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No one ever eats the fruit. It could be plastic fruit and you'd never know.

Peggy was impressed. "This place is bigger than the apartment I share with two roommates and a cat," she remarked. "Probably costs more than I make in a year. You live like this all the time?"

"Yep. Pretty much."

"Must be nice."

I grinned at her. "Lucky you. You get to try it on, see if it fits."

"I bet it fits fine," she said, giving me a naughty grin, quirking her eyebrows.

"Let's see," I said, stepping over to her. I hauled her off her feet and carried her laughing to the bed.

I laid her down on her back and pulled her shirt off over her head. I was curious about the nipple piercings she had mentioned. She was wearing a lavender bra made of thick, satiny fabric, probably to hide her piercings for work. It hooked closed in front, thank God, so I had no trouble undoing it. I pulled the cups aside and admired her for a second or two. She was ivory and pink, her areolae small and light, her nipples large and dark, pierced twice each with concentric silver hoops. I thumbed across one, and she inhaled sharply through her nose, arched up into my hands. I bent down to lick and suck one of the dark nipples, played with the rings with my tongue, and she moaned low in the back of her throat, almost a purr.

"Take my pants off," she said. I did, first unbuckling her skull-and-crossbones belt and then unfastening and pulling her tweed pants off. She raised her hips to help me out, and while she had her ass off the bed, I smacked it. She shrieked, giggling, and slapped at my hands. I threw her pants overboard and played with her other nipple rings with my mouth, hooking my tongue through the larger one and tugging gently, making her moan and squirm for more. She reached for my face and kissed me, and her mouth tasted like Altoid mints and the last cigarette she had smoked. I must have kissed her for about half an hour, or that's what it felt like to me. She got my pants off me in the meantime, and my shirt, too, although I don't recall how because it was a pull-over t-shirt and we didn't separate so she could pull it off over my head. I think she may have ripped it off with her bare hands. I'm getting horny again just remembering.

She broke the kiss abruptly; left me wanting more, as they say in the business. By this time I was on my back, and her long, warm naked body was draped atop me, her soft, flawless breasts pressed against my chest. She said, "You've never done this before? Not like with me?"

And suddenly she looked so tender and vulnerable, I had to hug her. I squeezed her and said, "No." I kept eye contact with her to make sure she knew I meant it.

She hugged me back and said, "Neither have I. I don't go home with strangers. I've seen you in the movies but I don't know you. You must think I'm a whore."

I smiled. "I think you're very cute, and sexy, and I want to fuck you cross-eyed. But you work at Small Mart. If you were a whore, you'd be so busy making so much money having sex all the time, it wouldn't be worth it to check people out at a department store. Right?"

She grinned, and once again she was the checkout girl I'd fallen in...lust with. I turned us over and lay down on top of her, feeling her soft body yield under mine. She wrapped her legs around me and I rubbed my dick against her pussy, feeling how warm she was down between her thighs, how wet and smooth and slick. She arched and rubbed back against me, wanting me to give it to her, to put it inside her. I made her wait. I drew away; I left her wanting more.

I got up on my knees, sat back on my haunches, and she didn't wait for an invitation.

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