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Opening Weekend 'Dear' Hunt.


"No thanks, I'm just going to get some water from the spring and be on my way if that's cool with you. I need to keep moving if I'm going to make it back before total dark."

"Aw. We're getting started then?"

"What? I just need some water, then I'll get out of your hair so you can do whatever it is you're up here to do, Tin-man." She smirked, thinking about him being out here to get naughty with some lucky girl. Very lucky girl, she amended looking at his handsome face. "I need to go, so I do not get in the way. Maybe I'll check on you another time when you are free. You can show me the cabin then."

Martin closed his eyes, she watched a switch flip in him as he got into character. He opened his eyes and brashly said, "You know you're trespassing, right."

"Huh?" she was startled.

"I don't just let people go when I catch them."

"You don't?" She was embarrassed to hear a nervous warble in her voice.

"You'll have to find some way to pay me for passage." He was becoming a little maniacal sounding.

"What the fuck is going on?" she asked, getting worried.

"I'll let you work off your debt."


Next thing she knew was across his strong arms being carried to the stone cabin.

'Shit, shit, shit.' she thought. 'This is going sideways in a hurry.'

She pounded a fist on his rock hard chest and kicked her legs. He shifted her over his shoulder belly down in a fireman carry position with his hand firmly holding her ass. She continued the pound at his nicely muscled back, pretty sure she was hurting her hands more than she was hurting him.

Feeling helpless she yelled, "Wait! Wait! You caught the wrong girl."

In what seemed an instant he had her in the cabin. He sat her on her feet and turned her facing away from him. She was about to protest again when he kissed the bare top of her shoulder near the nape of her neck. The surprisingly gentle touch sent a shockwave through her, stealing her breath and robbing her of her voice.

Next, she was relieved of her pack. Martin kissed the back of her neck as his fingers gently danced down her sides, then detoured to squeeze her ass. He was nibbling her ears now. She leaned back into him and he hugged her around the waist.

Cecilia spun in his arms and moved to kiss him. In an instant she became angry when he dodged back avoiding her kiss. He spun her facing away again and both hands squeezed her ass.

Pissed at being rebuffed, she called out, "You need to stop this right now. I really am a hiker and not the woman-"

She cut off her own words with a squeal as his thumbs hooked in her shorts and drew them down to her knees. It took her split second to realize he'd captured her panties as well. She was taking in the horror that she was nude below her waist when he forced her forward, bent over the side of the bed.

'What kind of blind date am I hijacking? I was hoping to seduce him, but this is ridiculous.' she thought to herself.

Cecilia was momentarily distracted by the pleasant scent of the fabric softener wafting up from the blanket her face was shoved in. She vaguely wondered what type of man used fabric softener, then she heard his pants coming off.

'Oh God, he was really going to do it,' she realized.

She told herself she needed to protest more loudly.

"Uhm, I might not mind if we knew each other a little better first, but-"

And he was inside her, thick and stretching her intimately. She noted she was wet enough for him to be making splashing sounds. 'When did that happen?' she asked herself.

Martin breathed, "Oh God, you're tight." He began stroke in and out. "You feel wonderful."

'Oh yeah, I need to protest.' She reminded herself.

She spoke best that she could, "Oh, ah, wait, don't, ah, God."

She hung her head in shame. It should not feel so good. She continued to shout curses and pleas for him to stop. It occurred to her that if she was encouraging him it would sound much the same.

An evil little voice in her head taunted her, 'You have a safe word. You could have stopped him if you really wanted to. You still could.'

Cecilia vocalized her

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