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Ana's fingers bit into the bedclothes.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!" Her throat was dry and she coughed.

Vlad lapped at her with no gentleness whatsoever. It felt like each lick was cloaking her in heat and softness. She could almost hear his taste buds scrap against her pubic hair. Then, abruptly, he quit the lapping. He put those mean lips of his around her bulging clitoris, hummed, and suckled her with just enough care not to harm her, but plenty of force to turn her delirious.

"Ah! Yes! Please!" Her voice was weak, but that didn't matter. She was crying out, trembling.

A very, very careful, light nip.

She jerked and hollered.

Oh. God. Teeth?! Teeth?! Was that even safe?!

Ana howled out every curse word she could think of in the English language. Then a few Romanian ones. Then a few Japanese ones.

Her body was tense, but writhing. Her toes fanned out. Pleasure was stabbing at every nerve ending. She couldn't stand it for long. She had to cum, and she did it so hard that she couldn't breathe very well, gasping, desperate for good air.

She wasn't even finished with her orgasm when Vlad pushed himself back up, grabbed one of her buttocks, and crammed his erection right into her.

If her cunt had a voice, it would have yowled and hissed like a pissed off animal.

But Ana couldn't make a sound. She was almost like a program that stopped responding, resulting in a seemingly never ending loop of frustration.

It ... kind of ... hurt ... but ...




Rocking ... a creaking in the bed ...

A howl, then a nasty, spit-filled noise.

But ... a very, very lovely kind of burning was inside, where that big dick of his sawed in and out, rubbing and kissing deep inside her body.

She heard Vlad barking out, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She looked up at him. The veins in his throat were sticking out. His eyes were closed. His teeth were feral. But his tone lowered to something softer, and he cooed out, "I need you. I need you, please!"

Ana wrapped her arms about his form, her breath in his hair, her flesh chafed all over. The slick pounding was so intense, but all the could do was hold onto him and wait for the ride to stop.

And it did stop for a moment.

Then his face went to her throat. A kiss. A lick. A few, uneven thrusts into her cunt.

A bite.

"Ow! What? Wait!"

That fucking hurt! What the hell?!

But ... her eyes closed ... and her pussy sang to her blood.

It hurt, but it felt so nice too.

Like something was being injected into her, something dangerously addictive.

She wasn't exactly sure why, but she was cumming again, begging, nearly destroying her vocal cords.

The way Vlad howled into her jugular, and the way his force practically bent her back, had her thinking he might be cumming too.

Except for their panting, it was quiet. Vlad's softening penis easily came out. He rolled over and off of her, resting on his back.

Ana was sore, dumbstruck, but sore. For around fifteen seconds, she looked up at the bed's canopy and wondered about completely unrelated topics. Her legs felt like they were vibrating.

She sat up and put her legs over the mattress' edge. It was very moist between her thighs. She looked down and saw a combination of blood and semen. Good thing she had recently started taking certain pills.

Oh ... wait! Was she staining the bedclothes? Crap, she was!

Ana ran to the ensuite bathroom. She cleaned herself up. Then she grabbed a rag and a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and went to the bed. As she furiously sprayed and dabbed at the stain, she heard and felt the mattress dip and bounce. Vlad's voice seemed amused. "I'm not bothered by that spot."

"Well I am." Ana hated letting stains settle into fabric.

She felt Vlad's body heat. Then the top of her head was being patted.


For the next few days, Ana had a nasty, angry hickey on her neck.

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