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Darkness comes to Earth & finds his unborn soulmate.

"This time of day, you'll be needing sunscreen, especially if this is your first time sunning those never-seen-the-sun-before body parts."

Melanie stepped over to the closet near the pool bath, which was stocked with several types of sunscreen and tanning lotions. "Your skin type should tan well, but we don't want you to burn," she said, handing her a bottle of SPF15 lotion. "Let's go outside and get some sun."

Melanie opened the sliding door leading out to the patio. The two women stepped outside in their robes, spread towels down on two lounge chairs and sat down. Susanne looked around. From where they were sitting, even the window of her colonial house was obscured from view. "Very private," she said.

"Yes, very."

Melanie took off her robe, hanging it over a chair. She stood there totally nude, her bald pussy and totally tanned body on display for Susanne to see up close.

Susanne looked at her, mesmerized, her heart pounding. The thought of being nude outside was beginning to overwhelm her. Anticipation turned to excitement, even arousal. Feeling comfortable in their privacy, Susanne slipped off her robe, revealing dark shoulders, arms and legs and a tan line that looked like she had never worn a bikini in her life. Both women were totally nude now. Melanie couldn't help but notice Susanne's breasts, which were pear-shaped and firm with large nipples, and a pubic region that needed a good trim, if not a complete shaving. The young woman was in very good shape, with a slim waist, solid abs, and a firm butt with good muscle tone.

"Do you work out?" asked Melanie, admiring her neighbor's fit body.

"I try to go to the gym two or three times a week."

Melanie smiled. "We should go together some time."

"I'd like that," said Susanne, squeezing sunscreen onto her palm.

"Just do what I do and you'll cover everything," said Melanie, applying lotion to her shoulders and arms first, then to her tummy and breasts. Susanne did the same.

"Be sure to put a lot on your nipples," said Melanie, rubbing lotion onto both of her breasts. She put a dab on the tip of her fingers, transferred it to the nipple of her right breast, and then slowly massaged it in. Then, she squeezed out another stream of lotion onto the palm of her hand, rubbing it into her left nipple. As she massaged her nipples, a wave of pleasure spread through her. She rolled her head back and enjoyed.

Susanne squeezed lotion directly onto both of her nipples, rubbing it in slowly in a circular motion, alternating from one breast to the other. She moaned softly.

"Now, do your butt," said Melanie, standing and then reaching behind herself with a handful of lotion. She rubbed some onto both cheeks, bending over slightly to give Susanne a good view.

Susanne stood up, rubbing lotion onto her left cheek, then her right cheek, massaging it in deeply. She finished the application by squeezing the creamy white liquid onto her inner thighs, massaging it in slowly with her fingertips.

"You missed a spot," said Melanie. She squirted a stream of sunscreen onto her the palm of her hand, slowly rubbing it onto Susanne's butt. "Now, let's do your back." She rubbed lotion onto Susanne's back. When she was done, Susanne did her back, massaging the lotion in deeply.

"Ooh, that felt good!" said Melanie. "I haven't had a good back rub in a long time."

"Neither have I. And with my husband gone, I haven't had a good front rub either."

Melanie chuckled, knowing exactly what she meant. "Neither have I."

"I feel so relaxed," said Susanne, lying back on the lounge chair, bathing her entire body in the sunshine. Melanie did the same.

"Is that comfortable?" asked Susanne, pointing to Melanie's bald pubic region.

"Oh yes," she said. "You should shave. It makes it easier to apply the lotion."

Susanne rolled her eyes. "I didn't bring a razor."

"Well, I have a spare," Melanie replied. "You can do it right out here."

"Okay," said Susanne. "Maybe later."

The two women lay on their backs in the sun for about thirty min

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