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There was only a mile left to go to get back to the stadium and another quarter mile for the final lap around the track. Jason had reached the part of the race where he had to stop enjoying the run and actually focus his energies on passing all of the remaining runners. He pulled away from Lisa and picked up his pace. Lisa also picked up her pace, as she sought to pass the only two female runners ahead of her, but there was no way she could run as fast as Jason.

Using the technique that had served him well in high school, he calmly started passing the 12 runners who still were ahead of him during the final portion of the run. He began breathing more heavily and sweating hard as he pushed himself. Soon there were 11 runners in front of Jason, then there were 10, then 9...

By the time the stadium was in sight Jason only had two more runners ahead of him, the two he had known from the beginning would be his toughest rivals. Both were Tri-Alpha pledges, who were confident this would be yet another year Tri-Alpha would take the trophy and use the $ 1,000 in prize money for a post-run party at the fraternity. Jason had other ideas about that prize money and what it would be used for.

The three young men ran fiercely in a tight cluster as they re-entered the stadium, well ahead of anyone else in the race. Jason heard the announcer's voice.

"Hey-hey, what's this? We've got Huntington Hall giving the Tri-Alphas a bit of a challenge here! So, it looks like we might have an upset this year!"

The crowd roared its support for the runners, some of them rooting for the Tri-Alpha runners and some of them for Jason. As they came around the final quarter lap Jason put forth a final burst of energy. He put everything he had into a desperate sprint to the finish line and pulled ahead of his two final rivals. He barely felt the ribbon as he pushed through it and it broke across his chest, with the campus newspaper and Tri-Alpha photographers rapidly snapping pictures of the first non-Tri-Alpha member to win the race in 11 years.

The crowd exploded into cheering as Jason pulled to a stop and struggled to regain his breath. He looked back at the two Tri-Alpha pledges, who were taken aback they had not kept the tradition of yearly wins for the fraternity. There would be hell to pay for the loss later that night. Instead of a post-race party, the pledges would have to return to their dorm naked, get cleaned up, and then spend the evening getting paddled by the fraternity's upperclassmen. To make matters worse, the fraternity's sister sorority pledges would be invited to watch the punishments. Losing the race was a serious matter for the Tri-Alphas.

Still gasping for breath, Jason saw Cecilia running towards him. She gave him a big hug and a kiss, embracing him as several Huntington Hall RA's took pictures of the happy couple. Sweat from Jason's bare body saturated Cecilia's blouse as she hugged him, but she could care less about that. He had won, he had won for her, and she loved him for it.

Naked men continued to trickle into the stadium, circling around the field and passing the finish line. Then came the second batch of excitement, the first female runners in the race re-entered the stadium. They were Lisa and the female track runner. It turned out they were evenly matched, because Lisa was tall and had a long stride, but her competitor was the more seasoned athlete. The two women ran viciously against each other as they desperately circled the football field. They crossed the finish line together and for a minute it was not clear which of them had won. Finally a race referee produced a digital photo showing Lisa ahead by about a foot as the two women crossed the finish line. The photo was put on the stadium's display board for the audience to see how the winner had been determined. A foot wasn't much, but under the race rules Lisa was clearly the winner.

The Huntington Hall students went wild with cheering.

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