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I've always been different....

"I don't know. I guess so , but it happened so fast. This wasn't where my life was going. You know what I mean? I've never really been into boys." she said. "That must sound weird to a pretty girl like you, huh? I had girlfriends and we had fun together and I liked sex, you know, mostly by myself.

I had sex with exactly two of my friends and they didn't want to do the things I wanted. We only touched and masturbated. Nothing else. I wish I could have done more, it's what I really want, sex with girls. I have cd's of lesbians having sex. I look at them when I masturbate.

The idea of sex appeals to me. I guess that's how this all happened." she said. "I wanted to experience it, getting fucked I mean. It wasn't that great if you want the truth."

"That's the way I feel too, you know, being attracted to girls but my father would kill me if he knew." I said. "I only masturbate. So far I've only had sex with myself. I want to do it with my friends but I know they would think me weird if I brought it up. They're either boy crazy or not interested. Only a couple have admitted to masturbating like it's some big secret.

I can't talk to my mother either. She's always talking about how now that I'm eighteen I'll be married soon and have babies. She doesn't even want me to go to college, she says I'll only get ideas if I do. When she graduated from high school she married my father who is ultra conservative. Even some of the Jewish people in town think he's kind of nutty."

We sat there for a minute after this confessional exchange just looking at each other with fresh eyes. I had to ask, "Do you really think I'm pretty?" I was fairly tall and slim with small breasts. My hair was long, straight and dark and I had brown eyes. My legs were long and lean and my feet were ok. It always seemed to me as though I was an ugly duckling, nothing like Amanda who was barely twenty years old.

"Sure I do. You're a beautiful girl, Sharon. "Have you been with other girls?" she asked.

"A few times. Just kid stuff, not real sex." I said. "Once I started masturbating I thought more would happen but it's been just the opposite."

We talked about her pregnancy. Amanda pulled her halter top up and showed me her tummy. "Not showing yet." she said. I wanted to see her tits but that didn't happen. My tits seemed to be about the same size as hers, maybe an A, not quite a B cup, with no sagging.

"Would you like to see a video of girls having sex? I could put one on for you." she said. Amanda didn't drag me off to her bed. We watched in the living room and continued to talk. Before I went home she kissed me on the lips. I was actually about an inch taller than her. "You're a lovely girl, Sharon. I want us to be friends and if you want, lovers. I'm not going to seduce you. It has to be your decision." she said.

That night I masturbated thinking about her, thinking about the kiss and thinking about what her sex would look like, smell like, taste like. My orgasm was beyond wonderful as I fingered my vagina enjoying the scent on my finger. I worried my clitoris in a circular motion with three fingers until my orgasm began, turning my entire body into one huge goosebump. The release of tension made me sob into my pillow. As I lay there in the aftermath of my passion I was sure I loved her. I wondered how I could escape from my family's control and do what I wanted.

The next day I found Amanda in her back yard laying in the sun. She was barebreasted with her bikini bottoms untied. I was speechless. She looked at me and smiled. "Take your clothes off and join me." she said. Wanting to be cool I took my shirt and bra off. pulling down my shorts and lay beside her. Amanda looked at my tits and scanned my body.

"You're even more lovely than I thought." she said. "Your tits are like mine. Do you still have pubic hair?" She pulled her bottoms down to expose her shaved pussy. "It's nice not having pubic hair tickle your nose when you make love." she said. "You can touch me if you want."

I felt the slick, wet surface of her inner sex.

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