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Jason has visitor to his bedroom.

A disappointed sigh escaped her lips as I stopped my fondling. I walked around the desk to face her.

"No, stay where you are, we are not finished yet," I commanded while I undid my pants.

She watched in anticipation as I lowered my pants over my solid hard cock. A tiny drop of sperm glistened in the dimly lit office. I grabbed her red bushy-hair with one hand and placed the head of my cock against her lips.
"Now, suck me, suck me deep you little slut," I ordered. My body jerked as she took me deep into her warm mouth. She reached for my balls while her other hand snaked around the base of my length, bobbing her head slowly up and down.

"Yes, that's good, take it all," I gasped while I moved my hips in rhythm with her bobbing head.

I slid my hands into the front of her dress and grabbed her breasts. She groaned as I squeezed her nipples painfully; her hips started to hump the table edge. Holding on to one breast, I lubricated one finger with my sputum and I leaned over her. I shoved my hand into her panties, following the path to her anus. She bounced against the table more vigorously when she felt my lubricated finger entering abruptly into her puckered hole.

Her head moved faster, her mouth sucked harder. I felt myself nearing an orgasm very fast.

"Stop," I said, pulling away quickly, "I don't want to waste this."

I walked around the desk and stood behind her again. Hastily, I pulled her soaked panties down. She groaned when she felt my head pressing against her swollen lips.

"Yes, Dan, fuck me, fuck me hard," she uttered excitedly as she grabbed her breasts.

With one shove, I buried myself to the hilt inside her tight, hot wetness. I lubricated my thumb with her juices, and placed it over her anus.

"Fuck!" she screamed, as she felt herself stretching to the limit.

I withdrew my cock slowly and shoved it into her savagely again, causing the desk to screech along the floor. Her hands clamped themselves over the edges on the other side when she felt my thumb entering her ring.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder," she screamed.

I pumped into her harder and faster while my thumb slipped in and out of her contracting anus, feeling my cock moving inside of her. Jennifer's head jerked back and forth, as she felt herself nearing a climax.

"Oh-no, you slut, you don't deserve to come like this, not this time," I said as I pulled out of her.

"Oh, please Dan, please fuck me more," she begged.

"Of course, slut, but like this..." I placed my throbbing head against her stretched anus, and slowly advanced my shaft forwards.

"Oh, fuck!" she exclaimed, banging her head repeatedly on the desk.

I slowly withdrew and then advanced, sinking deeper and deeper into her tight orifice. Her hips started to rotate, as she ground her clit against the edge. Leaning forward, I unzipped her dress and slid my hands over her large breasts. I increased my pace; squeezing her large nipples each time, I rode into her white buttocks at a steady pace, feeling her clenching around my dick.

"Dan, I'm coming. I'm going to come," she wailed.

This spurred me on, faster I slammed into her, feeling a pressure growing deep within my balls. Sweat dripped from my face, as my own breathing race across my lips.

Jennifer arched her head upwards, "Yes Dan! Oh-yes!" she screamed as an orgasm shook her body.

Her contracting muscles finally drove me over the edge, causing my cock to pulsate strongly, spewing a string of sperm within her heated body.

As the last spasms started to fade, I pulled free from Jennifer, "On your knees, slut," I commanded. Jennifer got unsteadily down to her knees, knowing well what's expected of her. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft, directing me deeply into her mouth, sucking and licking gratefully.

"Now, that's a good girl," I praised her. "I think you liked it, didn't you?"

Releasing my cock, she smiled, "Oh yes, I haven't had such a quick, but good fuck for a long time. We should do it more often."

"We will," I smiled back, "bit we have

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