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Kira explores the ways to help Kyrhan's brother.

My penis began to swell, slowly moving through the folds of my underwear. All I could think of was burying myself in this woman's stunning fur. I looked out the window at the passing landscape in the hopes of occupying my mind with other thoughts and hoping that my erection wouldn't be too obvious. It didn't work. While my eyes took in the mountains in the distance I felt my cock filling my pants even more. If I could only get up and walk to the caf__ car I could masturbate in the washroom and be able to survive the rest of the train ride without a raging hard-on. I didn't move. I didn't want to move and leave her for one second.

For about twenty minutes I sat watching the farms race past the train window, the ache in my pants was almost unbearable. I could feel the pre-cum beginning to seep from the end of my cock and soak my boxers. I was imagining my cabinmate and me back in my hotel room, finding each other in the darkened room, sucking each other, filling each other. My penis tightened and began to tingle. I looked across the compartment to see those ice-blue eyes staring back at me, and was greeted by a smile that knew more than it was telling. She didn't look away and neither did I. I was captivated and couldn't stop staring at those eyes that seemed to drag me into them. My penis twitched again. It was then that I felt something else moving in my crotch.

I looked down to see a slow swirling motion around the mound that was my hard-on. Something white moved about on the floor between my feet and hers. I couldn't believe my eyes. Following what appeared to be white strands leading up under the cuffs of my jeans, I traced them across the deck, up the front of her seat only to discover they originated in the sleeves of her bolero. Her fabulously thick bolero was noticeably longer and the ends of her sleeves had sealed over, and long locks were pouring out from where her fingers had been. I gasped as the swirling increased, and looked over at her. She sighed a very contented sigh and continued to smile at me, imperceptibly licking her lips.

I put my hands on the armrests and tried to push myself off of my seat. A new and plusher set of tendrils came forth from her ever-fluffier fur and encircled my hands and then my arms. No matter where I tried to move, my hands were redirected back to the armrests by the furry funnels that enveloped my arms. I looked over at the door and then at my captor. She looked at the door then back at me, paused, and slowly shook her head. Without understanding what she had said to the conductor I understood what her conversation with him had been about - "Do not disturb." In an effortless motion, the pouring white mass of fur undid my belt, slid my jeans and underwear off and shuffled them into a corner. Two new funnels of undulating white softness began to consume my feet and quickly worked their way straight to my dripping, pulsating dick.

I gasped again. The feeling was unbelievable and made it impossible to think clearly. "Relax," she said. "Give in to me." She was now just a head amongst a huge white sea of fur. The waves of hair crashed into each other and lapped at my body, raising me off my seat and surrounding me right up to my neck. Our cabin was filled from floor to ceiling with her fur and the gentle swishing noise it made as it flopped about the berth. I was lifted from my chair and suspended a few feet above the floor, cupped by an enormous fluffy hand. I glanced down at my crotch. The fuzziness that had mounded itself around my penis parted to show my purple cock angled towards my belly. A second fluffy hand formed and draped itself over my waiting penis and began to slowly and steadily jerk me off in time with the clacking of the rails. I was pouring out pre-cum but the white throng of fur kept wicking it away, leaving nothing but heavenly soft fibres to slide up and down my dry, taut shaft.

I needed to cum so badly.

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