FreeJoe is surprised and gets busy. XXX Images

Young lady at the pool entices Neighborhood Man.

She squeezed its base as tight as she could. As she pulled his boxers from around his waist it looked bigger than ever on the telly, it was as straight as a rod and boasted a massive girth of around 6 inches; that equates to a 1.9 inch diameter. It was the size of a cucumber, and tuffs of blonde pubic hair guarded the root of his thick penis. Tree was up-close-and-personal and could feel the blue veins throbbing along its length as they pumped his blood up the shaft to maintain its rigidity.

I sat back and watched as she repositioned herself, nestling between his knees, forcing them apart and began to nuzzle the monster, pushing it from side-to-side with her chin and cheeks; she took hold and gently pulled back his foreskin to reveal the massive corona and prominent sulcus. Rik was tussling with her hair as he glanced across for my consent, which he had, and as if to say

"You lucky Bast...," he paused, "Being married to her, bedding her every night, fucking her when you want". He then glanced at the film he was staring in just to ascertain his performance like a true thespian.

Rik was naked. He beckoned Teresa up from the floor; unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and let it fall from her shoulders.

I was torn between the telly and the live performance.

She stood straight in front of him. Like a slave to her master.

He unsnapped the waist stud on the leather trousers she was wearing and slowly pulled down the zip, he was sitting back at arms length, as if to get the whole panoramic view. With a hand on each of her hips he stripped them to the floor to reveal a neatly trimmed and beautifully styled looking pussy. Just above it was a tattoo Tree had put on, this freaked Rik out and instantly began tracing its scrolls with his tongue. Teresa could only hold on to his broad shoulders to prevent herself from collapsing in a withering heap. Rik's hand stroking up and down her inner thigh, he'd stop when his thumb would tickle her vaginal lips.

His other hand kneading her arse.

After four or five minutes of this I stood up and stripped naked, standing behind Tree I released her tits from her bra, took there weight in my hands and allowed her erect nipples to flick between my fingers, as this tickled her; under normal circumstances.

Tree fumbled behind her back in an effort to find my average willie and gave it a tug as I kissed her shoulders and neck.

In an effort to regain Teresa's attention Rik lowered his concentration to her inner thighs and moist pussy. His tongue flicking at her clitoris and tracing the outline of her moist entrance.

It worked;

Teresa screamed...with delight, whipped her hand from around my cock and grabbed a handful of his blonde locks and thrust her pelvis deep into his face. With his face buried his skills became abundantly clear.

After several Oh's and Ah's I went to refill the glasses and sat down. Eventually the pair of them noticed and sat down too, If just to take a breather. It gave us all a chance to focus on the big screen.

To prevent Rik and me from softening ('cos his required more blood to fill than mine) Tree gently fondled us during our break.

Rik was flexing his PC muscle as entertainment causing his 10 incher to jerk 3-4" at the head.

I could only imagine what that would do to Tree if it ever got inside her.

She might have been thinking the same thing????

I think Tree enjoyed watching herself on telly toying with a cock in each hand and being in control. So much so that she soon decided the break was over and knowing that the situation might never arise again began to kiss Rik's thumping purple bell shaped head, he was playing games now as he flexed his PC muscle again and again, Tree was chasing it around, her frustration replicated by the squeezing of my cock of which she still had hold.