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The dream goddess and her mirror.

After watching them for about 15 minutes, the girls breathlessly explained the game. I was to service them - to fuck them for as long as I could. They wanted me to fuck them very slowly, very deliberately, but not trying to make them or myself cum, in fact, I was to try to feel every bit of their wetness, every bit of their pleasure - every bit of being inside them - without cumming.

For their part, they would both be trying as hard as possible to make me cum - but using ONLY their pussies. They would squeeze, and try to learn how to caress my cock as I slid in and out.

And, to be fair, I was to start with Janie and slide in and out twice, slowly, deliberately. Then I was to slide into Patti and slide in and out twice, and continue from one to the other until they made me cum. When I came, I was to cum on that woman's pussy. She would be reworded with being cleaned-up by the other, and then fucked by me in whatever way I wanted.

We found this to be one of our most erotic experiences. It lasted a very long time. Pulling completely out of one woman and entering another DID have a deliciously dirty feeling to it. But it also helped me to not have so much excitement that I would lose control. And the girls, along with their kissing and caressing of each other, really used the experience to exercise their muscles. I think they were both actually a little tired when done, but they both thought it an excellent game to play again - soon.

I found that entering a new woman again was always an enticing experience. Even though my cock was wet with their juices, the velvety smoothness of a pussy deeply enveloping my cock was an intense feeling each time. And the girls made sure it stayed that way by the ways that they squeezed and learned to caress my cock with their pussies.

This experience kept me very hard, and highly aroused. The girls seemed to be breathing heavier, faster, each time I would enter them.

Finally, one time I slid into Patti and she gasped as I slid in, gasped as I slid out, and when I slid in next she moaned - I could feel her pussy clenching my cock as she came This was too much. I came and squirted once deep inside her, and then pulled back and came a few more times on her pussy. I fell back, and could see my cum all over her pussy and crotch. Janie quickly rolled her over and started licking her crotch, ass high in the air. I saw Janie's hot aroused pussy and wanted to be in it. As I moved toward her, stroking a little to try to get hard she looked at me and said "No, you have to fuck her. A bet's a bet."

"Ok" I responded. "But you're next."

With that Janie slid out of the way, and I moved between Patti's legs. Janie started to rub my cock against Patti's clit.

"No, don't, it's too much. It's too much. Don't fuck me right..."

I slid into her hard. The word "now" was lost in her throat. Patti gave out a sound that was half moan, half muzzled scream. Her pussy was so wet, that although I wasn't very hard, I still slid in.

"Shut-up" I said. "This time I get to decide how I fuck you."

And with that I grabbed her legs, and pulled them up high, over my shoulders. Janie helped by grabbing a foot and pulling it high.

Patti was moaning. Her "No's" had turned to a breathless chant of "Fuck me, fuck me"

And I did. It was nearly an assault as I fucked her hard and feverously. I did nothing but pound my cock into her pussy, over and over again. Janie was watching intently, and would caress Patti, or stroke her face, or suck a tit - while I pounded away. Since I had cum recently, it took awhile before I was fully hard - and then it took awhile more before I started to feel it build-up. I must have pounded her hard for twenty minutes, and yet she stayed wet the entire time.

Finally, I could feel it building within me. I was getting close. I let out a guttural sound and came in her, and she responded by cumming herself. As we came, Janie pushed my ass with both hands, burying my cock deeper in Patti.

I rolled off and rested a few minutes, eyes closed, breathing ha

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