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Husband becomes maid and performs for wife and friends.


I had met her a few days earlier. We didn't hit it off so well at first. Her and her roommate where both hot, but something about her just turned me on. We had both attended this camp before, we never talked though. This year, she was the life guard and I was the sports coordinator. I was walking late one night when I saw her on a bench by the lake. The moon was full, the could see her beautiful figure. It was kind of warm, she was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I walked over and sat next to her.

"Hi Jenlee" I stated. She looked at me. "Hey" she responded. "Nice night"

"Yes, yes it is" I stated. "What are you doing out here?"

"Thinking of a swim" she said, "care to join me?"

"Id love to" I stated, "but I have nothing to swim in"

"Oh" she said, getting up and pulling off her shirt "neither do I"

My eyes where fixated on her chest. Never before have I ever seen a better example of God creation of the female chest area then at this moment. Milky white, looks to him to be a perfect C cup, her nipples were kind of hard. She removed her shorts, a perfect ass is what she had. She jumped into the water, turn and yelled for me to join in. My cock was fairly hard, so I pulled my shirt off and quickly pulled off my pants. Once my boxers hit the ground, I looked up and saw Jenlee staring at me. I tried to cover my manhood and walked towards the waters edge.

"Come on in" she said, smiling, "I wanna show you something"

I jumped in, the water was cool and shrunk my dick a little. I swam over the where she was, which was on the floating slide platform. I climbed up and stared at her beautiful body. I noticed for the first time, her pussy was shaved. "Looks like your cold" she said.

"uh?" I replied, snapping out of my day dream.

"your cold" she said, looking at my cock. "your dick was hard and big over on shore, now its soft and small" she said.

"well, it happens" I said in embarrassment. "what did you wanna show me?" I asked. She smiled and slide her hand down to her pussy. "This" she said as she spread her lips wide open. "Look how tight my pussy is" she said, sliding a finger into it. My eyes where fixated on her pussy. She was such a cock tease.

"Oh," she said "look what I have done..." Pointing to my now hard cock. I was so focused on her, I didn't even notice. "I like it, it is so...big" and with that, she reached up and grabbed the head of my cock. She played with the tip, sticking her fingernail at the edge of my meat. God, it felt so good. She guided her fingers down my shaft, reaching the base.

"Well" she said, "are you just going to stand the, or are you going to show me what you can do with that?"

I am sure I looked a little puzzled, but in no time in was in between her spread legs. The tip of my hard cock pressed against her opening. I could tell she was wet. It slide in real easy, but tightly. I pushed until my shaft had disappear into her wanting pussy.

"Oh shit" she said, "that feels so fucking great". I pulled out, then back in. I got a rhythm going, with my balls smacking her on her ass. I was holding my self up on my arms, watching her beautiful tits jiggle. I reached down and grab one of her nipples, squeezing and twisting. She reacted with a pleasurable moan.

"Fuckin cum deep in me" she said as she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart while pushing me deeper within her.

"Oh fuck" I said "I gotta cum"

"Go baby, "she moan loudly "cum inside my pussy"

I released. I couldn't hold back anymore. The thick cream left my penis and entered her pussy.

"Oh fuck, its warm and feels good" she said. After my dick soften, I rolled of her. I was totally out of breath.

"You gonna make me cum, right?" She said. I nodded and moved in between her legs. I was face to face with her pussy. A little stream of cum was oozing out of her pussy, down her ass and through the wood planks into the water.

I moved my tongue along her slit, licking up my salt flavored cum along the way.

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