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Mykie and Trent meet again at a NIN concert.

Her cry of ecstasy filled the room.

Derrick watched a shot of creamy goo erupt from the head of Johnny's cock and splash into her open mouth.

Celia's eyes popped open when she heard Katie shriek. Without missing a beat, she wrapped her fingers around Johnny's cock and finished jacking rope after rope of sticky white cum splattered Katie's face.

Katie's body convulsed in intense pleasure, leaving her barely aware of the cum bath Celia was directing her way.

Katie came down from her orgasm and slowly realized that her face was dripping with Johnny's cum. She wiped a dollop out of her eye, looked at Derrick and giggled, inadvertently forcing cum to burble out of her mouth.

Celia squeezed one last drop from the tip of Johnny's cock and scooped it up with her finger, drawing Derrick's attention away from Katie's cum covered face. She was surprised that his cock was still rock hard, inside her. After licking her finger, she asked, "Did you cum?"

He shook his head slowly.

Before Celia could react, Katie said, "I dare Celia to suck that monster."

Johnny had crawled out from underneath Katie and used her lime green panties to wipe his cum off her face. "I dare Katie to help her."

Not to be outdone, Celia said, "Okay, I'll blow him, and I'll even take it in the mouth. But, I dare Katie to swallow it."

"Nice," Johnny said, "it's a triple dare."

Katie wrinkled her nose. She had just gotten a small taste of Johnny's load, and wondered just how big a load Derrick's monster cock could produce. Could she really swallow that much?

Celia caught her reaction, and said, "It's a dare, there's no backing out now. Unless, you want me to back out too."

Katie was committed, and she knew it. Besides, she had gagged trying to blow him, and wanted to see if Celia could do any better.

Derrick was on his feet, suddenly energized by the thought of two beautiful girls sucking his cock. This time he was determined to get off for the girls.

Katie stood behind him and hugged him tight, pressing her tits into his back. She gripped his cock with both hands and pointed it in Celia's direction.

Celia dropped to her knees and squeezed his thighs. She let Katie guide the head of his monster dick into her open mouth.

Johnny stood behind her and placed both hands on her head, gently nudging her onto Derrick's monster.

Celia did her best, but couldn't keep herself from gagging before she had him halfway in. She pushed him back and looked up at Katie, pleading for help.

Katie resisted the urge to give her a hard time. After all, she had been the first one to choke on his cock. "You just keep the head in your mouth, let me do the rest."

Derrick moaned when he felt Celia's moist lips engulf the head of his cock while Katie stroked his shaft with both hands.

Johnny held her head firm and began chanting, "Faster... faster... faster..."

Katie spread more of Celia's saliva along his shaft with each stroke. Encouraged by Johnny's chanting, she picked up her pace, banging her fingers against Celia's lips with each stroke.

"Faster... faster... faster..."

Katie's grip on his cock was awkward, leaving her unable to stroke any faster. She pushed Johnny aside and took his place behind Celia. She pressed her groin into the back of Celia's head, and used both hands to tug on Derrick's cock, banging the edge of her palms against Celia's lips.

Johnny was hard again, and did not want to be left out of this action. He moved in behind Katie, cupped her breasts, and pressed his cock into the crack of her ass.

Katie paused for a moment and lifted a leg to position herself over Johnny's cock. She gasped when he rammed it home, and then returned her focus to Derrick's cock.

Derrick groaned as he watched Katie jack his cock with a renewed fury. His singular focus was on the head of his cock, concealed in Celia's mouth, surrounded by her glistening lips. He felt his seed bubbling deep in his balls, and knew he would not fail this time.

Katie was on her toes, manically tugging his big cock with both hands, on a mission to fill Celia's mouth