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When I got home, mom was out back...

"Maybe they're just tired of hearing me whine I guess. Maybe if I was in their shoes I would have left me behind too," I continued quietly, my eyes cast down upon the path we were walking on.

"Why would you say something like that?" he asked me.

"My boyfriend left a few months back," I said quietly, "He left a note saying that of course it wasn't my fault but he needed to move on and that I wasn't welcome to go with him."

My companion didn't say anything but shook his head in disbelief as we continued to walk on.

Now it was my turn to ask a question. "How come you didn't say hello all night before now?" I asked as I looked up at his face. He looked down into my face and a smile crept across his lips, "I guess you could say that I'm a patient person. I know that something valuable shouldn't be handled cheaply."

I could feel the blush creep over my cheeks, coloring them as I looked back down at the ground. I heard his soft chuckle as he pulled me to a stop under one of the lampposts. With a gentle finger he lifted my chin and brushed his lips across mine, they were cool and I could smell the faint scent of his clove cigarettes. I closed my eyes wondering to myself what the hell I was doing but leaned into the kiss anyways. It felt so right and after Doug leaving me, I was hungry for the attention. His hands cupped my face gently as I slid mine up his sides and around his back. I stifled a moan as the kiss ended and we parted, I opened up my eyes to look up into his for a moment before resuming my blush.

"That looks good on you sweets," He murmured as he looked down at me with something in his eyes.

I involuntarily took a step back and was promptly stopped by the lamppost as he stepped forward, keeping minimal distance between us. He brought his hand up and let his fingers drift across my cheek and back into my dark hair. Something was wrong here but my body didn't care in the least as he pressed closer and placed his other hand upon my waist. I brought my hands up to his chest, hoping to keep some space between us but felt his body press against mine, trapping me between him and the lamppost.

He brought his lips down against mine again, but this time with was more passion, more urgency. My mouth surrendered to his as I felt his tongue dance with mine. My mind screamed at me for doing this but I wasn't listening for some reason. His hand rested on the back of my neck while his other trailed up my side to cup my breast, thumb running over my nipple, teasing it with his touch. I couldn't hold back the moan that seeped out this time and heard some voice inside call me a traitor but I had already quit listening to it.

He pulled back a bit and slid up my shirt slowly, exposing my skin to the cold October air. He then leaned down and lightly nibbled the tops of my breasts above the lace of my bra. I closed my eyes and let out a breath that I seemed to have been holding. He moved his hands down to cup both breasts, hooking his thumbs in the red lace and pulling it down, freeing my pierced nipples before leaning down and nipping at them, teasing them to stand for him. I leaned my head against the lamppost and closed my eyes as I gave myself over to the sensations his lips were causing.

He stood up and again pressed his lips tightly against mine, tongue demanding entrance to my mouth as his hands moved over my body. My hard nipples were pressed against his chest as he crushed his kiss into me and I gladly accepted it. One hand pressed against the small of my back as his other slipped under my skirt and up along my thigh, finding the top of my stockings and paying with the garter that held them in place.

My hand pulled out the tucked in t-shirt and sought out the skin under it, cool to my touch undoubtedly from the night air. I raked my nails lightly across his chest and over his nipples, toying with them as he did with mine. His body responded by pressing harder to mine and I gladly accepted it with a groan.

I jumped as his fingers brushed my underwear-covered mound.