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A young woman learns about sex.

She gnashes her teeth and her claws curl within the sheet. You hear it ripping and despite the pleasant feel of her cheek against your cock you turn limp seeing the evil glee in her eyes. Her moan grows louder ... louder. You wince in pain as the sound of her climax beats against your ear drums.

As her breathing normalizes, she sits back on the bed and spreads her legs. Almost of their own accord, your eyes leave hers and fix on the sight of her perfectly shaped pussy. A ragged moan escapes your lips as you feel your cock hardening and your desire to sink into her increases as your fear begins to fade.

When you move to mount her your limbs fail to respond and a desperate sound escapes your lips as you fight to make your body obey you. She chuckles and faintly shakes her head as she drinking in the confusion written on your face. You see her tail come around and the tip of it press against her outer lips and you feel the heat of her body against the tip of your cock. You cease your struggling as comprehension dawns within you and you watch in fascination as she teases you by slowly rubbing the tip of her tail along the wet length of her slit. She slides it slowly in, making you gasp for the almost unbearable heat that surrounds the head of your cock. She moves it slowly out. You feel tears forming in your eyes as she continues to tease you in this way ... moving only a little deeper each time. You begin to weep silently with need before she finally plunges her tail deep within her gloriously tight hole.

"Fucking Hell!" you exclaim as you fight the need to cum already. She laughs loudly at your choice of words and the infectious loud of her mirth causes you to giggle like a giddy child. Your laughter is quickly replaced by a steady moan as she begins to pump her tail in and out of her and, (again,) your hips move to match her pace. Faster and harder you thrust as she enslaves the will of your body. You witness the dark perfection of her pussy being filled with meat and are mesmerized at the sight of her breasts bouncing with the ever deeper thrusts.

You fight the desire to close your eyes again as your pleasure builds higher and higher. You know she will mount you when you cum and you want the satisfaction of seeing it, but as your pleasure builds closer and closer to fulfillment your eyes clamp shut against the sharp pleasure that borders on pain. You feel her mount you suddenly... her claws digging into your chest, and you hear the steady, loud slap of her thighs on yours as she rides your cock. You pump furiously into her impossibly wonderful pussy as stream after stream of cum finally shoots into her and you cry out in triumph ... and as before, she continues to fuck you and you feel the same sensation of loss as she takes her payment from you.

Her orgasm this time is less frightening but this time her eyes are closed. The pain in your eardrums is not as sharp and when you concentrate you find yourself forgetting that she is a hellish beast and you take a wicked pleasure in making her cum. She slides off your body and the smile she grants you is almost affectionate. You feel pride knowing that you have pleased her. You want to please her more and your still hard cock attests to this.

Grinning, she turns away from you and lowers her upper body on the bed. Her plump, firm ass seems to beg for a smack. You attempt to lift your hand, and are amazed that it answers you. Quickly, before she has a chance to change her mind, you smack her ass as hard as you dare. You feel some presence tickling at the dark corners of your mind and you know then what she wants you to do ... God cannot help you because you want it too. You spread the globes of her smooth cheeks and can't seem to help bending down to taste her puckered hole ... but your cock is aching and while you relish the strangely sweet taste of her flesh you position yourself to penetrate her asshole because you dare not try her patience further.

You press hard against the resisting flesh and shudder

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