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A continuation of life with Nan and Mom.

The golden cups of her bustier were now pulled so low that her ample cleavage was spilling over the edge of them, her nipples only barely covered.

"So much..." He said, straining for the first time against his bonds. "...that all I want to do is reach out and touch it."

Wonder Woman laughed, though it was half-lost in her breathlessness as she slowly pumped herself on Batman's crotch. She answered him with a voice that was knotted in her chest,

"You'll get your chance," she said, her eyes drifting shut and her head leaning back as she gyrated on the Dark Knight's groin. "I pr---promise!"

She ran her tongue over her lips, moistening them. Batman watched her quietly, transfixed by the erotic display. His concentration grew sharper as he watched Wonder Woman run her hand over her breasts, down along her stomach to stroke his balls.

Bruce shuddered as Diana tickled his tight scrotum with only the barest of touches. Just as he started to thrash, the tiny amount of contact proving all too much, she shifted her attention, focusing instead on touching and teasing her clit as she continued to ride the Bat's pole.

"Ah! Uhhh! Mmmm!" She gasped and uttered, building her rhythm until she was once more fucking Bruce with all the speed she had to muster.

Sllp! Whap! Pllp! Her pussy slurped and her ass slapped as she bounced up and down on the man she'd for so long dreamt of, finding the reality every bit as fulfilling as the fantasy, if not more so.

"Oh! Oh Brrrr-uce!" She said, gasping and gulping for air as her fingers literally blurred on her clitoris, using the speed of Mercury to bring herself off. "Oh fuck, Bruce! I can't --- can't hold off anymore! I need to---to----I need to cum, my love! I need to cum so. Fucking. Baaaaadddd!"

Her face was flushed crimson. Sweat was rolling down her chest and pooling in her cleavage. Her thighs were slick and staining the grey of his costume. Stars were throbbing in front of her eyes.

And then she felt it. And then she heard it.

The sound of Batman grunting, the feel of his dick pulsating so horribly deep inside her.

"Ffffffhhhhrrrnnnn!" He groaned with tremulous force, thrashing beneath her. "Dd---Diana! Yes! Yyyyes!"

The very idea of the Dark Knight cumming inside her proved too much for Wonder Woman. She jammed her fingers down on her clit as she clamped her pussy tight around his thumping shaft, and her orgasm hit her like a charging centaur.

"Uuuuuunnnnnhhhhhh!! Ohhhh fffffuccckkkking Hadeeeeeessss!"

She lunged up and down atop him, the tempo of her thrusts as erratic as her breathing, her pussy spasming. Her screams of release bounced and echoed around the room as she plunged herself down so hard and deep onto Batman's dick it felt like the head was spearing her womb.

"Ohhh Goddess! Goddess yess!" She said, the last shockwaves pulsing from her pussy and tingling throughout every nerve of her body.

Her hands and legs shaking, Wonder Woman pulled herself off of Batman's lap, his cock slopping out of her as she fell by his side. Winded, drenched with sweat, with her knees raw and muscles aching, she felt like she'd just gone 12 rounds with Darkseid.

In the background of her mind, beneath the whizzing static of neurones sparkling like a constellation in her brain, she realised for the first time what she'd called Bruce as she'd drawn close to her climax.

'My love.'

Had he noticed? She almost hadn't. And would that small slip of the tongue prove to be the first thing to ever genuinely frighten the infamous Batman?

She looked over to find him already staring back at her, his breathing raw, his chest heaving.

"Diana," he murmured. "That was so---so---."

She couldn't help but break out into a grin at his inarticulate wonder.