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A father teaches his daughter about safe sex.

After the fourth repetition she was relaxing more and I could feel her pubic hair rubbing my ass as she rested momentarily between strokes. After a while longer, she reversed her position so that she was now facing my feet and began working on my legs. As she kneaded my thighs and calves her pussy was rubbing up and down my back. After a while I could feel moisture on my back as she was sliding back and forth with her legs spread on either side of my abdomen. Then she moved her legs toward my head a little more and began working on my ass. She added more oil so that her hands were very slick and moved smoothly. She applied a lot of pressure as she worked on my gluteus maximus, even going so far as to grind her knuckles into it. On the return strokes her fingers slid along my inner thighs and then traced my crack as she brought her hands back up for another power stroke. After a while she got more playful, letting her fingertips tickle my balls and circle my asshole. I was really enjoying it and my cock was getting hard as a result.

At that point, Don said it was time to switch partners. I sheepishly swung my legs around and a sat up, revealing raging hard-on. Monica looked at it and then smiled at me as she said "I can see that you enjoyed that. I hope I get as much out of this as you obviously have." I looked around the room and saw that most of the other guys were just as excited as I was so I didn't feel too embarrassed.

Monica lay down on the table as I warmed some oil by rubbing it between my hands. Her body felt cool to the touch as I placed my hands in the middle of her back and started to spread the oil around. I began with long deep strokes the full length of her torso and felt her soft skin warm up from the friction. Then I concentrated on her neck and shoulders for five minutes or so. As I focused on traditional massage strokes my erection subsided. At first I could feel a lot of tension in her muscles and even an actual knot, but as I worked on her I could feel it disappear. This coincided with the quiet "oohs" and "aahs" she was moaning. I moved around the table to her side and started working on her beautiful ass. I reached across her body to do the far cheek first, alternating pressure strokes with more gentle movements. Then I gave the near cheek the same treatment. Next I worked on both sides at the same time, using a circular clockwise motion to bring the cheeks together at the top of the stroke and gently tug them apart at the bottom. Then I reversed direction. My hands moved toward the crack of her ass and I gently stroked up and down. My fingers gradually moved toward her taint and rubbed it firmly. This started her squirming and she raised herself slightly off the table. I took this as permission to explore further and my fingers found her pussy. Rubbing it on the outside of the lips I could tell she was sopping wet. I slowly slipped my fingers inside her and she gasped. All of this more sexual attention had got me excited again and my hard-on had returned. It brushed against Monica's palm, which lay upturned at the side of her body. As I explored the inside of her vagina with first one and then two fingers, she wrapped her hand around my penis and squeezed it. After a few moments her squeezes were in synch with my strokes inside her.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear "Who is massaging whom?"

"I think the pleasure is mutual," she replied, punctuating her response with an even firmer grip on me.

After a few more moments Kelly said we had five minutes left so I reluctantly moved down to Monica's feet and worked on her legs.

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