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Sex in unfamiliar places, public.

She is most beautiful and I wish to cherish her. I wish to make a bargain with you. I can bring other wizards of Grumandria upon you. We could bring our magic to bear upon you. We can evaporate or crush, turn your magic around, throw bolts at you, or lay spells to close or keep you in, suffocating the air from you."

The wizard Aribor was no fool. He knew most of his conquests did not come to him out of lust for his body or love for his soul. He had usually to resort to other persuasions to entice women. At a time of conquest he would attempt to go among the conquered to find the beauty he craved. He always made a 'contract' with them. That was the way to ensure the fulfilment of his desires and needs. He had the power of wizardry and the force of his own arms, backed by the support of other soldiers of Guthelm's army, if they were nearby. If a woman or the people who protected her knew his position and abilities he found he could always make a contract with them.

Once Aribor had found a woman hiding in the cellar of a house. She was sufficiently lovely for him to desire greatly. She was sheltered by a brother who stood willing to fight him, and there were two younger children there too. He had negotiated with the woman to save her children from the destruction which was going on around them, which would have visited upon them if he would not vouch for them. He also offered to save the brother by avoiding the fight which would have surely killed him, and pledging not to turn him in to Guthelm's soldiers. The brother wanted to fight when he heard the wizard's terms, but the wizard made clear his powers and the inevitable fate of the brother and the children.

"I will take your sister either way, and you will be dead on the steps of this cellar, and your nephew and niece taken to Guthelm's own cellars where dark magic is extracted from the souls and bodies of young ones such as these."

The woman had intervened. "What do you want? Is there any way you can save us? Have mercy please."

He had said, "My mercy is but a contract. You can enter a contract if you and your brother agree, which will save your young ones and your brother from destruction. It will also save you from the uncertainties of conquest. I do not like to kill women, especially not a beauty like yourself. After killing your brother I would forge another contract with you, one in which you would have less to bargain with. Your protector would already be dead. You would give yourself willingly to me, or if you were unwilling I would force myself upon you. So it might be the same in the end, but less pleasant for yourself and for me."

"How can you save us?" asked the woman. The wizard could see she had taken in the import of his words and was considering her options.

"I can place my mark over this building. It will be recognised in Guthelm's army, that I have been here and the house need not be searched any further."

"And what of me?" asked the pale woman.

"You will come with me. You must please me, be kind and make love, as you would to your own husband. When I have had sufficient pleasure of you, on one or maybe 5 or 10 or more occasions -- when I decide I have had enough of you you can go. You may eventually return to your family if you can find them, or you may have opportunities to serve others in Guthelm's army. You will find service I assure you."

"Can I confer with my brother?" she asked.