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A tale of secrets and desires begins.

She ran her hands all over Lisa's tummy as her shirt moved higher and higher up her body. She pulled Lisa up off of the bed and pulled the top up over her head and tossed it aside.

Julie kissed Lisa as her hands went behind Lisa's back to unhook her pink lace bra. She pulled it off and tossed it across the room. Julie pushed Lisa back down onto the bed and moved her hands down to slowly start pulling off her friend's panties. Julie pulled Lisa's panties down over her feet, balled them up, and dramatically threw them across the room.

"You won't be needing those." Julie said.

Lisa smiled. Julie crawled up over her naked friend and kissed her for several minutes. When Julie finally gave her the chance to get up Lisa sat up on the bed and started stripping Julie out of her clothes.

Lisa wanted to quickly rip Julie's clothes off of her, but she held back and moved slowly the way that Julie had. Lisa ran her hands down Julie's sides and slipped her hands up inside Julie's top. She moved her hands up, pulling the shirt as she went. She pulled Julie's top off and threw it across the room.

Lisa moved her hands down to open Julie's shorts; Julie lifted her butt so that Lisa could pull them off. Lisa tossed the shorts to the floor. She moved her hands up Julie's body to her back to unhook her bra and pull it off.

Lisa leaned in to kiss Julie as her hands moved down towards her friend's panties. Lisa pulled away from Julie and started pulling her panties down; Julie lifted up enough for them to slip off. Lisa pulled them off, swung them around her head twice, and threw them across the room. She leaned in and kissed Julie. Their hands started to explore their friend's naked body.

"It's amazing how exciting it can be to have someone undress you isn't it?" Julie asked.

Lisa smiled.

"If I were still wearing panties they'd be soaked right now." Lisa said.

"They were a little wet when I pulled them off. God damn you look so sexy." Julie said.

Julie reached out and stroked her hands over Lisa's body.

"Lay back on the bed." Julie said.

Lisa lay back and Julie began caressing every inch of her friend's body. She moved down to Lisa's feet and legs.

"You have great legs and pretty feet." Julie said.

Julie lifted Lisa's right foot off of the bed and started kissing it. Lisa was surprised then Julie took one of her toes into her mouth and sucked it.

"Oh my." Lisa said.

"I always love it when Eric does that to me." Julie said.

Julie kissed her way up Lisa's legs until she was kissing her inner thighs just inches from her friend's pussy.

"Stop teasing me." Lisa said.

Julie smiled and kissed her way to Lisa's pussy. Lisa moaned as Julie started lapping away at her pussy. Lisa loved it, but she wanted more. She reached down and grabbed Julie by the hair.

"No fair eating me when I'm dying to eat you...get your pussy up here." Lisa said.

Julie smiled and crawled onto Lisa in a 69. The girls licked and fingered each other; they were both already really turned on so it wasn't long before they were climaxing on each other's tongues.

Lisa wasn't satisfied with just once and kept attacking Julie's pussy...Julie did the same to her friend. When they'd both cum a second time Julie moved off of Lisa, lay beside her, and they kissed for several minutes.

"Not a bad way to spend a Saturday huh?" Julie asked.

Lisa smiled.

"I can certainly think of less enjoyable ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. What should we do now?" Lisa asked.

"There's something I wanted to try with one of you; it's not in the movie, but I thought we might enjoy it." Julie said.

Lisa smiled.

"We don't have to limit ourselves to what's going to be in the movie; we just have to prepare to be together once we start filming. If I had a strap-on I'd love to use it on you and that's not in the movie. What's your idea?" Lisa asked.

Julie smiled.

"Using a strap-on could be fun. My idea is having us rub our pussies together." Julie said.

Lisa's eyes lit up and she smiled.

"You want to try tribbing?" Lisa a

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