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Bobby's good fortune during summer vacation continues.

Greg was likely to be more capable than his partner. Mark revised his conclusions.

They were dealing with violent, corrupt cops. Cory and Katie had both been abducted. So, if it was meant to be a simple grab and run, they should have discovered Cory on the track, dead. Someone had gone to the extra effort to take him as well, and not from an area with easy car access. Katie might be easily controlled, but Cory was very strong. If they hadn't killed him, they wouldn't be stupid enough to risk carting him back to the city. Plus, it was highly likely they wanted Mark as well. Greg was Dom's partner, and Dom had cause to hate Mark more than Cory. So, they weren't finished. They were still in the vicinity.

Mark would be devastated if anything happened to Katie, but he truly didn't know how he'd cope if Cory was dead. Shaking his head briskly, not bearing to dwell on the thought, Mark took a deep breath, determined to figure out a plan. Productively working along the more positive assumption that they were both still alive, it simply came down to one thing. Where the fuck were they being held?


"We only met briefly, but it's nice to see you again too," Greg told Cory politely, laying the knife aside on a spindly metal table next to the bed. Reaching into his trousers, he pulled out a roll of gaffer tape and peeled off a strip. "And I'm looking forward to making Mark's acquaintance. I ran a background check on the both of you. Interesting stuff. Too bad our conversation is going to be a little one-sided from here."

Using the knife to slice the strip of tape free from the roll, he dropped it back to the table and applied the tape to Cory's mouth with both hands. He grinned as he met Cory's furious light eyes, felt Cory's jaw tighten with unspoken anger as he pressed the ends of the tape firmly against his cheeks.

"You see," Greg explained, his dark eyes apologetic, "I don't want your screams to override my instructions. But, hey," he roughly patted Cory's cheek, "if she's an avid pupil, you might not scream so much. Well, not until I'm done teaching her a lesson. After that, if you're still breathing, then we can chat. Maybe we can swap stories."

Straightening up, Greg stretched his thick arms to the roof, then dropped them half way and turned side to side, as though he was warming up for an evening jog. Resting his hands on his hips, he tilted his head back and exhaled a long breath through his nose, contemplating Cory through narrowed eyes.

"You're really not afraid, are you?" he asked, but it was more of a statement as he admired the gold fire in Cory's eyes, blazing up at him. "Well, that's different," he observed mildly, as though he was discussing a change in the weather.

Whistling, he picked up the knife and checked either side of it. Cory naturally tensed as he approached, and on the other side of the curtain, Katie closed her eyes as she heard both the bed jerk and Cory exhale heavily through his nose.
"Hear that, Katie?" Greg called to her. "Not a sound! I'm impressed!"

Katie trembled uncontrollably. What had Greg done? Cory hadn't even groaned, surely it wasn't too bad? As Greg rounded the curtain, she screamed at the sight of the blood on his t-shirt.

"Oh, calm down, you silly girl," Greg laughed, waving the bloodied knife at her. "I barely sliced him."

"Oh, God, Greg!" Katie's body shook with her hysteria. "What did you do?"

Greg held his chin and cast his dark eyes upwards with comical consideration. "Hmm, I don't want to ruin the suspense," he said, before dropping his gaze from the ceiling to meet her eyes.

Katie realised she was finally meeting the side of Greg that she was always afraid of, completely in his element, glorying in his dark addiction. She had never seen him show so much personality, talkative, laughing. And all it took was kidnapping and torturing two people. His brown eyes glowed with bloodlust, and he was slightly breathless with excitement.

Greg held up the knife sugg