt began to form as another WHACK! stung her bare bottom. Another scream. Mr. McCormick paid no mind to his daughter's dramatics. He continued to pelt her bare little white ass with red and purple welts. All the while lecturing her on how she could've burned down the whole barn, killed the animals, and did she care?? WHACK! NO! Jessie writhed and squirmed but she was held tight. Thad knew if she hadn't been held down as she was, that her legs would have taken her far away from her father's wrath. His breathing grew raspy....he could hardly believe that watching this turned him on so much and the fact that it was being dealt out to a very well deserving bottom.....

Finally, the thrashing ended and Jessie was a sobbing mess. Her ass was no longer ivory....there was not a spot of ivory anywhere, just red stripes across her butt and the tops of her legs. Her father threw down the belt and said he hoped she'd learned her lesson this time, that she was too old to be dealt with in this way and she needed to start acting responsibly. He told her he was going down to the house, a 15 minute walk one way, and that he was going to let her stay as she was to feel the burn for awhile. She tried to protest but he smacked her red ass with his hand, making her yelp, and said that was his decision, Then he left.

Thad was ecstatic.