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It sent tingles up his chest, down his legs and to his balls. Max moaned loudly, setting his head back on the truck's window behind him. "I love you," he mumbled, as his right hand snaked through and grabbed hold of her hair. She moaned to him in response as her mouth opened and sank over his member. She took him all the way in her mouth and he felt his prick hit the back of her throat. Jenna had blow job skills he didn't even know were possible. The way she sucked and pulled on his dick was mind blowing. The best part was how she swallowed when he came. She never spit it out; she always sucked him off and swallowed it all.

Jenna's hand pulled at his shaft as her tongue flicked the tip of Max's cock. Sensation rippling through him, he squeezed the handful of her hair he held and she swallowed him further, taking all of him in her mouth. Her mouth tightened around him as she pulled up and pushed down on him, sucking hard with each motion. It felt so good; feeling her lips around his dick, her tongue licking his tip. His mind began to get foggy; he knew his release was coming soon.

Jenna picked up the pace on his member. Max tried to keep his eyes on the road as much as he could, but he loved to see the back of her head bobbing up and down like that, pleasuring him. Jenna moaned with him in her mouth, he could tell she was enjoying herself. She loved to please him, any way she could. She was such a good girl like that. Max felt the need building; he began to move his hips a little to her rhythm, unconsciously. The pressure in his balls tensed and he felt the orgasm come. Max moaned Jenna's name as he came in her mouth. Jenna's head bobbed down deeper on him as his load hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed. She sucked at him making sure to get all the come off his dick, then licked her lips, getting any that was on there. "Holy shit, I love you," Max mumbled, breathing heavily. Jenna looked into his eyes and smiled.

"I love you too." She whispered before cuddling up next to him for the rest of the drive.

"That's my girl," Max muttered into her hair as she rested against him.

* ***

Back home to the real world, their week at the cabin was over. It had gone by too fast, but they had so much fun together. They spent a lot of time cuddled in bed, making love, and talking. When they weren't holed up in the cabin naked, they were out exploring the trails; Jenna found a lot of neat things to add to her nature collection for work, for next year's class. Max was back to work and Jenna was doing some redecorating in Max's place. She said his place needed a woman's touch. He said as long as it wasn't pink, he'd be fine with any changes she wanted to make.

4 o'clock finally rolled around and Max was headed home. He made a pit stop at the store for milk and a bouquet of flowers for Jenna. He called her on his cell to see if she was going to make something for dinner, wondering if he should grab something on the way, but he got no answer. He waited a couple minutes and tried again. Still no answer. That was weird, she always answered her phone.

Once he got to his place, he saw that Jenna's car was in the lot. Maybe she's napping? He thought to himself. He walked into the complex building and down the hall to his door. It was unlocked and he quietly entered, thinking now maybe she really was napping, and he didn't want to wake her. He shut the door behind him and saw right away that Jenna wasn't asleep; she was sitting at the table. Her back was to him and her head was down, facing the table.

"Hey baby," Max called out, kicking off his shoes and walking over to the table, he set down the milk and held the flowers out to her.