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"And there isn't any room here at the ranch for families. But living in the ranch house will change all that."

"You understand? The ranch belongs to James and when he gets to be 21 he may decide to do something else," Lewis cautioned.

"Shush Lewis," Alyssa said. Turning back to Jerry she said, "James will have his hands full what with schooling and learning to run Eagle's Nest. I can't say for sure but I doubt he'll have time to boss both places."

Jerry stood staring across the valley toward the mountains for better than two minutes. Lewis and Alyssa kept quiet waiting for his answer.

"Reckon I'd rather stay here than go somewhere else," Jerry finally said. "This place has become like a home to me. You've got yourself a ranch boss." He stuck out his hand to shake but Alyssa hugged him while Lewis smiled.

"Thank you Jerry," she said. "I feel better now that you'll be taking care of Granddad's ranch."

They set it up to have a monthly meeting concerning the ranch and if anything out of the ordinary came up Jerry would call them. Other than that, Jerry would be in complete charge of the Benson ranch.


"Grandpa, will you tell me about Chante tonight?" James asked as the Randals finished supper.

"Yep, I think we should start reading her journal tonight," William answered. "Let's help your mom clean up the kitchen and then we'll go into the den."

Lewis had to smile; he'd never seen James so energetic helping with the after supper chores. Finally after what seemed like an hour to James, he grabbed his grandfather's hand and pulled him into the family room. They were followed closely by Lewis and Alyssa.

William sat in his big chair with the journal on his lap. The book was about 6 by 8 inches, bound in leather with no name or title on the front cover. James sat on the ottoman next to William's feet. Lewis and Alyssa found comfortable seats in their own easy chairs; all the Randals were now ready to hear Chante' journal.

"Chante was a good woman but her writing skills weren't the best," William said. "Her thoughts are well written but the journal is a little hard to read. She didn't leave any spaces between sentences or paragraphs. I'll break it down a little so it's easier to understand."

August, 1889

I am Chante Randal, in the ways of the white man. Wife of James Randal, daughter of Iron Buffalo chief of the Red Mountain Band of the Lakota Sioux. I write of who I am and my life with my husband and mate so those who come after us will know our story.

A missionary wintered with my tribe and taught me to speak and write English. My father thought it was a good thing. He said that we should know the ways of our enemies, the white man, if we were to survive.

These writings, which would be called a diary by my husband's people, are my own thoughts. It is strange and a little frightening to be away from my family and my people. But I am also very happy living with my new husband. I will keep this journal to myself until the end of my days and pass it on to my children. So that they may know of my life in my own words.

I met James Randal in early May of 1889 at the trading post ran by the man called Thomas. The trees were beginning to wake up from the long winter and buds were forming on the branches. Grass was beginning to grow in sunny spots and early wild flowers were growing.

It had been a good season for trapping and me and my brother, Chayton, took our firs to the trading post. Thomas was a good man; he would let us get things we needed and pay him in the spring with the pelts we brought to him.

Chayton and me were attacked by three drunken, dirty, white trappers. My brother was stabbed fighting with two of the men and I fought with the other one. The man I was fighting with knocked me to the ground. That was when James stepped in.

He aimed his rifle at the three and chased them away.

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