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I could not control myself I let out a whoop of delight and I picked her up in my arms and I began kissing her like mad. She yelped, "My sunburn! You're hurting me honey!"

I let her down and I apologized. She smiled and said, "It's okay big brother, you just got excited that's all."

"What can I do to make you feel better? That burn must be killin' you hon."

She gave me a mischievous smile and said, "I could use more aloe all over me." She stepped back and she slowly took off that loose T shirt and I finally got to see her darling breasts. I gasped when I saw them. They stood out like two islands of white against her red burned body. Her nipples were just like I had imagined them, long and erect. I reached out to touch them and she took my hand, "Go get the aloe and come back in Mom and Dad's room. We can use their king size bed."

I ran in her bedroom and I picked up the aloe from where I had left it, then I ran back to Mom and Dad's room. Andi was laying there nude on the bed smiling at me when I went in. She was laying on top of the bedspread. She had all the pillows tucked up under her head. She giggled and said, "What took you so long?"

I beamed at her. She looked so beautiful laying there. I put aloe on my hands and I warmed it up by rubbing my hands together. "Where do you need it first?" I climbed on the bed with her.

She pointed to her sweet supple breasts and said, "Rub some around these." I did as she asked and soon the aloe was gone and we were laying side by side kissing furiously. I reached over and I began rubbing my palm over her tits as we kissed and sucked one another's tongue. Her nips stood right up at my touch and finally she said, "Suck them hon, oh god suck my nipples."

I licked her lips and I said, "Gladly." I slid down and I began sucking her rock hard nipples. I licked, kissed, and caressed the boobs I had dreamt about for years. Finally they were mine. I took one in my mouth while I rubbed the other, then after a few minutes I would switch. Andi was moaning loudly and breathing hard. I could smell her scent in the air as she became more and more turned on.

I stopped kissing those sweet puffy nips and I kissed, licked, and sniffed my way down her to her taut belly. I gave it wide licks and wet kisses as I slid my right hand between her legs. She jumped a little when my fingers came into contact with her pussy lips. They were slick with her wetness. I slid one finger in her and she nearly screamed. I was so happy to finally be at the gates of paradise. I kissed and nuzzled her pubic hair and then I slid down to get a birds eye view of her delectable young fragrant pussy.

It was in a word gorgeous. "It's beautiful," I said as I dove in. I heard her catch her breath as I began to lick, kiss, and suck her pussy. It smelled so good and tasted like heaven. I drove my tongue inside her as far as I could go and she pushed my face deeper between her legs. My tongue was discovering places she did not even know existed in her fragrant pussy.

She thrashed and thrashed as I worked between her legs. I took long slow licks with my tongue widened out to get all the taste of her juices I could. Then I nibbled on her clit while she squealed. It budded out as I kissed and nibbled it gently. It was like she had grown a tiny little dick, I loved it. I took her engorged clit in my mouth and I sucked it. She began to babble and buck on my face. I knew she was close to cumming.

I sucked harder and I slid two fingers inside her hot throbbing pussy. I cold feel her pussy walls, her sugar walls, contracting as she emitted a high pitch squeal. She squealed, "Honey, I'm cummmminggggggggg. Oh fuck, oh yes, oh Jesus, oh god, make me cummmmmmmmmmmm honey."

I twisted my fingers inside her as I sucked her little clit dick.