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Peter thinks everything is under control, but is it?

Her milk would be streaming from both breasts - her excitement causing the milky substance to spray from her nipples covering both her and Mark, as well as being suckled into his mouth. Mark would continue to knead her breasts with one hand, squeezing licking, drinking - teasing with his tongue - enjoying the sight of milk flowing from his wife's breasts.

As the milk gathered on her belly Mark would lick from her nipple down to the pit of her stomach where he would slowly inhale her offering. The sound of him slurping on her stomach was ridiculous and yet strangely erotic also. Knowing that her husband was chasing his prize down her body made her feel powerful and energized: sexy and feminine.

Not content with that, Mark would indulge in another passion that they shared - moving towards the foot of the bed and lying with his face between her legs and his arms around her hips, he would then suck the juices from her cunt. Long strokes of his tongue played up and down the lips of her vagina - his nose gently caressing her clitoris - inhaling the womanly perfume that was spreading from her puffy lips and being caught by her short curly pubic hairs.

He would suck the outer lips of her sex into his own mouth and let them slip slowly away again and thrust the tip of his tongue into her hidden cavern and then slowly proceed up to carefully nudge her clitoris. While her milk had to be shared with both him and the baby, the juices from her pussy was his alone.

After many minutes of licking her cunt, she would be able to take it no more. Her stomach muscles would clench as she came in another shattering orgasm. She would reaching down to hold Marks head between her thighs as the sensations overwhelmed her.

Afterwards Mark would slip his cock in between her cunt lips and fuck her like it was the first time ever. Her legs would lock around his and he would grab her shoulders to stop his hard rapid thrusts from throwing them both against the headboard. He would explode deep inside her and again her cunt would start leaking - this time with her husbands cum. She loved him jamming his hard cock into her and would offer up her inflamed cunt in any position that Mark wanted.

Melanie returned from her daydream with a start as a Frisbee landed near her feet.

"Sorry" was the apology that came from the young woman chasing it. She wore a modest bikini that tried not to attract too much attention to her average figure. She had been playing with her dog on the beach, tossing the green disc for him to fetch.

As the young woman reached to retrieve the Frisbee, she looked intensely at Melanie's breasts.

"God that is so sexy....."

Melanie was surprised. She had been perfectly content lying in the sun daydreaming, and could not imagine what had prompted the remark.

The young woman continued to stare at her breasts. Melanie sat up and immediately felt some liquid run down her onto her tummy. She gasped and realized that her erotic daydreams had caused her breasts to start leaking milk. She didn't know what to do, but felt her nipples harden up immediately, and a burning sensation began deep between her thighs as her vagina became immediately saturated with juice.

Melanie could see young woman's nipples swelling under her own bikini top.

Silence continued for several seconds as they stared into each other's eyes. An unspoken question was asked and answered.

Melanie lay down again and the young woman immediately crouched beside her and sucked her nipples. There was no time to be gentle - her tongue probed and caressed, her lips encased Melanies nipples and dragged the milk from her breasts. First one breast and then the other - sexy bites, slurps, sucks, licks, - Melanies breast milk exploding everywhere.

The young woman worked her hand under Melanie's bikini bottoms and rubbed h