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Tami and Jonathan take the next step.

She'd be our little money machine. We can name her BB, for my baby bitch," he chuckles. "Sides, somebody's gotta take your place. Ya know, when ya die or whateva. It's a win-win the way I sees it," he finishes nonchalantly.

She actually contemplates what this disturbed dumb fuck just suggested, then answers, "Nah, Quince, like I told you before, it ain't worth it, boo. We could get in a lotta trouble. Sides, diapers, clothes, and milk ain't cheap, and I know your ass wouldn't be helpin' me none. I'd have to work, pay you, pay for my fixes, pay for our room, and take care of this. I can't do it!" she says exasperatedly.

He fixes an angry, unsympathetic gaze on her, and she realizes that her little rant didn't get through to him. She panics, cowering in fear, then says in a softer, pleading voice, "You know I'm sick, and you're right...I probably ain't gonna be around much longer. I'm sure it's sick too. You don't need that kinda hassle. You'll find ya...another girl. It's just best if I get rid of it...and be done." She almost had tears in her eyes, but they were for herself, not the baby.

"Whateva...WHAT-THE-FUCK-EVA!" he roars in anger. "You need ta just shut the fuck up! I could make you, ya know. I wasn't axin' your ass fuh shit. Don't be thinkin' youse workin' me, or think for one minute I gots some kinda soft spot for your trick ass cuz I don't. I'm as hard as they come, bitch!" he exclaims, while standing dominantly over her, with his hand in position to backhand her.

He pauses in thought for a moment. "We could just give her water instead of milk. Hell, you gots free milk in dem titties. Let her have dat. Use towels or somethin' for diapers. It's not like she's gonna have it on much," the sick fuck muses with a grin that quickly fades into frown.

"Fuck! Now you gots me trippin' 'bout her bein' sick, or getting' busted and shit." He shakes his head, thinking about his parole being revoked.

After another pause, he continues angrily, "Fuck dis! Have it your way! I'll just gets me anotha bitch, a better bitch, one dat can fuck me on tha reg." He shakes his head. "Just get this shit, get dat thang, and get tha fuck goin'!" He gestures with his thumb towards the door.

Before he turns to leave, he says, "I still think youse pissin' away a golden opportunity for us here, but it's on you, you feel me? You gonna hafta work extra hard ta make dis shit up ta me, or else I'll put your ass out!" he yells and then kicks her hard on her leg before turning and stomping out of the room, calling her 'stupid fuckin' cunt' as he goes.

She sits for a minute, expels a long breath, and then scrambles around, not wanting to anger Quincy any further. She grabs a dirty plastic knife - the kind that comes with take-out food from the bathroom sink that serves as their kitchen as well.

She then uses it to crudely cut, or should I say saw the umbilical cord, and then quickly wraps my love haphazardly in old newspapers, followed by tightly wrapping over that with a filthy, bloody, old towel.

My angel is crying, in pain, hungry, and searching for the warmth of her mother, or anyone, but there is none to be found. She's scared, sick, and quieting down as she's beginning to slowly suffocate beneath the darkness of all of those layers.

The whore lines her dirty underwear with a couple of pads and a washcloth to help with the heavy bleeding, and pulls them on. She gets dressed, so that she can take my angel and dump her. This bitch actually thinks she's doing my mate a favor...and maybe she is, compared to living in this mess with that fucking pimp that I will be paying a visit to! The fact that he even had those thoughts about my angel sealed his fate.

She grabs a couple of plastic bags from the bedroom and walks back into the bathroom to put my angel in them.