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We both chimed in with personal information about our interests and personal backgrounds skirting around the sexual issue. Mike was open about his marriage which went south after he had started traveling a lot and was not able to spend as much time at home as his wife expected. They agreed to separate but being a Roman Catholic she was loathe to push for a divorce, which was all right with Mike given his life style.

"So, here I am. I make good money and can support myself and a separate family in style but I am lonely as hell."

"Have you been dating much," I asked.

"Yeah, but not with much success. I tried some dating services, then switched to personal columns online and in the papers and then stumbled onto the adult site where we met. The problem is that being separated is a no-no for many women. Also, I ran across a number of married women who want to meet on the side. I am not into cuckolding someone's husband nor do I like going to motels for afternoon quickies. What I really want is to socialize with people and go to their or my home. What about you, folks?"

This was the moment of truth. I explained my prostate problem and the decision we made that Joyce could look for a man we could befriend who could then be intimate with her and satisfy her needs occasionally.

"Sounds reasonable to me," Mike said. "I might be game but would have to get you know you folks better. Say, why don't I get us another round." And with that said, Mike sprung up and left us to chat.

"Honey," Joyce said, "This guy knows exactly what he wants. He is smart and a cool customer. He is kind of big, which intimidates me, but he exudes the kind of virility that Harry does, but without without the crassness. I think he is a good candidate for us. Let's tell him we are interested and ask him how we can get to know each other better."

" I could like this guy as a buddy," I admitted. "OK, let's go the next step. When he comes back I'll go to the John and you talk to him. It is better that way."

Just then, Mike arrived with their drinks. "My turn in the men's room, Mike. You and Joyce can keep the conversation going."

Leaning over the table, so she could talk more discreetly she inadvertently gave Mike a peek of her ample breasts. She saw him looking and blushed; he grinned.

"Mike just what did you mean by getting acquainted more? "

"Just that,Joyce. Have a few more drinks here, maybe have a few more at my apartment, go out together for dinner sometime, maybe take in a dinner play. No strings. Take it to any level we want."

"Mike, you do understand that I am not interested in a one-night fling, so having an on-going friendship is important to me and Hal."

"That appeals to me, too," Mike agreed.

"Are you dating now, " Joyce asked. "To be frank, I also do not want to be just one of your string of women."

"Fair enough. No not at the moment. I travel some still and do not want to be tied down. In about two years when my boys are finished with college my wife and I will reassess our situation. I see her every few months and we do sleep together. Sex was never a problem. We'll either reunite or I will push for a legal separation and persuade her to give me a divorce. In the meantime, finding a steady partner and friends looks like the way to go for me."

I got back to the table and saw Mike and Joyce were in a serious conversation.

"You two look like you are plotting something," I laughed. Joyce looked kind of sheepish.

"Just working out the ground rules," Mike laughed back.

"Fellas," Joyce interrupted, "It is my turn to take a break. Be back from the little girl's room soon."

"You have a darling wife, Hal," Mike commented. "Too bad about your situation. I have been with a couple but not for a long time. Have not had a husband just want to watch though. Have you ever considered a threesome, getting actively involved? You do not have to get an erection to have some fun."

"Joyce and I never tried group sex," I conceded.