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Chad finds there's more to college than studying.

All evening Chaz could not take his eyes off of her and began to wonder if he wasn't in over his head. Her laughter was contagious; the conversation interesting and he felt like he was under some sort of enchanted spell.

It was getting late and as much fun as they were having, no one could deny how tired they were after such a long day. The ride back to the house was quiet, with Lora and Chaz snuggled up in the back seat. Though both were conflicted about the events of last night, there was no denying a connection between them. Chaz did not want to hurt her and feared he may have already done so. He had been in relationships; married and divorced, and he was hard-pressed to go down that road, especially with someone he genuinely liked so much. At the same time, Lora was conflicted by the fact that she didn't take being intimate with someone lightly but realized they had known each other one day and she couldn't expect a relationship when they didn't even really know each other.

By the time they got back, both seemed tired and a bit jumpy by their quandries. As Lora, went into the bathroom to change out of her dress, Chaz went into the spare bedroom to change his clothes. Lora had gotten completely undressed when she realized she had left her bag in the living room. Taking Kim's terrycloth robe off the hook and wrapped it around herself as she headed down the hall. The door was open to the spare room, as she passed by, and the glanced in to see Chaz laying on the bed; shoes off, shirt off and lying on his back, where he'd evidently dozed off.

Lora crept in and pulled the cover up from the bottom of the bed to cover him but as she got close started to pull it up over his chest, she was close enough to smell his wonderful manly smell; earthy, musky and intoxicating. She stopped short, thinking about how incredible this man was: masculine and hard on the outside but so kind and gentle underneath. She wanted him, if only this weekend, and would let the rest work itself out. For the first time, in her life, she felt like a woman; a sexy, passionate woman and she wasn't ready to give that up just yet.

She tossed the blanket aside and leaned closer to his chest, taking in his fragrance as she began planting kisses on his bare, tattooed chest. At the same time, she could not resist the urge to run her hands over his belly, gliding up to his nipples, rubbing them with her thumbs. Not only was he waking to her delicate assault, he could smell her coconut shampoo and springtime fragrance. He sighed as he opened his eyes. She looked up at him, waiting for his response, as he smiled down at her and reached to stroke her hair. Taking his cue, she climbed on the bed, straddling his hips and continued her exploration and attention to his torso, working her way up his neck, kissing and nibbling as she went . She could feel his heart pounding in his chest as she pressed her lips to his, which she also kissed and nibbled at before sliding her tongue between them and weaving her spell over him more completely.

God but she was making him crazy with her slow, persuasive movements. Did she even know how erotic she was? Straddling him, it was all he could do to patiently let her touch, lick, kiss and nibble her journey of his body. His breathing was becoming more and more ragged as she swept over him, giving attention to every little detail of her actions. He was fascinated how she responded to his reactions to each touch and action. His hands brushed the belt holding her robe and with one quick pull the tie pulled away. As she was nibbling attentively on his ear, making him harder and harder with each lick and bite, he pulled her robe open, slid his hands up her stomach to her bodacious breasts. He began massaging and kneading them, brushing his thumbs over each nipple, as she let out a low moan and arched toward his hands. He slid the robe from her shoulders and pulled her closer, taking in the sensual smell and feel of her breasts against his bare chest.

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