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An unexpected inheritance yields unexpected benefits.

As one of my "girls" it is important that you be able to have my clients cum when it is best for both of us. So as you learn to make these men cum in the three-minute time frame you will also see how to make the man cum and therefore control his ejaculation."

At that the young man put his cock against Jessica's lips and forced his way into her mouth as her jaws opened slowly to admit him. Her faced was all scrunched up, obviously almost sickened by this object in her mouth and she had a hard time convincing her self to suck him. She figured letting him fuck her face was the better choice. Boy was she wrong.

At the three-minute mark, the young man grabbed the back of Jessica's head while the leather straps held her in place. He pulled his cock almost out and then rammed it in, the tip of his cock bouncing against the back of her throat, causing her to gag, he removed his cock for a second to allow her to relax.

"Uuuuuuuuuucck" was the sound Jessica emitted and then she coughed and spit.

The young man re entered her mouth and resumed fucking her face with wild abandon, often reaching her gag reflex but not stopping, just kept pumping, Jessica body would convulse each time he caused her to gag, and she would make a retching sound around his cock with each gag. She could feel that her lips were bruising and she knew her jaws were aching and suddenly she felt his cock jerk in her mouth and his cum began to fill her mouth.

"uck!" Said Jessica as she began to spit the man's cum from her mouth.

A hand cupped her mouth and forced it closed and said, "Swallow"

Jessica held out as long as she could but eventually she realized that the taste of the mans semen in her mouth was far worse then just swallowing the remainder of his load.

"Jessica you will have over twenty cocks today you will learn to make a man cum in three minutes or less or your face an lips with be bruised badly. The cocks will get longer and thicker each day, so with each failure to meet the three-minute mark, more and more cock is going to penetrate your throat. Also, since you seem to not like the taste of a man's cum, if you can meet or beat the three minute mark the men will not cum in your throat. They will instead cum on your face or tits or wherever they choose. So let get back to work."

Jessica failed to get any of the first twenty men on day one. So she was continually face and throat fucked and her belly was full of cum. Surprisingly, she saw this as a challenge and over night she began to try to figure out what she did to get the men to cum. If she could pinpoint the reasons they came, she could then meet the time goal. On day two she would do her best to notice what got the men excited and what did not. She knew this would be the way to get to the three-minute mark. For the first time since she had been forced into this she allowed her spirits to rise.

Her hopes dampened some when she saw first cock of day two. It was at least 6-7 inches soft and most of the cocks yesterday seemed to gain a couple of inches, as they got hard. If this guy fucked her face her throat would take a lot of cock and it frightened her. She just had to make it.

She failed and when the man forced all of his cock into her throat she felt as though his cock was reaching into her belly, then it was receding and coming again with force. Her throat was not hurting as much as she thought it might but what did surprise her was how wet her own vagina was getting as this man fucked her throat with his long hard cock. She came when he did and for the first time greedily swallowed his cum.

Having found that she enjoyed a cock in her throat Jessica abandoned her plans for the day and took all of the second days cocks rammed into her mouth and throat.

She recovered on the third day and she gradually got the hang of it and had most of the men cuming in under three minutes and as promised they sprayed her face, tits, hair and ass with their cum.