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Two women watch...and get handy.

er had a man do this to you, hunh?"

I shake my head no.

You keep rubbing your cock into my ass while you open the bottle of oil and drizzle some onto my back. You start rubbing it in, your strong hands grabbing and kneading my shoulders and spine and the sides of my ribcage.

"Oohh," I say. "Don't stop. It feels so good."

You reach around and rub some oil onto my pussy and start to stroke it. You press your chest against my back, your skin hot from the pumped up metabolism you get after a workout. Your other hand slides around to my front and rubs oil onto my nipples and areolas while you kiss my neck.

"Huuh," I pant. "That feels good. Please don't stop." I close my eyes and moan.

You rub my nipples until they get hard, as your cock keeps rubbing into my ass and you stroke my cunt lips. Then you unbutton my pants and slide them off me.

You put your lips to my ear and whisper, "Bend over."

"What -- why do you want --"

"I want to rub your ass, that's all. Do you want me to slap you again?" You push down on my back, and I reluctantly bend over. I feel so vulnerable, naked and gleaming with oil, bent over a countertop with my legs parted and your hard cock pressing against my asscheek, but it's exciting, too. I'm hard as a rock, and waiting for your hands to touch my ass and make my buns shiny with oil, too.

You step back a bit and pour oil on my lower back. A lot of oil. It runs down over my buttocks and down my asscrack, and some of it trickles down my legs, tickling my smooth skin. Your warm hands cup my buttocks for a moment, then you begin spreading the oil all over my butt and my hips. You stroke my clit and I wiggle my hips with pleasure. Your other hand presses into my lower back, easing the tension from the workout.

Your hand slides down from my lower back and into the cleft of my pussy. I gasp from the shock. A finger starts sliding between my labia.

"Oh, no," I say. "Not that. Please. I'm a good girl. I don't do that."

Your finger slides out, and I feel a moment of relief. Then you swat my ass hard.


"I said no backtalk. Want another slap, bitch?"

"Please. Don't. I'll be quiet."

"You better." Your hand invades my cleft again, and now your finger is pushing deeper inside me. I try to escape this sweet invasion -- so wrong and dirty and yet it feels so good -- but I'm bent over with my hips pressed against the countertop and there's nowhere to go. Your finger is pushing against my intact hymen now. I don't say anything, though -- my buttocks must be red already from the two slaps you gave them, and I don't want to provoke another.

You start fucking me with your finger. "Do you like my finger inside your virgin hole?"

I stay silent, blinking back tears.

"Do you want me to take it out?"

I nod.

Your finger slides out.

I sigh in relief, thinking you're done, but then you start sliding your cock up and down my cleft.

"No, please -- I'm a good girl. I can't let you inside me." I tense, waiting for another slap, but it doesn't come.

You grasp my hips. "I won't put it inside you, I promise. I just want to slide it up and down between those sweet pussy lips of yours. It'll feel good, I promise. OK?"

I look over my shoulder and meet your eyes. "I -- I -- I guess so."

"Good girl. You'll enjoy this." You begin sliding your hard cock up and down my slit, and you're right. It does feel good. It feels so sexy having your cockhead brush against my labia, over and over, while I'm bent over and vulnerable and giving you such pleasure. You're grunting and thrusting, and your hips and hard belly are sliding up and down my soft buttocks, warming them. You press your hand against one of my legs, and I take the hint and let you lift it up and place the knee on the countertop. This opens my pussy even wider, and it feels so sexy and erotic to be open and waiting for the strong hard man who's behind me, taking his pleasure.

Your cockhead pauses in the middle of a stroke, pauses on my cunthole, and now you're grasping your shaft and rubbing your cock in circles around my hole

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