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He's taken by his aunt and her friends.

But, all that lived under the surface. At work, they were professional, dedicated teachers, dressed in responsible pants suits, skirts and dark nylons with blouses button properly, hair neat, faces made up, shoes that were stylish, but functional for a long day on the job. It was impossible to tell that underneath their earnestness, their compassion, their commitment to curriculum and students, there lived another self, a private self, a sensual and sexual being that belonged only to themselves. Even when they were with someone, even in a long term relationship, there were things that remained hidden, unseen, secret.

"I never want this night to end," said Michelle, now teetering between tipsy and fully drunk.

"Let's not let it. Coffee?" asked Laura.

There was a feeble response from Amy and Emily, who were drifting from drunk into sleepiness.

"Okay, well I'm still awake," said Michelle.

"Hey, I've bought some new clothes," said Laura. "I was wondering if I could get your opinion on them?"

"I love doing that. I'm working to build my own wardrobe, now that I'm working full time. I'd love to help you, and get some ideas of my own."

Laura and Michelle went into Laura's bedroom, while Amy and Emily began to shuffle off to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

Laura had a decent sized walk-in closet, which was filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.

"Wow," said Michelle. "I'm jealous."

"Don't be," said Laura laughing. "Most of it I can't wear anymore. I just haven't got around to getting rid of things yet. Now, let me try on a few things for you." She directed Michelle to sit on the bed and wait.

The closet had a door, but Laura didn't close it so the two could keep chatting while she changed. Michelle was surprised, but couldn't help watch Laura slip out of her pajamas and slippers and slide her t-shirt up over her head. She realized that Laura had not been wearing any underwear, and caught a quick glimpse of the dark hair between her legs before Laura pulled a black evening dress over her head and smoothed it out.

"Now, I bought this in the hopes that one day I would have the opportunity to go out somewhere," said Laura laughing. "Can you help to zip up the back?"

Michelle helped with the zipper, noticing a small tattoo of an orchid on her back.

Laura turned around: "What do you think?"

"Amazing. Amazing," was all that Michelle could say.

"Okay, next outfit. Unzip?" said Laura. As she moved just inside the door, she pulled the evening dress over her head. Michelle saw the exhilarating flash of flesh, her thighs, her breasts pulled up as she brought her arms up over her head, her nipples dark and pointed.

Michelle was surprised at how this made her feel. Wet. And confused. And maybe a little drunk.

There were several outfits. All the while, the girls kept up a light conversation, never acknowledging the growing intensity and strangeness of the moment. The last outfit was a bodysuit that Laura paired with jeans. The fabric was pulled so tightly over her body that her hard nipples were clearly visible, the neckline plunged almost to her bellybutton.

"Do you think I could wear this to school?" she said, laughing.

"I don't think that would fly. It might get Jeremy's attention though." They laughed again. Laura put her arms around Michelle in a kind of loose hug. "I'm so glad that we started together. It's so good to have a really good friend to work with and the share things with. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I feel the same way. Really."

"Hey," said Laura, "We're about the same size. Why don't you try something on?"

Michelle nodded and they walked into the closet.

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