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Husband, wife & best friend's relationship evolves.


"Yes, sir."

Fay's clothes were sticky and wet by the physical effort she had endured. She needed a cold shower to clean herself as soon as possible.


After taking a shower to clean her body and changing her clothes, Fay felt a sudden wish to take a walk around the new area of the library that was now accessible to her thanks to her new status as a sorceress.

An entire room filled with bookshelves containing piles and piles of books she had never heard of, essays detailing the use of magic, volumes, and maps recording the history and geography of all the civilizations that inhabited the land before the current Lumnex.

Fay considered her first read, lost in so many possibilities. Walking the halls she felt a strange thrill like something was calling to her.
"It's nothing Fay, just focus." She thought to recall Valyxa's words. "That won't happen again if you stay strong," Fay said for herself.

After losing track of her steps she ended up in a dead end, a little aisle in the middle of the bookshelves maze. A round table placed in the center and a shelf that went all around it. Fay sensed that force once again, a supernatural string pulled her into the tiny space, inviting her to come in.

Something whispered in an ancient language, Fay ignored it. She was looking for a good read.

Finally, she took an old tome, its cover had blue runes engraved in the black leather. The title of the book caught her attention: 'The Corruption of the Land'. The runes shined with an ethereal light when she read the title.

She opened it and read the first few lines.

'In this age of receding magic, few of us know about the existence of mythic creatures. Powerful entities, terrible beasts, immortals, demons and all of those who wield the auryl to change the world as they see fit.'

'Let me tell you about the most dangerous type of creature to ever put a foot in our beloved land of Zeolsya. I'm talking, of course, about the succubus.'

"Wow! What the hell?" Fay whispered to herself. "What a coincidence... Succubus... that's what Valyxa said she was..."

She kept reading the book. The words danced, and the sentences rippled when she turned the pages.

'Succubi are the most dangerous between demons due to their inherent tendency to corrupt everything they touch, especially the flesh of low willed humans. Those weak of heart may find themselves victims of these insidious hunters of the night who are always seeking a mate to pair with, being men or women alike.'

'Driven by their lust and sexual hunger, many succubi have been responsible for the fall of many kingdoms and decay of society in the past.'

'When a succubus appears, its corruption extends quickly, infecting other people and corrupting them into demonic creatures like her. If not properly stopped, the corruption spreads quickly, twisting and destroying all that is good and pure in the land.'

"Oh, my... You don't find these kinds of books in the public area." Fay mumbled. Completely absorbed by the written words, her mind didn't realize her own thoughts were betraying her. A text that should make her worry about her own condition... and yet she found it very interesting.

Among the infinite descriptions and warnings about the modus operandi of the creatures the book talked about there were drawings, illustrating demonic entities depicting horns, dragon wings, sharp talons and fangs, long tongues and a usual voluptuous constitution that would make any person aroused just by looking at them. They reminded Fay to those doodles from Valyxa's.

Fay grinned recalling them. They were so poorly drawn compared to the images she was contemplating now. Instead, these were perfect... so smooth... their anatomy was correct, even their intimates looked great...

'Enjoying the view?' Fay read.


Did the book just speak with her?

'Quite an interesting reading, don't you think?' The book turned the page by itself to an empty blank.

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