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The vibrations in my ass kicked up a notch and I groaned, grinding my cock against Todd's through our jeans. I was certain that Todd wasn't affected until he pulled my mouth to his and devoured my lips. His tongue thrusting in my mouth the way I wish his cock would to my ass. He ground his erection against me as our tongues dueled for dominance.

With one last tongue-fuck, Todd pulled away, the buzzing in my ass slowed. "See you soon, baby boy," he said before walking out of the room.


The next few hours were a blur of drinks, laughs, and an aching buzz in my ass. Todd kept his distance after we left the bedroom, but kept me on edge by changing the setting on my vibrating butt plug.

The ball drop was coming up, a constant reminder of Todd's promise to fuck me into the New Year. Jenna was trashed, giggling with her best friend on the couch. I could only assume that Todd had been pushing drinks on her so that she wouldn't notice my absence when the countdown reached zero.

I caught Todd's wink just as the vibrations reached an all time high in my greedy ass. My phone buzzed in my pocket, a message from Todd on my screen.

Make it through this, and I'll fuck you nice and hard til you cum, baby boy.

I grinned with determination and covertly pressed a hard hand to my cock to stave off the orgasm that has been threatening me for hours. I could make it. I would.

I lost track of time, but eventually the vibrating stopped entirely. I stifled a whimper as Todd's hand clasped my neck. "I want you ass up on the bed, naked in three minutes. Go." Todd whispered hotly in my ear.

I shivered and nodded. I made a beeline for my bedroom. Absently noticing that Jenna was now passed out on the couch. I tossed my clothes in the corner of the room and climbed onto the bed, my ass clenching tightly around the now silent plug.

The door opened and shut quickly and then Todd was there, running his large hands over my ass. He slapped me with both hands, jiggling the plug deliciously.

"Please, Todd," I whimpered. "You said you'd fuck me."

"I did, baby boy. You've been so good tonight. I'm going to fuck you nice and hard. But first, I need my toy back."

His fingers tugged on the handle of the plug, thrusting it into me with short, insistent jabs. The tip of the plug barely grazing that spot inside me. Then he slid the plug free and I could feel cold air brushing against my gaping hole.

"Look at that delicious pussy," Todd murmured. "I could eat it all night." Then he dove between my cheeks, his hands keeping my hole easily accessible. His tongue thrust inside my hungry chasm, eating me furiously.

Todd moaned into my ass and I couldn't stop my own moan. Todd's tongue felt amazing in my ass.

"That's right, baby boy. You love it when I eat your pussy, don't you?"

I whimpered and nodded.

"I want to hear you say it. Tell me how much you love it when I eat your pussy."

"I love it!" I shouted, desperate to get his tongue back in my ass. "Your tongue feels so good eating my pussy. Please eat my pussy."

Todd tsk-ed again. "God I love it when you beg. But I think it's time for you to eat my ass now."

I whined. Todd slapped my ass hard.

"You should be begging to eat my ass. You should be begging for the privilege." He slapped me again, heat blooming across my cheeks.

"Empty," I moaned. "Empty."

Todd pulled my hair until I could almost meet his gaze. "Do you need your ass filled, my greedy boy?"

He didn't wait for my answer, and there was immediately something pushing against my hole again. It felt larger than the vibrating plug, but it wasn't his cock either. Where was he getting all these toys?

"I found this in sweet Jenna's goody drawer. The pink plug looks so good in your tight pussy."

Jenna had this plug? I had never bought Jenna a pink toy, and I had never seen one before. My sweet Jenna was more of an ass slut than she had let on.

Guilt washed over me at the thought of my fianc__e.

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