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Chloe and her cellmate shave each other.

His fingers went to the rim of her striped shirt. "Tell me something. Do you like my sister's tits as much as I do?"

He pulled the shirt up and slowly revealed Lilin's full, D-cup sized breasts. Lilin looked down, regarding herself and then back up at Wednesday, still grinning. Her skin was white and glossy, her stomach plump, her breasts topped by erect mauve nipples. Wednesday felt her clit throb harder. Her own nipples pressed tenderly against the fabric of her dress. Her eyes got wide.

She took another step forward. She felt something alien. A painful tug on her face, as she watched Lech wrapped his hands around Lilin's tits. It took some time to recognize it, as it was so unfamiliar. Then it occurred to her, she was smiling. Lilin raised her hand and wiggled her finger, beckoning.

She moved forward faster as Lech tugged her shirt the rest of the way off. Wednesday reached the coach and slowly fell to her knees. Lilin spread her legs. Wednesday let her fingers fall on Lilin's stomach and slid them upwards. "Huh! Hehe, mmm, her hands are cold." Lilin giggled as Wednesday's hands glided onto her breasts.

"Mmm, you do like them. Let's see just how much..." Lech said getting to his feet. Wednesday leaned in and took Lilin's nipple into her lips. The girl cooed pleasantly as she rolled her tongue on her areola and gently rubbed her teeth against it. As she did she felt Lech's hands on her shoulders. They worked their way down over her breasts and sides and then slithered under her dress. They slid over the curves of her buttocks and then around to the front and began to unbutton her pants with ease.

Wednesday rose to accommodate him and turned her attention to Lilin's other breast, nibbling and suckling. "Mmh! Oh, you do that good!"

Lech meanwhile was beginning to tug her trousers over her thighs. He reached between her legs and pressed his hand against the wet fabric of her panties. Wednesday shuddered at the feel of his fingers pushing against her cleft. She dug her teeth in harder. "Ehm!" Lilin squeaked.

"Mmm, she's dripping sister."

"Hmmm, oh really? Think she wants to see my pussy brother?" Lilin asked. She took hold of Wednesday's wrists and began to guide her hands up her thighs and under her skirt. Wednesday stared her in the eye as she grabbed hold of the rim of her underwear. Lech was pulling off her shoes and bringing her pants the rest of the way down her legs. She could feel goose bumps breaking out over her body as she pulled the panties down over the girl's legs. Her pussy slipped into view.

A pink slit, flanked by puffed lips glistening with moisture, covered in blonde hair as unkempt as that on her head. She discarded the gray underwear to the side and stared at Lilin's cunt hungrily. Her pants were bunched up beside her and Lech had his hands running up her bare thighs. She could feel the patch of wetness spreading as he slid his fingers into her underwear. They fell off over her round, raised butt cheeks. He tugged back on her shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist. Hs face was cheek to cheek with hers and Wednesday could feel his breath on her neck. "Wednesday, cousin, do you want to be my sister and my toy?" He asked as he started to pull at her dress, the top bottom popping off. Lilin spread her legs further and hicked up her skirt.

"Will you be gentle?"



He pulled harder on her dress, ripping the buttons ripped off one by one. Her breasts fell into view as Lech peeled it off of her. He laid his hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward firmly. Wednesday put her hands on Lilin's thighs and buried her face in her pussy. Her open mouth flooded with the salty sweet taste of her as she snaked her tongue upwards from bottoms. Lilin giggled and squealed her approval.

"Eeeh! Hehehe! Mmm, she's eager Lech!" She said, pushing Wednesday deeper in.