FreeRiel finds relief. XXX Images

All things change, sometimes for the better.

Sarahs' hands wandered over my back and down to my butt where she gave it a playful squeeze. Debra set her drink down and pressed her lips onto mine.

My hands searched over Sarahs' body as Debra and I kissed. I squeezed her tit and pinched the nipple.

"Ohh," Sarah moaned.

I could tell they were now both in the mood. I stood up and took off my shirt. I then joined Sarah and Debra on the bed. I pushed them both back so they were lying on the bed. I leaned down and kissed Sarah as I snaked my way up Debras' shirt, under her bra, and squeezed her bare tit.

"Enough," I burst out.

I stood up and nearly tore Sarahs shirt off. "Take off your bra," I commanded with vigor I never knew I had. I pulled Debras shirt off too, but she was already at work taking off her bra. "You are both so beautiful," I looked at them both dreamily. I still couldn't believe this was happening.

"Suck on my tits," Sarah begged. I bent down and sucked and licked her nipples, while my hand squeezed Debras' larger tits. I nibbled on Sarahs' nipple, rolling it in between my teeth. I manipulated Debras' jean button and quickly unbuttoned it.

"Mmm," Debra moaned as I pulled her pants off. I licked up her stomach to her tit. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and started nibbling and licking. I started to fool with Sarahs' jeans so I could get them off too, but she was one step ahead of me. I heard Sarahs' pants fall to the floor and she resumed her place on the bed. She guided my hand to her already wet pussy. I slowly slid my finger inside her.

"Oh that feels good!" Sarah burst out. I fingered her faster. "Oh faster baby, finger me!"

My hand searched down Debras' body, I stood up and slid Debras' panties off with one hand. I slowly started to finger her too. "Ohh that does feel good," Debra purred. Debra rolled the top half of her body toward Sarah, Sarah rolled to Debra. They started kissing each other. I fingered them both as they kissed and squeezed one another tits.

"Scoot closer together," I told them as I stopped fingering them. They did, I placed each one of their legs between mine and slid two fingers back in them.

In a simultaneous "Ohh," Both women moaned in pleasure.

I fingered them faster. Their moans became high-pitched squeals.

"Its time to fuck," I said abruptly. I took off my jeans and released my rock hard cock.

"Look how big it is," Sarah smiled.

"Can I suck it?" Debra licked her lips.

"You can do whatever you want dolls," I smiled.

Debra pulled me on the bed.

"Sarah get out of the way," Debra whined.

Sarah stood up for a second as Debra pushed me back so I was lying on the bed. Quickly, Debra went to work sucking my cock. Sarah straddled my face; I grabbed her hips and guided her to my waiting tongue. "Mmm" Debra moaned with my dick in her mouth.

"Fuck your tongue feels good," Sarah moaned out. I licked her pussy vigorously. Eating pussy was definitely one of my strong suits. I started bouncing her hips up and down on my face. I sucked her clit while my tongue probed her hole. Within minute, I could feel the familiar spasm as Sarah began to cum on my face. "Oh fuck baby! I'm cumming on your face!" Sarah let out a high-pitched squeal as she released her sticky cum on me. I slowly licked her clit, making her twitch. She got off my face and kissed me hard and deep so she could taste her cum on my lips.

Debra pulled her mouth off my cock and stood up. She stood above me and slowly lowered her pussy down onto my cock. I slid in her warm, wet hole. "Oh my, your cock feels as good as it tastes," She smiled wickedly at me as she began to rock back and forth.

"You feel good too Debra," I smiled. I grabbed her hips and pulled them down on me harder, so my cock pushed further into her. Sarah was sucking and licking on Debras' tit. Debras' head tilted back and the mixture of my cock and Sarahs sucking and licking, Debra came.

"That wasn't good enough," I said to Debra, returning her wicked smile.