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A couple discovers sharing.

"Very well. Let us begin. Rose and Jasmine shall anoint her tit bubbles."

The two figures I had recognized as my aunts stepped up on either side of me and began spreading some kind of salve on my nipples. The effect was almost immediate. My nipples sprang to attention and became so erect that I thought they would leap off of my chest. I had never had nipples that were large and prominent, but now, my nipples were expanding by the minute. Whatever it was that they were spreading on them was causing them to grow! Not only did my nipples become hard and ever so much more prominent, but they were pulling my tits into a more upright position. I felt my tits swelling and - like my nipples - straining to rise off my chest. I had heard females talk about how their tits felt once they underwent breast-implant surgery and I knew that my tits were now acting in the very same way! I wanted desperately to caress them, but my aunts each held one of my hands. The Indian woman spoke again.

"The other sisters are going to insert some of the fruit of the Kurva bush into your sex mouths. The pain should not be unbearable. The use of the fruit of the Kurva bush is very appropriate for it is known as the, 'whore's bush'."

She held up what appeared to be a small gourd. It had a long slender neck that gradually swelled out into the characteristic gourd shape. The largest part of this thing - whatever it was - looked to be about the size of a medium-sized apple. I gasped at this and started to try to voice an objection, only Evelyn's daughter promptly and forcibly pushed one of these fruits into my mouth. I gagged when the long , thin nose of the fruit was forced into my throat. But, no one paid me the least attention. The bulbous portion of this awful fruit kept my mouth from closing so no sound other than mutterings was possible.

Hands grabbed my shoulders and hips and I was rolled over onto my stomach. Then, my hips were jerked up into a doggy position and something was pushed into my ass! The slender neck was not really any problem, but, as the body of that gourd got larger and larger, I began to feel the pain of penetration. I struggled in an attempt to scream, but it was impossible for me to make a sound. Tears of pain began running down my cheeks and sobs of embarrassment strained to be heard, but all was silence! The terrible knowledge that I was helpless while these sadistic creatures subjected me to this debauched treatment, pushed me to the peak of self-pity. But, the progress of that terrible nature's instrument into my very guts never ceased nor slowed. I thought the pain and discomfort would never end, when, suddenly, the bulb of the gourd burst through my sphincter ring and I knew that the whole monstrous fruit was inside my ass! I was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey! The base of that horrendous fruit was even larger than the cock head of my resident ghost! I did not know which one of these ghostly tormentors was the one who forced that thing up inside of me, but I was certain that, whoever it was, she had taken a perverse delight in all of the pain she had caused me.

I was rolled back onto my back and, as I looked down between my open legs, I spied the face of my mother! The two of us stared at each other for several heartbeats.