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Unsuspecting woman showers & only thinks she's alone.

your friend and see if she's still enjoying herself?"

It's my turn to flash an embarrassed smile at my friend as my right hand finds the edge of her skirt. I can only look at her for a moment, her eyes a mixture of nervousness and anticipation, before I self-consciously divert them to her lap. The glow of the dashboard gives the skin of her upper thigh a bluish tinge as it is revealed by the push of my wrist towards the junction of her thighs. Her triangle lies just beyond the bunch of her skirt, the fabric having nowhere else to go. Anne's eyes and thighs are still closed to my advances. I can go no further.

"Ummm..." I say, unsure how to ask my best friend to open her legs to me.

"Oh. Sorry," she squeaks, and opens herself just enough for my index finger to find its way down to the base of her slit. It is now my turn to hesitate and consider what I'm about to do. "No different than that time at her house," I tell myself, not quite believing it. I push the thoughts out of the way and dip my hand into her valley, my finger drawing up from her opening to her clit. It glides easily, ample evidence she was not lying at the restaurant.

"Well?" Tim asks patiently.

"I think she is," I reply, unsure if I'm free to remove my hand. Anne, for her part, as opened herself wider, giving me more access to her lips.

Tim reaches over and gently takes my wrist and brings my still extended finger to his mouth. He suckles on it for a moment, enjoying the flavor, before moving my wrist back to my lap. "Nice."

His taste test is followed by a left turn into the parking garage. I wait for some sort of instruction in the elevator, but none comes, just Tim's pleased humming. He opens the door to our room, lets us in, and closes it, still without a word being said. I remember my instructions this time and remove my coat, hanging it on a hook near the door, Anne's hands stay on her lapels, seemingly frozen. She sees me reaching for my suit jacket and her mind seems to be made up. Her own trenchcoat comes off with purpose, hung next to mine. She too is reaching for her jacket when Tim finally speaks from his spot near the liquor supply. "Wait," he orders again, and we both freeze in place. He allows us to stand in suspense while he pours himself a whiskey on the rocks, then kicks off his shoes. Settling into a chair facing us, he puts his feet up on the Ottoman and smiles. "Karen, you can continue. Nice to see you remembered this time. Anne, you can wait for a moment." She and I steal a glance at each other, wondering what is about to transpire, and I resume removing my jacket, followed by my shoes, shirt, skirt, and bra. I am quickly naked save for my pearls. Anne's gaze is on me, only occasionally diverted to the man sitting before us.

"I think we enjoy the same taste in women," Tim tells my friend. "Karen, why don't you get yourself a drink and come sit on my lap." I pour a glass of wine and set it down on an end table before settling myself on a still-clothed Tim. His arm circles my waist and pulls me to him as he begins to raise his drink. The glass is pressed against my nipple, causing me to sharply inhale from the sudden cold on my sensitive bud. The glass moves on, and he takes a sip.

"Anne, I love to see women revealed to me, to see what so few others have had the privilege of viewing. The thrill of seeing the female form for the first time-it's incredible. Today, Karen's going to unwrap your treasures for me to get a look at. Karen, if you don't mind...Anne, could you stand in front of me please."

Tim's arm moves from my waist and I take this as my cue. Getting up as Anne approaches, I move behind her and help her off with her blazer. Tossing it onto the couch, I briefly wonder what to remove next, but he does not make it my choice.

"Karen, I think the shirt should be next. Before you do, though, you have had the advantage of seeing what I haven't yet. Can you describe her skin to me?"

I think a moment.

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