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Man is mired in mediocrity until...

Then she guided his head downward, offering him her stiff brown nipples, which he greedily sucked. He cupped his hand over her mound, feeling her soft bush, inserting his fingers into her wetness. Suzanne settled down on the floor and let Tim pleasure her, sliding his fingers in and out of her, flicking his tongue over her nipples, then sucking and nipping them, pulling them with his lips and teeth.

Tim slid out his fingers and sucked on them, savoring her taste. Suzanne glanced briefly at the pair on the loveseat, then turned her attention back to Tim. Rolling him over, she positioned her hot pussy over his mouth, and took his cock into her own. She ground her wet mound against Tim's face, and he began to lick and suck on her swollen lips. Meanwhile, she took his shaft deep into her mouth. Suzanne was used to struggling to take as much of Mark's cock as possible; with Tim, she was able to take his whole cock into her throat.

Tim was in heaven... Suzanne's wonderful, sexy body was pressed against his, her tits mashed against him as she deep-throated his throbbing cock. She was bucking against his face as he ate her hot pussy. He could hear Kate and Mark gasping and moaning, and it increased his own excitement.

Suzanne let out a deep moan, vibrating the length of Tim's cock. She began to thrash wildly, convulsing as a huge orgasm took her. Tim's face was drenched with her juices, as he tried to lap up as much as he could.

As her orgasm subsided, she began to bob her head furiously up and down, milking Tim's cock. "I'm so close to cumming," he said, his face still buried between Suzanne's legs.

Tim was used to warning Kate of his pending orgasm. Kate would usually take her mouth from his cock, and finish him with her hands. Suzanne, on the other hand, increased her speed, sucking him harder and faster. She cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently as she sucked him. Unable to hold back, Tim felt his balls tighten, his shaft start to throb, and then he unleashed spurt after spurt of his cum into Suzanne's hot wet mouth.

Suzanne gently sucked Tim's cock clean, and they separated, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

"You are so fucking hot, Tim!" Suzanne said with a lascivious smile. "I'm going to want more of that."

They turned to watch Mark and Suzanne, who we once again kissing passionately. Kate's hand was striking rapidly up and down Mark's cock, as his fingers made wet squishing sounds on her pussy.

Her body began thrashing as his fingers brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh yeah, make me cum you fucker!" she gasped out, just before flooding his fingers with her orgasmic juices.

Barely stopping to catch her breath she began jerking his cock fiercely, twisting her hand with each stroke to spread his precum and her saliva over his entire shaft. Mark leaned back and groaned, and moments later a great gob of cum shot from his cock, splattering Kate's tits, followed instantly by another spurt.

Kate swung her leg over Mark, straddling him, and sank down until the think head of his cock was nestled at her wet hole. His cum sprayed over her flat tummy and her pussy as she mounted him, leaving much of her body glazed with his sticky fluid.

She rocked her hips, taking more of his cock into her dripping pussy, settling down on his shaft before it could soften, and catching the last spurts of his orgasm deep inside her. She leaned forward and pressed her body against his as she started to move, riding him before he could lose his erection. Despite having just cum, Mark was fully hard again almost immediately.

Kate moaned in pleasure at the feeling of Mark's enormous shaft stretching her pussy and filling her as she rode him.

Tim watched his wife, who was covered in Mark's cum and bouncing up and down on his cock with complete sexual abandon. He felt Suzanne's body press against his, her fingers wrapping around his cock.

"Think you're ready for another round, lover?"

He felt Suzanne's warm lips wrap around his cock and looked