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The story concludes.

Penny could hear Paula sucking from ten feet away. She stood there staring at the scene in front of her. She wanted to run but was rooted to the spot. Her friends looked just like the scene on the computer. She moved closer and watched them until she began to feel her vagina ache and get wet. Without conscious thought, she began unzipping her jeans and kicking them off. She tried taking off her panties while standing on one foot and then the other. She almost fell over when she miscalculated and tried to take them off both ankles at the same time. She dropped them on the floor just outside the alcove, thought better of it, picked them up, and stuffed them into a pocket of her jeans. She threw the jeans into the far corner of the alcove and knelt down next to the other girls. She had no idea what had happened to her sandals. She didn't recall taking them off.

Unaware that Penny had returned and too engrossed in their activities to notice her at first, they were jolted back to reality when she spoke up, "Girls, I'm sorry I ran off. What are you doing?"

Paula took her tongue out of Priss' pussy and said, "Penny, what the fuck does it look like we're doing? How long have you been here? Is there anyone else on this floor now?"

"No, no, no one but me. But you're going to get in trouble doing, uh, what you're doing."

"And you're not going to get into trouble, kneeling there with your bare ass hanging out? Where are your clothes? Ours are in that pile over there. Put yours on top."

"I don't know where mine are. They must be around here somewhere. I had them on before I saw what you were doing. Oh, they're over there in the corner against the wall." She retrieved her jeans, turned the legs so they weren't inside out any more, and put them on the pile atop the rest of their clothes. She couldn't find her shoes. She hurriedly pulled her Polo shirt over her head and took off her bra. She was the only one completely naked.

"What the hell are you doing, Penny? It's going to take you longer to get dressed if someone comes up here. At least put your shirt back on."

"No, I want Sandra to suck my nipples like she was doing to Priss."

Paula laughed at her. "That's a one eighty, Penny. I thought you were against this sort of thing. What changed your mind?"

"I really wanted to do, uh, do it, but I was afraid at first. I didn't want you to think I'm easy. I wouldn't have come back if it weren't for that sexy scene on the Internet. Then when I saw you three having fun, I didn't want to be left out. What can I do to join in?"

"Well, you can eat me while Sandra sucks your tits and Priss can do, uh, whatever you want her to do. Lie on your back over here. I'll straddle your face and you can stick your tongue in my pussy. Have you eaten pussy before? No? Well it's not difficult. Just lick and suck until I come. I'll come in your mouth but don't panic. Just start swallowing when you taste my cum.

It's no big deal. It tastes better than shrimp but without the sauce. Ready? Set? Here I come. Well, not yet but soon. I'm horny as hell from eating Priss. Can you lick Penny while she's licking me, Priss? What? You don't know how either? Just do to her what you felt me doing to you a little while ago. Sandra, I'll take care of you as soon as I come. How the hell did I get mixed up with a bunch of novices?"

Forty-five minutes later, all four coeds were sated and dressed. Penny still hadn't found her shoes and her panties were in her jeans pocket. She thought of taking her jeans back off and putting her panties on, but the other three had already started down the library stairs. To hell with her panties. She would go to dinner without them on. The four girls linked arms and skipped across the campus to the cafeteria. The seam in Penny's jeans rubbed her labia as they all skipped along, and by the time they reached their destination, she was sore and horny again. Maybe they would eat again when they got back to the dorm after supper.

"Darn, I must have stepped on something sharp.