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More bisexual adventures with Kara and Steve.

Thank Luna, it wasn't the mating pull, it was just a physical attraction.

After a couple of seconds Julie pulled her hand away, and said, "My wolf would like to run with yours. You can pick me up at dusk at my hotel."


When she walked out of his office, she breathed a sigh of relief. She'd hooked up her wolf without having to give up some pussy in her human.

She paused at Shaniqua's desk again to say goodbye. When she looked down toward Julie's lady business as she scented her, Julie instantly realized what the look meant. Shaniqua had sensed her wolf's arousal. Julie excused herself to the bathroom, saying, "I think I'd better freshen up before I leave."

A few minutes later, Julie was in the elevator, and the door had closed behind her. Shaniqua sprayed her office with Febreze, to hide the musky aroma that was lingering in the room.

All the while Russ's human nose was totally unaware of the funky smells the wolves were sensing.


Julie was waiting in her hotel's lobby with Russ as the sun went down. When she saw R W's jeep, she said, "I'm going with him to run in my wolf. I'll be back by ten p m."

After she and R W greeted each other, neither one of them said anything more; this time belonged to their wolf.

When they reach the car park at the edge of the forest, Julie excused herself to get undressed and shift in private. She hadn't suddenly become modest or chaste; it was out of caution and a desire to keep R W from feeling too comfortable around her.

Truth be known her wolf couldn't wait to run and play with his. For Julie and her wolf, the attraction they were feeling meant good sex, not a commitment for life.


When they'd both shifted Julie's wolf was impressed. R W's wolf was as handsome as a wolf can be, and being that he was older, she particularly like how low his nuts hung between his legs, and they smelled manly when she sniffed them.

When it was his turn to check her out she stood still and raised her tail, to give him access to her sex. Her pussy smelled clean yet musky to him even in her wolf.

After they decided that they each liked what the other hand, they sprinted into the forest for a mile or so, until Julie's wolf found some soft grass to lay in. When R W's wolf tried to sniff and lick her pussy she tucked her tail between her legs and tried to bite him. He got the message and lay down beside her. Even in her wolf, she wanted to get the point across, that she wasn't his to take when he wished, physical attraction or no.

After they'd lain in the grass for a while, licking each other's face and play fighting some, Julie's wolf stood up and raised her tail slightly. When R W's wolf approached her tentatively, she stood very still. When he sniffed and licked her pussy she lifted her tail higher. When he walked in a circle around her she licked the tip of his penis that was outside his sheath.

When he was behind her again, he climbed on her back for a second before hopping off. She still didn't move a muscle, and so he knew she was ready to receive him. The next time he rose up on his hind legs and mounted her, he stayed up there. The difference was this time she spread her legs to help maintain her balance, as he pulled her back towards him.

His wolf had plenty of experience, so it only took a couple thrusts for the tip of his cock to find the warm wetness it was seeking. As soon as it felt her opening, his shaft sprang forward impaling her.

Instantly she knew why he'd been so confident and charming in his human. He knew he was packing some serious heat.

Julie's wolf held her ground as she felt his very impressive length and girth go deeper with each rapid thrust.

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